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Celine Dion - 2018 Tour - Asia & Oceania (completed)

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  • [tweet:3f3qbpvm][/tweet:3f3qbpvm]

    Roughly translated:

    "Purple Rain of Prince completely ascended.
    The place where the electric guitar phrase and Celine's voice blend while growing up is exactly the highest peak live art.
    There is no other person who can control such a voice."


    Roughly translated:

    "It's All Coming back to Me Now the most favorite song of Celine.
    Every time I listen to it, it makes me watch one movie.
    There is a heart in the song of Celine.
    It makes me feel life.
    No matter how much I sell, I see a girl who loves to sing.
    So like."


    Roughly translated:

    "To Love you more I had to have a big surgery in the first grade, and when I was in the hospital for a long time, this song was a theme song of "Lover" drama.
    I bought my mother a CD and listened to it all the time in the hospital room.
    A song that supported my life.
    Thanks Celine."


    Roughly translated:

    "The Reason is that I didn't think I could hear this song, but I cried.
    The Divas who sang this song of Carol King Live Le. Fainting at the last vocal climax. Her unique run of classical music.
    When I was trying to be a singer, you were the reason."

    That last sentence sums it all up - her influence is incredible.


    Celine Dion Tokyo Dome Performance! It was really good to go goose bumps all the time.

    I've been so full of breasts for a long time.

    Thank you for coming to Japan Buri ten years of tears, listening to a lot of favorite songs that I listened to with my mother when I was little. #CelineDionLive2018 #CelineDion Leola


    Today I received a nice present from Mr. Kuroiwa, Thank you #DIVA #OnlyOne Celine Dion.



    • Macao!




      • Originally posted by Wayne

        "The Reason is that I didn't think I could hear this song, but I cried.
        The Divas who sang this song of Carol King Live Le. Fainting at the last vocal climax. Her unique run of classical music.
        When I was trying to be a singer, you were the reason."

        That's beautiful :(


        • Singapore.




          • The crowd-pleasing power of pop diva Celine Dion

            French-Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion is part of a rare breed of artists these days - the power ballad diva, one who dominated in the 1980s and 1990s.

            Despite dipping into a repertoire that spanned the 1980s to the early 2000s, her first concert in Singapore felt shiny and new. It was filled with plenty of Las Vegas pomp and glamour and a generous serving of her powerhouse vocals as she effortlessly traversed her impressive range.

            Speaking to local media earlier this year, she promised to dip into her biggest hits and she did just that, kicking off her sold-out concert on Tuesday at the Sands Grand Ballroom at Marina Bay Sands with the knockout punch of "The Power Of Love."

            Looking like a statuesque matador in her sequinned gold tuxedo, she followed up with a series of winning moves - "That's The Way It Is", "I'm Alive" and "Because You Loved Me" - before the full-house crowd of around 6,000.

            Her almost two-hour-long concert felt like a theatrical production with its costume changes, sweeping overtures by the backing band and elaborate visuals.

            At the centre of it all was Dion, and you could hardly keep your eyes off the 50-year-old, thanks in part to her gorgeous costumes and easy banter.

            Be it her black ball gown on yet another power ballad, "It's All Coming Back To Me Now", or tearing the skirt away to reveal a sequinned dress and sky-high heels as she performed a sensuous rumba with a dancer on Falling Into You, there was drama aplenty.

            On "All By Myself", the music faded away for her to showcase her perfect pitching as she deftly belted out the lyrics.

            She seemed close to tears on "Recovering", a song Pink wrote for her after her husband Rene Angelil's death.

            Dion certainly took the crowd on a journey.

            The destination was arguably one of the most iconic love songs of all time, "My Heart Will Go On". Her fans, who had stayed in their seats for most of the concert, rushed to the stage to capture the moment on their phones as she sang the smash hit flawlessly.

            "Don't ask me why it took so long (to come here)... thanks for your patience throughout the years," she said at the start of the show. The power ballad diva was certainly worth the wait.

   ... -dion.html
            Celine Dion pleases with classic favourites at her first concert in Singapore

            At her first-ever concert in Singapore, pop phenomenon Celine Dion wowed a full-house crowd of 6,000 at the Marina Bay Sands’ Grand Ballroom on Tuesday (3 July).

            “We finally made it here!” Dion said after belting out her opening acts of The Power of Love and That’s The Way It Is.

            “Don’t ask me why it took so long (to come to Singapore),” she added, joking that she wanted to move to our sunny shores now that she realised it was so beautiful.

