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    Originally posted by lollipop
    Mariah's had plenty of promo, and videos to go along with the remix album. This is just a way to keep some of the fans happy and pre-occupied until her brand new album comes out #1.

    I know I was against the whole idea to begin with, but now I've bought a copy I'm thinking it was quite a good idea. It's not been promoted or anything so it's not gonna "flop" and damage her reputation, seeing as most people don't even know it exists, and yet it will keep her hardcore fan base ticking over while she takes a break. I don't like remixes albums much, but I'd rather have this than nothing at all. Only criticism is the artwork... it's horrific! Ok, so she's taking a break, but I don't see why her record company are as well. They should have comissioned something good! Even the baby could make something better :evil:
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      there had been shortage of stoclk so not all outlets have stored this, from midweeks it hasnt even entered top 200
      can you handle mine?


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        Couldn't find it anywhere... didn't chart? Oh well that'll teach her to flog half assed albums.


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          Can someone change the title? [MENTION=11323]Wayne[/MENTION] maybe?
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