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  • Originally posted by IVyoncé View Post
    I actually think they are equally as good sort of.
    Their debut was pretty cohesive and was the perfect mix between the origin of being a Burlesque troupe (like the covers and Buttons) that transitioned into a pop group with very current anthems.
    Doll Domination is filled with pop smashes that I adore, , but also some tracks that didn't needed to make the cut, if you get what I mean. And then there are tracks like Whatever Happens that didn't even made the cut, while Out of This Club featuring Ew Kelly made it.
    So I am a bit torn about that subject after all these years.
    I see what you mean.

    The only «*problem*» I have with DD is that it feels VERY Nicole (surely due to the fact that many of the songs on the album were actually solo songs for her album). And the fact that they didn’t even try to divide some verses and let the other girls record some tracks. It’s basically all Nicole and 2-3 songs are like Nicole feat. Melody. I think people perhaps got tired of that too.

    I truly hope that they change this for their new album / EP. Let the remaining girls sing some middle 8s or sth.


    • This had way too many songs! They could have released the album like this:

      1. "When I Grow Up"
      2. "Bottle Pop" (featuring Snoop Dogg)
      3. "I Hate This Part"
      4. "Takin' Over the World"
      5. "Played" (featuring Ashley Roberts)
      6. "Happily Never After"
      7. "Magic"
      8. "Halo"
      9. "Elevator"
      10. "Hush Hush"
      11. "Whatchamacallit"
      12. "Painted Windows"
      13. "Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)"
      14. "Top of the World"
      15. "I'm Done"


      • Not you deleting the best song on the album from your tracklist (Who’s gonna love you).


        • I actually don't think the album should have been shorter, I still think it should have been two albums, later bundled together, I think I could even see some of the scrapped leftovers included