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    Originally posted by JeremySpears View Post
    So what’s the problem with this album? Why did it flop, why does it get so much hate?
    I just listened to it for the first time and I think it’s quite nice. It’s not as good as MLIYL but it’s just as good as ILTY. "Dear John Letter“, "Unashamed" and "Whatchulookinat" are bops and her cover of "You Light Up My Life" is beautiful.
    Probably because Whatchulookinat wasn't a good first single choice. And after it didn't do well on the chart, there seemed to be no interest anymore. Shame really. I think Tell Me No would have been a better first single choice with Try It On My Own as follow up to give the fans the ballad they love her for. Maybe the era would have gone differently. I do have to admit, I'm not very fond of the album. It's my least favorite studio album (not counting the Christmas album).
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      Of all the big diva flops released during 01-04, this one would have to be my fave.

      The world just wasn’t ready for ratchet Whitney unless it was to mock her in the tabloids.
      Originally posted by Kaloki
      I don't understand why WBT still isn't at #1 tbh.