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    Love the title and cover but the font is awful.
    Kinda fitting that I'm listening to Mona Lisa


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      This is my album cover.


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        Love the font & name!


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          Alternate album cover
 ... efemme.jpg


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            I'd build a road in gold just to have some dreaming


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              love the title
              but the cover is...uhm yeah not really nice
              (I don't like the fonts)


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       ... ears_album)

                wikipedia page.


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                  Originally posted by GetBack
                  This is my album cover.
                  It looks a lot better like that to be honest.
                  All they need is a sticker with the album title blah blah new single blah blah.


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                    Re: Britney Spears | Femme Fatale

                    Originally posted by britneyfan09


                    is this real? looks like a cheap sexybar logo
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                      So, March the 15th is the date? Well, nice!

                      Her best album cover has to be the "Britney" one in my opinion.
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                        Rolling Stone Exclusive: Britney Spears' Producer Dr. Luke Reveals Details About Her New Album

                        Exclusive: Britney Spears' Producer Dr. Luke Reveals Details About Her New Album
                        Britney still choosing songs for March 15's 'Femme Fatale': 'We're in the middle of it right now,' says Luke

                        By Steve Knopper
                        FEBRUARY 2, 2011 12:35 PM EDT
                        Britney Spears announced today that her new album, due March 15, is titled Femme Fatale – but the superstar singer and her Los Angeles producers are still choosing songs and determining the final direction of the overall sound. "It's not done," Dr. Luke, co-producing the album with longtime Britney collaborator Max Martin and Montreal dance-pop songwriter Billboard, tells Rolling Stone. "We're in the middle of it right now. It's a little bit fluid right now. I can't even say at this stage what songs for sure are making it and what songs aren't. We're working with a lot of producers and overseeing it with her A&R and record label and management and trying to make something cohesive."

                        Gallery: Britney Spears' Life in Photos

                        The album, of course, will contain "Hold It Against Me," co-written by Dr. Luke, Martin and Bonnie McKee, the hot songwriter who penned Katy Perry's "California Gurls" and Taio Cruz' "Dynamite." Spears' new single made its debut on the pop charts in mid-January at Number One, before dropping to Number Six last week.

                        Originally, Dr. Luke and Martin, the Swedish songwriter behind some of Spears' biggest hits, including "…Baby One More Time," planned to give the song to Katy Perry. "We might have played it for her, but it definitely wasn't a Katy Perry record," Dr. Luke says by phone from Conway Recording Studio in Los Angeles. "We had it for a while. I wanted to make sure it didn't sound like everything else I've done. I brought it into Billboard, and he just killed it. It can be hard in the verse, and the bridge is super, super hard, but the chorus is super-pop. You can play that chorus acoustically on a guitar and it's still going to sound great."

                        Read Rob Sheffield's four-star review of "Hold It Against Me"

                        Top 40 radio stations continue to spin "Hold It Against Me" in regular rotation. "It feels like a really obvious, easy-to-listen-to first single," says John Ivey, program director for KIIS in LA, which played the song once an hour the first day it came out. "You hear all those little parts that are so Britney – 'here's the video-breakdown-dance part of the song.' That's what my listeners love about her."

                        Although her 2008 album Circus sold fewer than 2 million copies, not a huge number given Spears' history of blockbuster sales, retailers have high hopes for the March release. "[Circus] ended up doing well, but we were a little cautious about it — a little tense comeback issues were going to be relevant," says Mark Hudson, music buyer for Trans World Entertainment, who predicts the new album could sell 500,000 copies in its first week. "But this time around, her stock is higher."

                        Photos: Britney Spears Lets Loose for Rolling Stone's Cameras: Exclusive Photos From Her Cover Shoot

                        Dr. Luke also noted that he and Martin, the executive producers, plan on working on several songs directly in addition to "Hold It Against Me." He also confirmed Bloodshy (who co-produced Spears' classic "Toxic") and Benny Blanco (who worked on Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" and Perry's "California Gurls") were among several big names who would make production appearances.

                        So far, Spears has dropped by the LA studio two or three times to lay down her vocals. "Britney's really fast," Dr. Luke says. "She gets it done."

               ... m-20110202


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                          hmmm...the title's actually not bad, it's grown on me already.

                          not too crazy about the cover, typical sexy headshot, but I guess it works with the title. her eyes do look fierce.


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                            Amazing, like 2 different sides


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                              Now, we finally know why she's not yet promoting! She hasn't finished the whole album yet.

                              I don't want to hear another "She should start promoting and stop being controlled as a puppet in the studio" issue again! :x


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                                I cant see any guy buying this album at a shop


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                                  OMG I love the title and I love the cover!!!!! what a great idea to call it "femme fatale" ...I love the meaning of it! I hope the music will sound like this!

                         ... album.html
                                  Life tastes better with music


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                                    Title is great!


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                                      someone posted this in Exhale

                                      posted on 13-1-2011 at 07:51 PM
                                      Femme Fatale really fits with the outtake of her lying in that bed. She looks BEYOND sexy there. I can't wait to see some more pictures.


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                                        just realized...this is now the perfect opportunity to RANK THE ALBUM COVERS!

                                        1.) ...BOMT (the UK cover)
                                        2.) Britney
                                        3.) Circus
                                        4.) The Singles Collection
                                        5.) Femme Fatale
                                        6.) In The Zone
                                        7.) Oops!...I Did It Again
                                        8.) Blackout
                                        9.) GH:MP


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                                          Femme Fatale she better bing some sexy back this time!
                                          Do you care for me beyond idolization?


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                                            One of Britney's best album titles! Cover is great! but not sure about the 'Femme Fatale' font, though...

                                            I dunno if this has been seen on here yet!

                                            A 4-track sample from Spears' new album is already being sent to some big names. The promotion has pretty much changed - Jive has chosen to sent it to blogs and web icons instead of the big vehicles which had never failed to underestimate Britney during the "Circus" era.

                                            "Hold It Against Me" starts the ride with the dubstep inspired break and pumping beats that the fans are already used to. But it's only a little part of the surprise, "Antidote", the second track from the sampler, brings new cards to the table when it comes to the pop tart. Taking classes from Ke$ha, Britney showcases her rap/sing abilities alternating distorted vocals - think Daft Punk - in a disco-infused song. Best track from the sampler.

                                            "Switch You On" is the typical sexy midtempo. Britney oozes sexuality whispering throughout the verses and ending the chorus with the lyrics: "If I turn the lights off / I wonder if it would switch you o-o-on" suceeded by an unplugged electric guitar.

                                            "I I I Wanna Go O O" is, perhaps, the weakest track on the sampler. The typical Dr. Luke bass and Martin's doll-esque vocals makes the song sound like a Sugababes' "About You Now" revival. Not quite there.

                                            So we have..-

                                            Hold It Against Me
                                            Switch You On
                                            I I I Wanna Go O O

                                            Titles are sounding great... This Era is coming together...

                                            Just want the Video now!!!
                                            Representing the real truth in music....


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                                              Antidote sounds interesting, but I can't stand the title "I I I Wanna Go O O"

                                              There is no reason it can't just be called I Wanna Go.


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                                                I love the title and love the cover too
                                                It all blends in perfectly and she looks great!
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                                                  Originally posted by firefairyangel
                                                  Antidote sounds interesting, but I can't stand the title "I I I Wanna Go O O"

                                                  There is no reason it can't just be called I Wanna Go.
                                                  Antidote is the one im waiting to hear! and yea I I I Wanna Go O O, is just silly! lol
                                                  Representing the real truth in music....


                                                  • Deluxe edition cover