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David Gray - This Year's Love

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  • David Gray - This Year's Love

    I wasn't digging up a ten year old topic, for the purpose of one song. So that's why I'm creating this topic!

    This piece of sublime music, which crosses more than one genre, hasn't aged AT ALL. And now, with the domination of Adele music on the airwaves, I think this would sit right at home.

    It's really one of the most inspiring pieces of music ever, I was first drawn to it when I saw Aiden Grimshaw perform it on X Factor two years ago, and I've loved it ever since. Its amazing!!!

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    Beautiful song, love it - easily one of my favourites from David Gray and you're right, it hasn't aged at all.
    Without Any Meaning / We're Just Skin & Bone / Like Beautiful Robots Dancing Alone.


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      Amazing track One of his best David Gray is one of the best british songwriters of recent times still making amazing music today
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        I prefer the Strings Remix to the album version. It's beautiful song.


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          Just listening to this now and it's still one of the best songs I've ever heard - it's absolutely incredible.