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Steps - Party On The Dancefloor Tour

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  • Steps - Party On The Dancefloor Tour

    A home for all things tour related.
    A #2 album
    Several sold out shows
    7 shows added by popular demand
    The 20 Years of Steps celebration is hitting the road with full force.
    The group have begun meetings to give concert goers a show packed with their classic hits, some fan favourites and their stellar new material.
    Who's going ?
    What do you want to see/hear ?

    Happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet...

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    They've said they're recreating some of their videos so that'll be interesting considering how 90s They now look


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      I'm going!!

      I definitely want to hear most of the new album. A solid 7 or 8 tracks from it anyway.

      Of the classics my favourites are 5,6,7,8, Last Thing On My Mind, Deeper Shade, Summer of Love, Love's Got A Hold On My Heart, One For Sorrow, Tragedy. I'd like to hear those!

      So excited for the concert.
      Remember us in AmenJena...

      ...If we could just go back to the start


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        I'm coming all the way from Australia by myself to do a Meet and Greet in Leeds and may try for a sneaky London ticket if any good ones pop up so hopefully I'll find some friends somewhere along the line!

        I'm really interested in the video recreations but they've also mentioned they'll be trying to do some medleys/mash-ups to give us as much as they can.
        They have ALOT of material to choose from so I understand the need for them but it's a big decision as to what gets a full performance.
        As much of a tradition as it is I hope they skip the "solo section" this time around as they have more than enough to fill a show including the whole group.

        Already calling a very dramatic interpretation of "Scared of the Dark" as an opening number possibly followed by
        "Deeper Shade of Blue"
        Happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet...


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          I want to go soo badly :(
          Steps + Vengaboys is every gay man's dream, isn't it?
          i wanna see you on your knees, wanna see you begging


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            I think I might be going to one of the London shows. Haven't got tickets but will be down there at the time and will see if anyone's selling tickets outside the venue on the night. Would just love to see Scared Of The Dark done live!


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                  Both live versions of Stomp and Chain Reaction are on Spotify too. I must say, their live vocals really improved from their reunion tour in 2012. Quite looking forward to the live album now, especially to hear the new stuff live