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  • Mariah Carey - #1 To Infinity


    "MARIAH CAREY #1's," an innovative original production of Carey's unprecedented 18 #1 singles performed live in concert for the first time

    LAS VEGAS, NV (Jan. 15, 2015) — Mariah Carey, the iconic chanteuse and best-selling female artist of all time with over 200 million records sold, is coming to Las Vegas with a headlining residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. For the first time ever, she will perform all 18 of her timeless and beloved Number One Hits together in one concert. Designed exclusively for The Colosseum, the production will also feature fan-favorite album cuts, never-before-performed selections and many more musical surprises.

    Mariah announced the exciting news today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she surprised the entire studio audience with tickets to her Las Vegas show and a hotel stay at Caesars Palace.

    Honey B. Fly has reserved a special allotment of tickets and VIP Packages exclusively for our members! Fans can register for the Honey B. Live Pass to access our HBF Ticket Sale. Click here for complete details!

    "I have so many ideas for the show that I'm currently working on and am excited to perform all of my #1 singles together for the first time and others that are very close to my heart," said Mariah. "My songs are the soundtrack of my life and I can't wait to share them with my fans on stage!"

    "Vision of Love," "Hero," "Fantasy," "We Belong Together" and "Touch My Body" to name a few, are among Mariah's 18 songs to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, a feat that has not been achieved by any other solo artist in music history.

    In celebration of Mariah's groundbreaking record, and in tandem with the concert series, Mariah is working on a new edition of her worldwide best-selling album #1's. Set to include all 18 of her number one hits, along with newly recorded music, the album will be released later this year.
    She's also releasing new music.

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    can't wait


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      About time..
      Rest In Peace Lilly!


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          better get that 19th #1 <3


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            This is why I wish I lived in The US


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              All of the discussion on this is gonna be/being lost in the bottomless hole that is the Mariah Carey GA thread.


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                Can't wait but I'm a bit hesitant because she has classics that even she shouldn't touch :(
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                  I can't wait for new music I hope the new GH is given a proper treatment!


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                    Woohoo!!! I'm excited for 2015! Aside from the residency, I hope the album is promoted the hell out of! The original #1's is already a huge seller so some work is gonna have to be done if they want it to sell as a new album would.
                    To avoid any upset, please note; anything I post is purely my opinion. If I feel it is a fact, I will state that I feel it is a fact. Lol.


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                      Originally posted by IrishLamb
                      All of the discussion on this is gonna be/being lost in the bottomless hole that is the Mariah Carey GA thread.
                      I know!


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                          i so bet this new GH collection will sell better than MIAM..We all know that the original #1's album at 15,5m has already become the third best selling compilation by any female artist, so how much can the updated version shift?

                          i hope it features at least 2 new songs - one of which must become a single. The original #1's album could draw on 2 top 15 singles of which one peaked at #4 on the H100 and went platinum.
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                            Are they gonna take the original #1’s album out of print when they release this? I wonder, It would help future sales for sure.


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                              Hopefully, the new #1's will do better than Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse!

                              The track listing of the new compilation will probably be like this:

                              01 [New song]
                              02 Touch My Body
                              03 We Belong Together
                              04 Thank God I Found You (featuring Joe & 98 Degrees) (US) / Against all Odds (with Westlife) (International)
                              05 Heartbreaker (featuring Jay-Z)
                              06 My All
                              07 Honey
                              08 Always Be My Baby
                              09 One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men)
                              11 Fantasy
                              12 Hero
                              13 Dreamlover
                              14 I'll Be There (featuring Trey Lorenz)
                              15 Emotions
                              16 I Don't Wanna Cry (US) / Without You (International)
                              17 Someday
                              18 Love Takes Time
                              19 Vision of Love


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                                Wow, there just ain't no stopping Mariah!

                                I am not sure how this will perform. She really needs a super hot single with a fresh sound.
                                I'm gonna die if she is gonna try to have a hit with another WBT, DFAU, BB, AC, YME rehash ...

                                This prolly will be a good catalog seller, if her team doesn't mess this one up again.


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                                  Such a shame the last album bombed after the amount of time it took to be released, there was some really great stuff on there. Mis-management yet again.

                                  At this stage in her career, the residency and this album are probably the smartest move.


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                                    #1's was the first Mariah CD I ever bought. I love it. This is a great move for her. Can't wait for the new version.
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                                      You guys expect Mariah to promote this when she didn't bother for amazing MIMTEC?

                                      I hope the new songs are as good as the ones in MIMTEC.
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                                        Originally posted by spiritboy
                                        You guys expect Mariah to promote this when she didn't bother for amazing MIMTEC?

                                        I hope the new songs are as good as the ones in MIMTEC.
                                        this already had more promo than MIAM.. i mean a 10 minutes stay at ELLEN where she actually mentioned the album/concert series is more than MIAM ever got
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                                          Originally posted by spiritboy
                                          You guys expect Mariah to promote this when she didn't bother for amazing MIMTEC?

                                          I hope the new songs are as good as the ones in MIMTEC.
                                          Well, judging by her recent appearances, she seems to be into the idea of promoting now, she was in a bad state last year, she's obviously back to work now as she moves on after Nick.


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                                            Just watched her Ellen Show appearance, she was amazing

                                            You can tell she was excited about announcing Vegas residency
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                                              yep, looks like Mariah in finding comfort again in her career and music. I love that she is into live-performing again. Among the legendary 5, she is the one with the least concerts overall. So... keep singing MIMI. It is what GOD wanted you to do all along.
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                                                She better sing "I Still Believe" again!


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                                                  I think this is really smart of her.