            The power diva, keenly aware that it was the first time her audience was seeing her live, performed a repertoire largely comprising crowd-pleasing classics from her ballad queen era of the ’90s, including To Love You More, Because You Loved Me and It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.

            At the age of 50 with three decades of showbiz experience under her belt, Dion rocked the house with her famous powerhouse vocals, showcasing her trademark melismas (running notes on one syllable) and impeccable pitching (the thunderous climax to All By Myself truly left this reporter stunned).

            The consummate entertainer dazzled with more than just her voice (as if that wasn’t enough), at one point shedding an outer skirt to reveal a slinky dress for a sultry rumba dance with a male partner during Falling Into You.

            Dion gave a nod to her fellow Canadian star, actor Ryan Reynolds, singing her latest single Ashes from the soundtrack of his movie Deadpool 2. She recommends the movie but “don’t bring the kids”, she quips in reference to its gory violence.

            She also showed her vulnerable side and gave a hint at her grieving process two years after her husband Rene Angelil and brother Daniel both died of cancer within days of each other in 2016, with a heartfelt rendition of Recovering. The song was written for her by pop star Pink to help her through her loss. Dion finished the song with a wink skywards for Angelil.

            The penultimate act to the concert ended with the high-octane River Deep, Mountain High where Dion strutted her stuff in a glittery disco dress and had the audience up and grooving on their feet.

            Then, after a pregnant pause off-stage and shouts of anticipation from a restless audience who knew very well what song she had saved for the finale, Dion returned to the stage for her signature My Heart Will Go On in a pink Greek goddess-like outfit.

            With that, expect hearts to continue yearning for her magic long after her all-too-short two-night stint in Singapore.

   ... 52877.html
            Really odd venue choice but she'll gross a bomb even with the crowd size of just 6,000 (twice).

            Most Expensive Concert Tickets Ever - Singapore (top-tier)

            01. $2,063 - Guns 'n' Roses
            02. $1,288 - Madonna
            03. $1,200 - Celine Dion


            • Originally posted by Wayne
              Really odd venue choice but she'll gross a bomb even with the crowd size of just 6,000 (twice).
              Weren't the Macao and Singapore venues linked to casinos?
              Maybe in the Caesars Palace network ?


              • Céline and fashion is the new love story


                "Il existe une nouvelle clientèle qui apprécie cette définition alternative du luxe", nous explique Bertrand Guyon. De fait, on retrouve parmi les clients de la marque Cate Blanchett, Kirstin Scott Thomas et Tilda Swinton, sans oublier Céline Dion, qui sera vêtue en Schiaparelli à 90 % pour sa tournée qui vient de commencer. Elsa aurait certainement approuvé.
                "There is a new clientele that appreciates this alternative definition of luxury," explains Bertrand Guyon. In fact, we find among the customers of the brand Cate Blanchett, Kirstin Scott Thomas and Tilda Swinton, not to forget Céline Dion, who will be dressed in Schiaparelli 90% for her tour that has just begun. Elsa would certainly have approved.


                • Titanic pause in Singapore



                  • Jakarta!



                    • Celine Dion - Touring Schedule (2018)


                      [s:xhnya8m0]26-Jun-18 - Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome
                      29-Jun-18 - Macau - Cotai Arena
                      30-Jun-18 - Macau - Cotai Arena
                      03-Jul-18 - Singapore - Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom
                      04-Jul-18 - Singapore - Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom
                      07-Jul-18 - Jakarta, Indonesia - Sentul International Convention Center[/s:xhnya8m0]
                      11-Jul-18 - Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei Arena
                      13-Jul-18 - Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei Arena
                      14-Jul-18 - Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei Arena
                      19-Jul-18 - Manila, Philippines - Mall of Asia Arena
                      20-Jul-18 - Manila, Philippines - Mall of Asia Arena
                      23-Jul-18 - Bangkok, Thailand - IMPACT Arena

                      Australia & New Zealand

                      27-Jul-18 - Sydney, Australia - Qudos Bank Arena
                      28-Jul-18 - Sydney, Australia - Qudos Bank Arena
                      30-Jul-18 - Brisbane, Australia - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
                      31-Jul-18 - Brisbane, Australia - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
                      04-Aug-18 - Perth, Australia - Perth Arena
                      07-Aug-18 - Melbourne. Australia - Rod Laver Arena
                      08-Aug-18 - Melbourne, Australia - Rod Laver Arena
                      11-Aug-18 - Auckland, New Zealand - Spark Arena
                      12-Aug-18 - Auckland, New Zealand - Spark Arena

                      She's got Taiwan for 3 nights next, before then moving onto the Philippines and finishing up in Thailand. She's then got a 3 day break before kick-starting the Australian leg of the tour!


