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Natalie Imbruglia - Glorious: The Singles 97-07

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    Originally posted by col89
    Originally posted by JimJamz
    She was on Graham Norton last night. only short interview but she did confirm she has already written her fourth album due for release nxt year. She also performed new song 'glorious' love the song. But she mimed.
    Yeah I saw that too.

    Why is she promoting it already?
    I love how the two old women next to her made her look like a t*t when she talked about releasin' the collection to look back on her work and they were like 'why how long have u been in the business' and it just sounded like nothing lol.


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      I don't know ... if the tracklisting had been

      1. Torn
      2. Big Mistake
      3. Wishing I Was There
      4. Smoke
      5. Identify
      6. That Day
      7. Wrong Impression
      8. Beauty On The Fire
      9. Sunlight
      10. Shiver
      11. Counting Down The Days
      12. Sanctuary
      13. Perfectly
      14. Glorious
      15. *** New Song ***
      16. Bew With You

      then it would be a definate yes.


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        Her record comapany have sent out a new mailshot confirming that the album will contain 5 new songs, obviously one being Glorious.

        She did mime on Norton which is really unusual but the performance only lasted shy off 2 mins and it appeared the song was edited to heck....

        5 songs makes it a worth while investment for me now so I am delighted. Apparently those who have heard the full length new studio mix are saying it sounds excellent, I really love it already and hopefully it'll give her a devent single hit

        Her performance of Glorious is on you tube if you search Natalie Glorious Norton
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          I wish she'd put "Identify" on the album, it's not on any of her others!
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            She said the 4th album has been written so I guess it is still being recorded and mixed. Somehow, it is just not Natalie Imbruglia's style to release such many new materials in short. PLUS, that means the lead single from the 4th album must be brilliant too as she always has GREAT first single.


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              Glorious video NOW officially online!


              This video is Natalie Imbruglia's BEST video to date! Even better than Torn!


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                Video looks great ! Good song !
                Her hair - So Rihanna.


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                  Can't wait to see the full video! Indeed it looks really great!
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                      I think that cover is amazing, there is also a second official cover floating around, it's for the dvd edition apparently!!
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                        The other album cover looked better. This one shows off more fierceness though.

                        Just heard "Glorious" and I think it's bad. Her worst single - most definitely. The others were great and therefore I'll buy the album for sure.
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                          Let's resurrect this topic then...

                          Love the new songs - great new direction for Natalie. Particular like Be With You. All of them have grown on me..


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                            Be With You is stunning!


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                              I prefer the cover I saw in the german record stores.

                              Here it is (although it's a bad scan!):

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                              I'd make a deal with God
                              And I'd get him to swap our places

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                                Bought it a few days ago, it was the CD+DVD.

                                The videos are so cool to look at. This album made me realize just how amazing WIWT is.

                                Although I dont know why they put the album versions of all the songs. They should have added the single versions instead, as they're harder to obtain.
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                                  The album sold 23k last week and is currently #9 (down 4) in Thursday's midweeks, just ahead of Booty Luv. Here's hoping it sticks Top 10 for a second week.


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                                    From a very disappointed fan:

                                    5 stars for Natalie's past singles.
                                    1 star for the 5 new tracks.

                                    Glorious is obviously an example of music industry's loudness war (tracks produced by progressively increasing levels of loudness to create a sound that stands out from others).

                                    The new tracks are so really terribly horrible (except Be With You). I noticed that:

                                    1. her voice is polished so badly in the new tracks;

                                    2. the quality of the production of the new tracks is sub-standard- at times, her voice sounds 'broken' and 'clipped', as a result of loudness war which results in distortion of sound quality. There are lots 'hissing' sound along the tracks.

                                    3. the other 4 new tracks are produced by Ben Hillier. The production line is really 'lazy'- musically, all the guitar/ drum lines sound the same and are indeed repetitive. Clearly, there isn't any highlight in the chorus or the bridge.

                                    Obviously she has no idea what is she doing if THIS is the direction she is heading for her 4th album. Relying on a retired producer like Ben Hillier for producing all the tracks is a catastopher. Having been a Natalie's fan for the past 10 years, I am sad to realize that her new stuff don't and perhaps will not evoke any interest in me anymore.

                                    While this album is actually better than many pop albums out there (like Natasha Bedingfield's, or Girls Aloud's), this album is well under-sold. Natalie usually delivers high quality music and songs. She probably has one of the best and memorable voice in the industry. Yet everyone will expect her to come back with, err, another Torn. Love it or hate it. Though Natalie might object to this, but her new stuff is nowhere near as good as any singles released from her first album Left of the Middle. I hope Nat has realized this.

                                    It will be very difficult for her to pull it off for her 4th album considering that this Greatest Hits album is now well under-sold. I hope Natalie is smart enough to pick a good producers like Phil Thornalley and Nigel Godrich (who produced her Left of the Middle album). Good luck girl.


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                                      Kinda agree... the new songs are almost all very disappointing. Amelia is good though.
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                                        I've been listening a lot to this record lately, she has so many good songs. Torn is obviously a classic and actually still sounds fresh to this day, but songs like Wrong Impression, Counting Down The Days and That Days are just as good. Shame she will always be remember for one song.

                                        Would LOVE to see her live as well, since she is touring again. Shame none of my friends are bothered to come along.
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                                          This album compilation is amazing! Love her music! Such memories.
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                                            It's a solid compilation but most of my favorite Natalie songs were never released as singles so I usually listen rot my own playlist (she has AWESOME b-sides!). BTW I saw her live once and she sounded amazing.
                                            Haven't been early since '88