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    I was talking about CBB Obviously their antics in that show were staged. I think they're a nice couple Harmlessly delusional!


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      Originally posted by lemsey
      I was talking about CBB Obviously their antics in that show were staged. I think they're a nice couple Harmlessly delusional!
      I know , but it could be the same in CBB, a staged thing. I really lost my hopes on most reality TV shows some time ago. I still watch some for the enterntainment factor tho. .
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        It’s #5 on PAPER Magazine’s list of the 10 Top Albums of the 2010‘s:

        Heidi Montag capped off a 2000s trend of tabloid celebrities releasing music, and ushered in a 2010s phenomenon of reality stars becoming serious, multi-faceted entrepreneurs. She was ostracized for today's new normal of "famous for being famous" influencers whose careers thrive on seeking validation and altering their appearances. And her first and only full-length album, Superficial, was released in the fire of all this public scrutiny, making it both a commercial failure and a now cult favorite.

        With a $2 million investment from Montag herself, Superficial was manufactured by some of the biggest producers and songwriters in pop music. She onboarded names like Cathy Dennis, who was behind Britney Spears' "Toxic" and The Runners, who'd go on to produce hits off Rihanna's Loud. She spent "entire nights and days in the studio," and sometimes cried from exhaustion. "I can't even count how many hours — literally blood, sweat and tears," Montag told PAPER in 2018.

        Though Superficial sold just over 1,000 units in its first week of release, The Hills alum's hard work made for a blueprint of all the materialistic, trash-pop that musicians like Slayyyter and Kim Petras create today. Its title track is a swirling synthesized ode to paparazzi flashes and luxury sports cars: "They just mad cause I'm sexy, famous and I'm rich," she accuses, her robotic vocals drenched in autotune.

        Other highlights like "Turn Ya Head" and "Look How I'm Doin" are platinum blonde, bandage dress, bottle service club bangers, while "One More Drink" and "I'll Do It" deliver sexed up, irresistibly cheap bops. — Justin Moran
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          This album is iconic, say what you want.

          Also I just rediscovered "No More" after soooo many years. Tbfh, that song is great. Production wise it's top notch.
          Imagine Nelly Furtado singing this, it would've been a classic nowadays.


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            The album is quite good, shame it wasnt handed to a better singer artist instead.


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              Body Language remains her best song