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Céline Dion - Loved Me Back To Life [album]

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  • Originally posted by MusicLover88
    The song is very very good.

    I just wish the rest of the album were half as good as this.
    Well I would say that the album was actually half as good. The second part was not on par though


    • Playing this in full for the first time this morning. Really loving it.

      Overjoyed really slayed me.
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      • ^ OH no. You selected the worst possible song!

        This is still an album of two halves for me (and I don't actually think I've played it in full now for a couple of years).

        Good Half

        * Loved Me Back To Life (10/10)
        * Somebody Loves Somebody (10/10)
        * Incredible (8/10)
        * Water and a Flame (9/10)
        * Breakaway (10/10)
        * Didn't Know Love (10/10)
        * Thankful (10/10)
        * How Do You Keep The Music Playing (9/10)

        The vocals on Breakaway and Thankful are explosive and really powerful.

        Bad Half

        * Save Your Soul (7/10)
        * Thank You (7/10)
        * Overjoyed (4/10)
        * At Seventeen (5/10)
        * Always Be Your Girl (6/10)
        * Unfinished Songs (5/10)
        * Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) (4/10)


        • ^^ 7 out of ten is bad for you??

          You're being too harsh on your fave Wayne.
          Floped and localed


          • I can't believe you think Overjoyed is one of the worst on the album

            I really love Thankful and I agree the vocals are explosive and would be so epic live.

            I think we have really different tastes here haha.

            I love the trio of Overjoyed, Thankful and At Seventeen. Strongest trio grouping for me.
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            • I listened to this for the first time today. It’s the first Céline album I ever listened to!

              I always loved the title track. She was performing it on Wetten Dass when it came out and I liked it immediately but I never listened to the album.

              It’s actually pretty good. The middle part is a bit weak but there’s nothing terrible on here. "Somebody Loves Somebody" blew me away, "Incredible", "Breakaway", "Save Your Soul", "Always Be Your Girl" and "Thankful" were bops. "Unfinished Songs" and "How Do You Keep the Music Playing" are beautiful.

              That Stevie Wonder duet didn’t blow me away but it was cute and kind of sounded like it was from a Disney movie.

              Also, I really like the album cover.
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