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    I thought she retired from the music scene. This is good news I so love her.


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      Originally posted by hellohello
      I thought she retired from the music scene. This is good news I so love her.
      What made you think she retired. She might be older, but she's not going anywhere anytime soon


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        Originally posted by grooveboy
        Forbidden Love is completely new track eventhough it has the same title as the song n "BS" album
        I hate it when an artist has two songs with the same title. :x

        According to the press release posted in the Hung Up thread, there will be no ballads. Pity, I'd like a couple - Madonna's so good at them.


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          Confessions On A Dance Floor
          Track by track
          HUNG UP: Featuring a sample from Abba’s Gimme Gimme Gimme this is a massive floor filler and a clear No1 single.

          While there’s no way on earth a straight bloke could be seen dead dancing to this camp tune it will go down a storm when she performs it at London’s G.A.Y. nightclub next month. 9

          GET TOGETHER: Upbeat track which borrows the bass line from the Stardust dance classic Music Sounds Better With You. She sings, “Do you believe we can change the future?” 8

          SORRY: One of the best tracks on the album and likely to be the second single. You’ll recognise the infectious bass line on the chorus as it’s a sample from The Jacksons’ 1981 hit Can You Feel It.

          The opening features Madonna saying “sorry” in lots of different languages. 10

          FUTURE LOVERS: Madonna wrote this with Mirwais Ahmadzai, who produced her No1 album, Music.

          It’s heavy on synths and you can spot a sample from the Donna Summer/Moroder club anthem I Feel Love. 9

          I LOVE NEW YORK: Banging dance tune with lyrics featuring a pop at George Bush and his home state. She sings: “If you don’t like my attitude then you can just f off. Just go to Texas, that’s where they play golf.”

          The chorus is: “Los Angeles is for those who sleep, Paris and London baby you can keep, No other city will make me dance like New York” 10

          LET IT WILL BE: Oddly titled track uses the string opening from Papa Don’t Preach played on a synth. The track is reminiscent of Ray Of Light.

          An Eighties-sounding string of chords takes the track into the following number. 10

          FORBIDDEN LOVE: This is Kraftwerk inspired and features computer generated, vocoder style vocals.

          It sounds very Eighties and is slightly slower than the rest of the album (there are no ballads at all on the CD). 8

          JUMP: Features classic Madonna vocals and is reminiscent of Into The Groove. She sings: “The only thing you can depend on is your family.” 9

          HOW HIGH: All about Madonna analysing and evaluating her fame and success. She sings: “It’s funny I spent my whole life wanting to be talked about, Was it all worth it? I guess I deserve it, How high are the stakes?” 10


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            You forgot the last three!

            ISAAC: By far my favourite track — a stunning combination of wild rhythms, a hypnotic jewish chant and loads of strings and guitars. The ending is borrowed from Die Another Day. I defy anyone to not be blown away by this track. 11

            PUSH: A love song for Madonna’s husband Guy. It’s got a funky La Isla Bonita vibe about it and is ear-marked as a possible single.

            She sings about Guy: “I owe it all to you, It’s because you push me, Keep on pushing like nobody.” 10

            LIKE IT OR NOT: A bit like her hit Fever, this song is once again Madonna analysing herself and saying, take me as I am.

            She sings: “You can call me a sinner or a saint, This is who I am, You can like it or not, You can love me or leave me, But I’m never going to stop.”

            This track completes the album beautifully with a classical guitar ending. Quite clever to put out a wholly electronic album – and close it with an acoustic guitar. 10
            Wow, I'm seriously interested in 'Isaac'!


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              Why did she use so many Samples?

              And I read that there are no "Pauses" betwen the tracks like a DJ mixtape album. Is this correct?
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                Can't wait for this, from the reviews it sounds like a modern classic!


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                  Originally posted by Thriller
                  Can't wait for this, from the reviews it sounds like a modern classic!
                  I sooo agree with you. If the rest of the album is like Hung Up, it's going to have massive success IMO


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                    Found this on

                    Hung Up
                    You’ve all heard the album version of this, so there’s no point in me telling you about it. I love it, it’s a great opener. 9/10

                    Get Together
                    As the clock ticking of Hung Up goes from that song to this, it begins with an alarm clock ringing and what sounds like a siren. With a heavy bass, the vocals fade in and out and there’s more than a hint of Music Sounds Better With You to start with, but not the whole way through, and the drum sounds like its played backwards in places.
                    “Do you believe in love at first sight?” she asks.
                    The vocal style reminds me a little of Substitute For Love, very gentle and melodic, at odds with the instrumental.
                    “Do you believe we can change the future,” she asks.
                    The dance beat comes in and out throughout, which sets the style for much of the album. When it comes back, it’s with the line ‘it’s all an illusion, there’s too much confusion.’
                    The rhythmic beat is like a heartbeat, I really like this track. 8/10

