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  • ultimate playlist!!

    hey, can anyone help me with the ultimate chill-out playlist. I cant really think of a song. please help me!!!!!!. I just need a few relaxing songs.
    guitars chicks booze (drugs are very welcome too0

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    If you want 'relaxing'...try Sigur Rs. Their new album '( )' is perfect. I regularly play it as I'm drifting off to sleep. Their other main album, 'gtis Byrjun' is good as well, but not quite as relaxing.

    If you want to download something, I'd suggest track 1 from '( )' (all the songs on the album are untitled, but track 1 is nicknamed 'Vaka') or 'Olsen Olsen' from 'gtis Byrjun'.

    Alternatively, if you want music that you can scream along to and release your anger, 'Sugar' by System Of A Down or 'Eyeless' by Slipknot are always useful.
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      Hmm.. Jimmy Eat World is a good emo band. Don't be fooled, their singles so far account for every upbeat song on their album! They're awesome to relax to.

      And Staind, I like listening to them when I need to relax..
      is the shade of the night
      the piercing sounds you make
      soaring higher, higher now
      and once left in my wake
      your memory is nothing but the scars on me.


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        Anything by Zero 7
        THIS WEEKS TOP 5
        Loreen | Sigala | Lady Blackbird | TeYa & Salena | Lady Blackbird


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          Originally posted by SholasBoy
          Anything by Zero 7
          Yes couldn't agree more.

          Some slow ditsurbances from Black Box Recorder should do it.
          And Lemon Jelly

          Best of luck...
          Johnny wanted cream buns for his birthday tea...


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            thanks for the tips guys!!
            I found a pretty good artist myself too.
            BB King: It isnt rock or metal like that, but its really cool, and you can play some solo's on it
            but anyway tnx
            guitars chicks booze (drugs are very welcome too0