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Indila - Dernière Danse

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    I'm glad it's doing well over here in Poland, I've also seen the video a couple of times on Italian music channels so hopefully it'll ride on Stromae's and Saule's success as it's quite uncommon to see French-language tracks making it big in Italy.


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      Just came across of this again and saw that it's already nearly three years old

      Still sounds incredible. A shame this wasn't even more successful outside of the french speaking countries. She deserved as much success as Louane, and even more.

      Anyway, i wondered where she is. I hope we get something new soon, her debut album was brilliant!


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        This is still a masterpiece!


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          It definitely is. It's one of the best French songs I know - from the vocal performance to the lyrics to the melody and the song's structure up to the climax in the final chorus. Definitely a 9/10. The music video is even better than the song and I'm still surprised that a French newcomer was allowed to record such a, well, movie for their debut single...
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            It was the one from my least favourite hits from that year.
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