                    As Get Together fades out with orchestration, Sorry begins with her saying sorry in a variety of different languages. Muffled vocals and the words ‘I’ve heard it all before’ (which appear a lot in this song) repeat to a climax until the chorus kicks the song off properly. There are shades of The Jackson’s Can You Feel It, but this sounds more like the Tamperers version from a few years back. To me, it uses the vocal style of Words.
                    The song fades out and she says sorry in English, then more languages and builds up background vocals of ‘I heard it all before’ repeated again and again until the chorus re-appears.
                    The end fades out with the words ‘Don’t explain yourself cos talk is cheap, I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know’. The last words are vocodered and slowed down as it launches into Future Lovers.
                    Another strong song, and worthy of a single. 8/10

                    Future Lovers
                    Obvious references to Donna Summer’s I Feel Love here, and oddly, Kylie’s Light Years! It takes a while to build up and kicks off with spoken vocals and a strong synth line. It’s a strong album track, but for me, no single. The vibe is very ambient trance.
                    ‘I’m going to tell you about love’ she preaches, ‘There’s no love like future love’.
                    There’s also loads of weird vocal affects, she sounds like she’s singing ‘give me evidence of its brilliance,’ but I’m not sure. This is a very Goldfrapp meets Kylie style song. A perfect title for it, as its very futuristic. Like most other songs, the synths burst in and out, go quiet, build up and crashes back into your ears. She’s singing at least three things at once in parts with layers of vocals. 7/10

                    I Love New York
                    This is a strange kettle of fish. Odd lyrics, a strong dance beat, kind of catchy but kind of cold.
                    “Other places make me feel like a dork” she rhymes. “LA is for people who sleep. Paris and London baby you can keep.”
                    It tanks along for a couple of verses and choruses before she repeats the words ‘baby you can keep’ over and over again til it fades out. “If you don’t like my attitude you can F-off’ – no ****, just an ‘f’.
                    “New York is not for little pussies who scream.” Fair enough, Madge.
                    Some of the lyrics are partly sung, partly spoken. With some prudent editing, this could be a single. Not an immediate one for me though. It ends with an instrumental of the song and police sirens, with orchestral stabs like Die Another Day. 7/10

                    Let It Will Be
                    Nope, not a Beatles cover but a real Euro-pop style track, one of only couple of pop-based songs on the album. There’s more of a diversity of chords to this, a faint glimmer of Love Profusion with a 70s style disco beat. The lyrics are a bit banal, and the orchestration stays strong throughout. But it’s one of my favourites. 9/10

                    Forbidden Love
                    As Let It Will Be Fades out to just vocals and orchestra, Forbidden Love begins with a strange almost Japanese like intro, just a synth then vocals under the influence of the vocoder, a bit Daft Punk-ish. Actually, it could have easily come from a Royksopp album as its very ambient. I thought I heard shades of the Scissor Sisters’ Comfortably Numb in the instrumentation. Although I could be just deaf.
                    “Just one kiss, just one touch, just one look” she pleads. Again, not a single ,but an OK album track. 7/10

                    This ironically jumps out at you, I adore the start of this track, a thumping 1970s bassline, spoken intro vocals. It’s the most retro track on the album.
                    “Just get ready to jump, take my hand” she asks, and I’m with her the whole way down. Synths, a handclapping machine, and lyrics about how you can only rely on your family. It’s a sequel (lyrically) to Keep It Together. A nice positive message. 8/10

                    How High
                    Ohh, this is a dark little bastard. Vocoders again, robotic-like vocals, like Stuart Price used in his remix of Missy Elliot’s Out Of Control’.
                    It’s an aggressive, angry start, with self questioning lyrics like ‘Was It Worth It seeing my name in lights?’ In places, vocally she sounds like Texas’s Sharleen Spiteri. She questions ‘Will any of this matter when I’m gone?’’
                    Yes Madge, it probably will. This has the potential for some great remixes. Once again, there’s shades of Die another Day orchestration meets Studio 54. 8/10

                    This is the one I was looking forward to hearing the most, and it’s certainly the most unique track on the whole record. It starts off like a classical tune, with plucked violin strings, followed by a man chanting; he keeps coming back throughout. The guitars come in, fast drum beats and spiritual lyrics like ‘May angels call your name til you hear what they are saying.”
                    There’s Eastern influences in this, and this to me, is an amalgamation of Don’t Tell Me, Ashanti and Die Another Day. She also uses the ‘mmmmm’ bits from Frozen. It’s very hard to explain. It’s not a single, and although it works, I think after a while I’ll be skipping over it. 7/10 (for now)

                    Wow. Here the pace changes, its sharp, phat, hip hop drums meet electronica are not what you are expecting. It’s the slowest song, she repeats the words ‘you push me’ over and over. The verses have sparse very dark music behind them, but the chorus is totally different, it’s incredibly uplifting. It’s a very unusual record, but one that I love.
                    “Every move I make, every step I take, everything I do, because you push me.”
                    Again, some of the instruments at times appear to be played backwards. My favourite track on the record, but it will divide a lot of you. 10/10

