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  • Debelah Morgan

    I got a copy of this at the weekend and it really is a great song.

    I really think it could do pretty well over here

    ps get my email ok aneta about said track

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    "Dance With Me" the single is said to be released in the UK on 12th Feb and the album (same title) the following week.

    It is catchy, and it did well in the US and Australia (Nos. 8 and 4 respectively) so it would be cool if it charted well in the UK!


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      i have been supporting her since i heard her song 'i love you'. shes really amazing!

      seen her new video. honesty, i was a bit shocked coz i never knew she could dance ballroom like that! :smile:
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        That's cool, I like her since "I Love You" too! Still think her second album rocks!


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          Here's a very fresh press release from Atlantic about Deb's tour in the US, for all ya Americans :smile:

          DASLabel/Atlantic recording artist Debelah Morgan is preparing to kick off a major North American arena tour in support of 98 Degrees as "I Remember," the second single from her hit "DANCE WITH ME" album, makes its way to pop and dance radio outlets across the nation. "I Remember" comes on the heels of the New Jersey-based artist's pop top 10 and RIAA gold smash, "Dance With Me." Also an international hit, "Dance With Me" is
          bulleting in the top 10 on the UK charts and has climbed into the top five in Australia.

          Debelah's cross-country itinerary with 98 Degrees begins March 22nd at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, with dates thus far announced through the first week of May. Along with Morgan, the shows will also feature Dream and Baha Men.

          Co-produced by the New Jersey-based Debelah with her brother, Giloh, "DANCE WITH ME" is an engaging collection of rich R pop that has
          earned widespread critical praise. Reviewing the album, Billboard enthused: "'DANCE WITH ME' covers the spectrum of emotion without ever overdoing it, which is no small feat."

          22 Lexington, Kentucky Rupp Arena Sunshine
          23 Evansville, Indiana Roberts Stadium
          25 Madison, Wisconsin Dane County Coliseum
          28 Chicago, Illinois Allstate Arena Jam
          30 Cleveland, Ohio CSU Convocation Center
          31 Dayton, Ohio Nutter Center Sunshine

          2 Moline, Illinois Mark of the Quad Cities
          3 Grand Rapids, Michigan Van Andel
          4 Ft. Wayne, Indiana Ft. Wayne Coliseum
          6 Erie, Pennsylvania Civic Center
          7 University Park, Pennsylvania Bryce Jordan Center
          8 Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania First Union Arena
          11 Portland, Maine Cumberland County Civic Center

          12 Worcester, Massachusetts Worcester Centrum Center
          13 Trenton, New Jersey Sovereign Bank Arena
          17 Fairfax, Virginia Patriot Center
          18 Huntington, West Virginia Civic Center
          19 Greensboro, North Carolina Coliseum
          20 Atlanta, Georgia Philips Arena
          21 Birmingham, Alabama Oak Mountain Amphitheater
          26 Phoenix, Arizona Desert Sky Pavilion
          27 Las Vegas, Nevada Aladdin Theater
          28 Irvine, California Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

          29 San Diego, California San Diego Sports Arena


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            Hi Aneta,

            My name is Sami and I am from I look up to you as a webmaster and fellow Debelah fan. You wouldn't imagine how much I look up to your website. I think you have true talent.

            I spoke with Debelah on March 16, as she was here for a show at Six Flags with Dream. She put on a great show (pictures and review at my website,) and I support her even more now.

            98 Degrees ISNT coming here to Texas! I am SOOOOOO mad I won't get to see my Debelah again! Arrg! There is always a next time...

            Also, since Debelah just released "Dance with Me," in the UK, she just released, " I Remember," here in the USA. So far I don't believe how well its doing because I haven't heard any airplay or seen the video... any info on this?

            Take Care, Aneta and email me sometime at



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              Sami, just added a link on my site to yours! Well done, it's really good :smile:

              Let me know when the links on the left are working and I'll add your site to UKMIX > Debelah Morgan links!

              Have you checked the interview with Deb and the album reviews here on UKMIX?

              I've seen the new promo pic on your site first, well done for getting it! :smile:

              ^^^ New Debelah single "I Remember" ^^^

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                Hey Aneta,

                Thanks! Wow, you don't know how much I admire you and your website. Your website is like heaven to me.

                I see you got to see Debelah in concert! How was it? Do you know her personally? If you saw my concert review, you would have seen I spoke with her breifly on the phone, and saw her in concert.

                I saw the interview! It was fantastic!

                Also, the picture of "I Remember," is being a butthead up there.. to see it go to my site at (I see it as a broken image)

                Take care!


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                  Yes Sami I met Debelah. Here's the thread talking about it:

                  Thank you for what you said about my site, yours is cool too :smile:


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                    Hey Aneta,

                    How are you? Thanks for replying! At any rate, I think it's AWESOME you got to meet Deb! Your so lucky!

                    I did a radio interview with her and got an autograph.. I will post it on my site soon!

                    I saw the concert pictures Lars took of her! Wow, she looks MUCH different!

                    Aneta, is your address is aneta (at) I'd love to email you. Is this your personal email address? Because since we both own 2 of about 10 fan websites, maybe we can email each other news and stuff! Give me an email at

                    Take Care!


