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  • It’s #5 on Refinery29’s list of the 10 Best Albums of the 2010‘s:

    5. Lorde Pure Heroine (2013)

    Lorde was a singular figure in the 2010s. She was one of a handful of solo women who broke through the decidedly all-male ranks of alt-rock radio and forced the format to shift its sound to make room for her, making her the first solo woman in 17 years to have a No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. In her wake, a jillion men writing lo-fi synth-rock albums have followed the work she created as a 16-year-old girl. Her version of middle-class youth wraps the confusion and disenchantment it brings with witty twists of phrase that only a wordsmith could ever parse.
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    • Just revisited some songs here and remembered how good this album is. For some reason I still can't remember half of Melodrama, but this one kinda made an imprint on me. Even though I rarely play it now, it's still good when I do.