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  • Originally posted by HaskaWuga
    Originally posted by theArmy
    Monrose will never come back again as Mandy & Senna are in a big feud and don't speak to each other for years now.
    But Senna is not in a feud with GRACE, right? Maybe Grace can replace Mandy in monrose just like what she did eith Mandy's solo career #justice4mandy
    I wish sis, but Senna hates both, Mandy and Grace :(


    • My top 5 from dis album:

      1. Closer
      2. Allow Me
      3. Risque
      4. Otherside
      5. Overrated

      I need new music from her.

      Is she still with Mesut?
      Floped and localed


      • Originally posted by Gravity
        Is she still with Mesut?
        This time last year they were still together, since then they haven't been spotted together and she didn't talk about it.
        I think they're just extremely top secret about it.


        1. Hurricane
        2. Overrated
        3. The Way I Like It
        4. Otherside
        5. It Don't Matter / Side Effects

        She's wasted so many years on....nothing


        • My five favourites are Hurricane, The Way I Like It, Risque, Intense, Otherside (or Allow Me)

          Pulse would be among them too
          I am not trying to seduce you... Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?


          • WHO the hell decided that Closer should've been the second single. That person just wanted to sabotage her whole career