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    I think pop is a bit more than Katy Perry, Britney, Max Martin, etc. They might be some of the most prominent people in pop today, but that's not all what pop really is. St. Vincent could belong to the group of Robyn, Lykke Li, Lorde, Roisin Murphy, etc... Some of them get Top 40 play (like Lorde and sometimes Robyn), but most of them just do their thing for a rather small but devoted fan base. I personally don't think pop music is defined by top 40 radio play.
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      Pop is the abbreviation of "popular" though. So it makes sense that pure pop music is only the one which is really popular among radios, hits etc.

      Is St. Vincent popular? Not really, at least not as popular as popular artists such as Katy Perry.
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        It’s #4 on Slant Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Albums of the 2010‘s:

        4. St. Vincent, St. Vincent
        On her fifth album, Annie Clark trains her focus on contemporary media culture, critiquing the vapid, self-indulgent aspects of social networking and the alienation and boredom that it produces. Whether singing about selfies or death, Clark probes the existential convergence between humans and their digital devices, as when she laments, “I’m entombed in a shrine of zeroes and ones.” The gorgeously laconic torch song “Prince Johnny” finds Clark imploring, over layered backing vocals and a discretely funky guitar lick, for someone “to make me a real girl,” another nod toward the blurred lines between humans, animals, and machines that she explores throughout the album. Despite its thematic weight, St. Vincent wears its politics lightly, as Clark makes space for her trademark experiments with guitar effects and playful lines like “I prefer your love to Jesus.” She’s an auteur perfectly suited for the age we’re living in: a heretic with her own sense of ethics, an eccentric with a conscience. Galvin
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