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  • Deuce

    Does anyone remember this group Kelly, Lisa (declans girlfriend of ant and dec) paul and craig. They had hits with Call it love, On the bible, I need u (missed out being our eurovision song) they lost kelly who said she would go solo and replaced her with a new girl they then had a single called no surrender which went in at a diappointing 25! Craig (the blonde one then left the group and they split)

    Does anyone have the album? they were going to release Lets Call It A Day as a single which IMO was fab but kelly left.

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    I remember 'I Need You' and 'Call It Love', I was listening to 'Call It Love' just the other day...
    Don't explain yourself 'cos talk is cheap,
    There's more important things than hearing you speak.


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      Lisa is Ant's girlfriend

      I really liked their first three singles, after that I kinda lost interest - they had no personality.


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        There is already a topic about them.


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          The trouble with these old topics that are over a year old, is that when you make a new post in them, they don't appear in the forum itself anymore, oh well!


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            the release of Lts Call It A Day was shelved as kelly wanted out! deuce on the loose was cool! lited talk to me and kiss it RUMOURS so should have been a single too!!! was v like call it love

            Also mandy who replaced Kelly was such a crap vocalist hence why they flopped with no surrender. She was the one who wore a patch on her eye (lazy eye i think lol)


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              I think Craig is well fit, LOL, and he was in "Charmed" a little while ago.
              I'm giving you the RED LIGHT!


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                i need you was one of my favorite songs when i was about 12 they were kinda like an old version of Scooch (similar chart patterns too)
                I Wanna Ride On A White Horse


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                  I really still believe that Deuce could beat "Nocturne".

                  My celebrity crushes : Monika Sedziuviene, Kristina Ivanova (YVA).
                  In my head I like to imagine LastDreamer in the land of Lithuania right now with a suitcase of simcards, a box of chocolates and a wedding ring. It would be a great base for an epic Eurovision fan fiction.