                    Like It Or Not
                    I didn’t. Once again starting orchestrally, sounding like a classical song, the Goldfrapp style beat kicks in and it goes in a different direction. ‘Celebrate me for who I am’ she yells. It’s an attack on the people who dislike her, albeit a very kaballistic version. “Your names will never hurt” she says defiantly.
                    It’s full of spiritual bible references, and some tragic lyrics. The worst being ‘ I’ll be the garden, you’ll be the snake, all of my fruit are for you to take.” Oh Christ, it’s the tree of life all over again isn’t it? It ends with classical guitars and is not the best song to end an album with. I don’t think much of this, although it could be a grower. 5/10

                    Johnny’s final word:
                    So there you have it. I’m tired after hearing it, it’s exhausting. It’s so well layered, I imagine hearing new things every time I play it. It’s not as fun as I thought it would (for fun, see uplifting tracks like Cherish) but it’s very clever and very enjoyable.
                    You’ll see Stuart Price has a formula, built up intro, verses, choruses, fade out, fade back and end with synths and orchestras. But nothing on this sounds tired or old, it’s fresh and it’s a bloody good listen. Final rating: it’s up there with the best, you won’t be disappointed. A solid 8/10


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                      sounds incredible. hung up is such a head banging tune, this is gonna be wicked a album. i like that it says it's well layered and not over edited. sounds promising.


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                        so whens this masterpiece gunna be released?
                        i shall put it on my wish list that week! hehe
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                          The cover looks cheap and tacky, but the fonts look good. And my back feels sore now after seeing it!
                          Baaaaad relationship??
                          The lyric video for my new single TRIP THE ALARM here!

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                            i suppose if the songs are as good as "hung up" then it will be quite a good album really


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                              The album leaked!!!!!!!!!

                              Get it at WorldMix

                              edit: we had to remove the link. is actually gone now because they shared it!


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                                Oh I won't ruin my expectation....The expectation will make those songs so different when I rip of plastic, open the box and play the cd in player! Downloading doesn't have that magic


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                                  ^Same here, though I think it will take a while for the album to be imported over here! :x


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                                    I'm really disappointed, for me I think even "American Life" was a stronger album. After all the hype, there's nothing that particularly exciting about it. It's all a bit bland, like.


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                                      Originally posted by loopdaloop_69
                                      Anyone else notice that "Jump" is followed by "How High"?
                                      I thought the same!

                                      Album sounds good, might get it for XMas
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                                        I love it, the Queen of pop is well and truly back!!

                                        Highlights for me include the stunning 'Issac', 'Sorry', 'Push' and 'Let It Will Be'.

                                        I love the fact all the songs merge into one whole mix. It's fabulous, album of the year by miles!!


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                                          OMG!! it leaked

                                          i'm gonna wait for it too.


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                                            From some of the songs that i've heard the album looks pretty good and i like the cover and album title!!


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                                              'Sorry' is just, crap. After hearing that, it really put me off the album and I may not bother now. Especially as people are saying that's one of the best tracks on there.
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                                                As much as I love Hung Up I don't think the album will come to my expectations because when I got Gwens L.A.M.B. I thought the songs will be as good as the lead singles and some of the songs are kind of boring. Hung Up is infecious dance song and I love it as much as Music and Into The Groove and her other songs like Papa Don't Preach but I was never keen on her albums.


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                                                  After hearing some tracks I mut say this is really a dance pop record. Every track is over 4.5 - 5 min long. Its nice listen to but not one of her best work today and I think a few people will be very disappointed!!!
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                                                    Does any1 know anything about the limited edition version of the album mentioned in the release schedules as coming about a few weeks after the standard version


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                                                      WOW! Warners plan to release 5 singles from COAD in UK!


                                                      My pick:

                                                      Hung up
                                                      Get Together

                                                      And the last one would prob be either Push, Forbidden Love or Let It Will Be - in a remixed form. I love Let It Will Be and FL, don't like Push.
                                                      Mummy, mummy, it's the Gods!


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                                                        cant wait for tomorrow 11-11 is the day


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                                                          Originally posted by Deco
                                                          Does any1 know anything about the limited edition version of the album mentioned in the release schedules as coming about a few weeks after the standard version
                                                          Its coming out with a bonus track, and packaged inside a large-format book pack with photos and blank pages for diary entries etc, plus fanclub membership info and extras.
                                                          Mummy, mummy, it's the Gods!


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                                                            I bought it today and im listenin to it now It's the first time I hear the songs (except for hung up) and it's a real good dance record! It makes me wanna get out of this chair and go party! Can't wait for the weekend


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                                                              Originally posted by BanZai
                                                              it's a real good dance record! It makes me wanna get out of this chair and go party! Can't wait for the weekend
                                                              Well that's a good sign the record is good and it's going to do well