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  • Originally posted by nickf1
    Heavy Rotation song is such a killer, should have been single. :(
    Was listening again to HR yesterday, this album felt weak at first but now I realise it is pretty good, very eclectic and In Summer is one of her best tracks, it's gorgeous, it really deserved more. So looking forward to her new one, it feels like a long time since the last original album!
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    • Today is 6 years since this was released, she's definitely better in a better position now! This was an awful album and a complete flop!


      • I think it was a good album TBH.

        I listen to it quite regularly, but I agree it was a sell out of her artistic alblities.

        I call it love is among my favourites ever, and All Fall Down, Never gonna Love again, defeated, the way I see it and In summer are great!


        • I decided to listen to some of her albums yesterday to fully discover them. So I listened to Anastacia, this one, Resurrection and Evolution.

          I have to admit that this one was my favorite of the 4. I remember people not being happy with this record cos it was a drastic change from what she was doing before but actually were these people right? I find this album actually very reminiscent of what she did during her first two eras but with a more modern and USA related touch.

          The song Heavy Rotation sounds like something any artists could’ve done but songs like Absolutely Positively, Same Song (which is GORGEOUS!), All Fall Down, sound very Anastacia to me.

          Concerning the other albums : Anastacia had the strong single choices but the album as a whole was kind of disappointing.
          Resurrection : LOVED her voice on this one but it’s a bit samey as a whole.
          Evolution : nice songs that again reminded me of her beginning but very hit or miss.