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  • Re: Jennifer Lopez - Brave

    I prefer this over Rebirth.
    But both (Brave, Rebirth) and AKA are my Top 3 Jlo albums.


    • Originally posted by Gravity
      Rebirth is miles better.
      Her best alongside the very inspired This Is Me... Then.

      Whilst I don't think Brave is as strong as some of her other musical output, it boasts of some of her most innovative and experimental productions. Do It Well and Hold It Don't Drop It deserve to be major successes in her music catalogue (both of them >>>> On the Floor) and there are other potential hits on the record that were wasted too. The damage that this album did to her music career is undeserving; Brave is a very solid body of work.


      • Just listened to this album for the first time. Wasn’t too impressed to be honest. Tracks 8-11 were all pretty boring lol. The only standouts were Do It Well, Brave, Mile In These Shoes and Hold It Don’t Drop It.
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        • Brave was single material! She could've at least released it as the third and final single.