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    Happy Anniversary!


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      Wow, it's been 17 years. That's crazy.

      Case of the Ex, Man In My Life, Again & Again, For the First Time and That's Why I Wanna Fight are my favorites.
      Floped and localed


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        1,000 Albums to Hear Before You Die

        Fear of Flying (2000)
        An uptown alternative to Kelis' boho avant-urban pop, Mya's second album, a loose concept about love's travails featuring staccato beats courtesy of Swizz Beatz and Rodney Jerkins, confirmed this as a new golden age for R&B. Her lightly melismatic vocals suited these rhythmically tricksy tales, capturing perfectly the highly charged sadness of a dead affair.


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          The 100 Greatest Songs of 2000: Staff Picks

          56. Mya, "Case of the Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)" (No. 2, Hot 100)

          Mưa was always good for masking petty digs in sweet tunes (see 1998’s “Movin’ On”), but she entered her final form with the sharp-tongued “Case of the Ex.” Our R&B darling was completely fed up with her man communicating with a past fling -- “There's no need to reminisce 'bout the past/ Obviously, cause that s--t did not last” -- and Tricky Stewart’s spiny production drove her frustration over the edge. And the ladies related: by Y2K’s end, “Case of the Ex” leaped to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. -- B.G.
          The 40 Best Deep Cuts of 2000

          32. Mya, "How You Gonna Tell Me" (Fear of Flying)

          Over a guitar riff that sounds like it's struggling to snake its way around the beat fast enough, "How You Gonna Tell Me" offers a similarly wound-up sounding-off against folks trying to give Mya unsolicited advice, scoffing: "You 'bout to lose your house and your IQ... but you know how to fix my thang." Bad advice may have also contributed to this song not being released as a single off the R&B star's sophomore album -- produced by turn-of-the-century gold-spinners Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs and Kandi Burruss, "Tell Me" would've made a much likelier hit than the tepid "Best of Me." -- A.U.


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            Happy 20th Anniversary!!!!