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                      Also "Dance With Me" made No.12 in NZ
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                        Sami - your site looks really nice, but it's a shame about what you've done to the pictures.

                        I guess you prefer that people don't use the pictures without crediting you, but having a huge copyright message across the whole picture kind of spoils it a bit. :sad:

                        There are always a few lazy sods who'll make a website just by taking bits and pieces from other sites... but just ignore 'em, they're not worth spoiling things over.


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                          Yeah, it's amazing such a young person to make a website like yours, Sami! :smile:

                          About the pictures, you can't stop people from taking stuff from your website and those text marks don't help either (people can erase them using a graphics program), but it makes the pics look a bit spoiled.

                          Talking of stealing pictures, I remember a funny think when someone took the screen shots I made off the video and put them the name of their website However after a nice email exchange this fan understood that this is maybe not the best idea!

                          Also, the BBC website took one screenshot and put it on their site without any kind of link... they linked to which is an empty site with a pic stolen from my website and some advertising offer. :eek:

                          I wrote to them but they didn't change the link - oh well, they haven't paid much attention to Deb in general...

                          Anyway, it's best to ignore the pics taking thing... Just enjoy having a good site and if you notice someone taking something from you, write and demand a link, nicely :smile: Usually works for me!


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                            I hate when people copy. It's so oooghie! I mean, copying with credit isn't bad.. but i hate when every website happens to have the EXACT same pictures in the EXACT same order.


                            It happens a lot with all of my websites. Aneta, if anybody steals off you, you're site looks 100x better than theirs anyways... from the moment I saw your site I fell in love with it!


                            P.S. How is Debelah doing in the Charts where you live? She finally made the radio station playlist here with "I Remember!" OHHH YEAH!! I hope "Think of You," becomes released as a single!


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                              I'm afraid I Remember won't be released commercially in the US. :sad:

                              It's out in Australia, you can get it from CDNOw. I hope it'll be released in the UK though... it's really stupid they remixed it and sent out to radio stations and now people will start liking the DarkChild remix and won't be ale to get it.

                              Unless they do the unthinkable and re-release the album. That would make me angry, I hate when record companies do that!

                              Deb's on Atlantic remember, which are kinda known for re-releasing an album 5 times. Just look at the Corrs... Talk On Corners had 3 re-releases, In Blue - one so far (it's still their current album).


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                                Hi Guys,

                                "I Remember," is getting somewhat good airplay here! Go to www.104KRBE.COM and click on Music, then the "Most Played." Its in the middle of the list.. thats perfect!! It's a great song!

                                I remember talking to Debelah about the song.. she is such a good person and performer. I hope I can someday talk to her again (dumb me I didnt get an email address or anything from her! arrg!) lol

                                peace out!


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                                  It looks like they will be releasing "I Remember" in the UK after all, according to the release schedule.

                                  The date is 4th June.

                                  Debelah will perform on main stage during the Jam In The Park concert, on 17th June, along with Destiny's Child, Beverly Knight, Kele Le Roc and others...


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                                    OK so I finished revamping the Debelah site alrgiht!

                                    It took ages but it's done now. Check out the new design and lete me know what you think. The UK portal will be done shortly again, for now it's the same as the international site.


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                                      hi everyone.
                                      what is happening with Debelah. in the UK there hasn't been much from her. the single came out, and i've seen the album too but there hasn't been anything else. can u give me an update? pleaseeeee!!!!!!!

                                      Oh can u find me in the darkness and love... dont let me down.


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                                        Apparently East West are playing some silly game, coz "I Remember" was scheduled to be released as a new single, then delayed many times and then they decided to go for this promo at McDonalds - if you buy the Big Bag set menu you'll get a CD-Rom that is also a CD and has "I Remember" on it, as well as some Sugababes, Bardot and Harry tracks (and videos).

                                        So now they are kinda not doing anything - I wonder why they don't release Think Of You - it's a massive tune, and people already know the melody (based on Menuet) and if you have a Nokia phone you even have the original tune in it!

                                        NME described Think Of You as "destined-for-greatness", and it surely would be as big as "Dance With Me", if not bigger!

                                        Anyway, Deb's on the new Osmosis Jones soundtrack singing a Dianne Warren penned ballad, you can check it out on my site,


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                                          I bought her 1999 album with Baby I need you love, I remember and Dance with me. I bought it yesterday for GBP5. It was so worth it. This girl, like many others, has so much of talent but they just cant get the right deal on the table! I hope she comes out with something soon... If I am not mistaken, her last album was this one... back in 1999.
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                                            I know most of you probably wont believe me, Debelah is my cousin, like real blood related.
                                            WHAT HAPPENED TO UKMIX ???
                                            All the Fighting and Arguments are getting old now, lets get back to talking about the MUSIC


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                                              Originally posted by imissu_aaliyah
                                              I know most of you probably wont believe me, Debelah is my cousin, like real blood related.
                                              Heh!O...k... Tell us whats up her? I am so impressed wit her album!!!
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                                                Where's she been, all these years? Her voice is so awesome!
                                                "It's so COOOOOOOOOOOLD in the D."


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                                                  Where is she?

                                                  I checked myspace and all the Debelah pages are fan made!