                      • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (11th/13th/14th July - Tapei)

                        Her arrival in Jakarta was recorded, the show and the m&g were recorded too. I wonder what we're gonna get


                        • Originally posted by Iiketheair
                          Her arrival in Jakarta was recorded, the show and the m&g were recorded too. I wonder what we're gonna get
                          The Indonesian fans really treated her well.

                          At the end of her concert, the entire arena were chanting "WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE!" - amazing to see.


                          • [youtube:2k85r42r]lbV-Y6Br1m8[/youtube:2k85r42r]


                            • Celine Dion: Beauty can come out of ashes

                              Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace Hotel has been the home of French-Canadian musical icon Celine Dion since 2011, when she received an official residency to perform there.

                              Celine has so far performed over 1,000 shows in the hotel and one would think that with a schedule like that, she would prefer not to sing during her summer breaks.

                              Yet Dion has spent her three-month summer break almost every year touring instead.

                              She just cannot stay away from the one thing she does best and loves, and thankfully, that passion managed to finally take her to the corners of the rarely used Sentul International Convention Center in Sentul, Bogor, on Saturday, putting that eyesore of a venue to good use.

                              From the beginning, it was clear that this was a concert that many, many Indonesians had been anticipating for about 30 years.

                              Dion walked out to begin her performance in a casual gold jacket and pants outfit.

                              Immediately, the legend hit the audience with a six-song punch of some of her biggest and most well-known hits.

                              Most artists tend to spread their biggest hits evenly throughout their set, so as to keep the audience’s attention throughout their performance.

                              But Dion has nothing to lose really. There is no way this crowd of both young and old was going to be bored by anything she did on stage.

                              Opening with “The Power of Love” and going straight into “That’s the Way It Is”, “I’m Alive” and the wonderful ballad “Because You Loved Me”, the audience did not stand a chance. Celine had them in the palm of her hands the moment the first notes rang out.

                              “Jakarta! We finally made it! This is the first time I’ve ever been here, please forgive me for taking so long. My house is kind of far away,” she welcomed the crowd.

                              The onslaught continued with her wonderful new song, “Ashes”, notable for being the theme song for the Marvel film Deadpool 2, and probably her closest bridge to relevance with the younger generation.

                              From there, she finished her combo with yet another film theme, the iconic “Beauty and the Beast”, sung with one of her backing singers.

                              It should be noted that almost all of Dion’s movie ballads have since become iconic on their own, sometimes almost outliving the films that carried them. But as we all know, there is one theme song that will always stand above the rest.

                              That one song from that one film about a sinking gigantic ship had yet to arrive. That ship was lingering in the minds of the crowd, but it had not reached Jakarta yet. Dion had a lot of time to get it there, and she used that time well.

                              In between he songs, Dion spent good amounts of time talking to the audience, making use of all her time on stage.

                              Hershow was divided into five small acts, indicated by her change of costume after each act. Most of the songs making up the second to fourth acts were covers (that she has made her own), such as Carole King’s “The Reason”, and Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself”.

                              Despite her best ammunition being used up in the first two acts, there were still a few Celine originals that came to the fore, to the crowd’s delight.

                              Love Can Move Mountains” transitioned into a stunning cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain”, while “To Love You More” got several middle-aged dads dancing freely without fear of being judged by their kids.

                              Another original, “Recovering”, brought the hall to an earnest mood as it addressed her emotional struggles following the death of her husband Rene Angelil in 2016.

                              After the night’s fun fifth and final act channeling a colorful, soulful and upbeat atmosphere, closing the main set and getting the entire hall on their feet, the idol left the stage in preparation for the encore.

                              Inevitably, it was time for the most iconic song that soundtracked the most iconic ship in cinema to wade into the harbor. After being notably absent from the 19-song set, there it was, rising like the shadow of a mountain jutting over the horizon. The foghorn was sounded. No icebergs today. The Titanic has successfully landed in Jakarta.

                              “Every night in my dreams, I see you I feel you […],” went the icon, starting the immortal ballad “My Heart Will Go On”. Thundering through the crowd, as majestic as the Titanic itself, was the song that immortalized Dion’s place in pop culture history.

                     ... ashes.html
                              Another 5* review.


                              • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (11th/13th/14th July - Tapei)

                                Hopefully now she'll finally release she has a very big audience in other parts of the world (that she never has visited) too
                                South-America next?

                                "It's the moment you think you can't, you'll discover that you can" - Céline


                                • Taipei, show 1/3.




                                  • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (11th/13th/14th July - Tapei)

                                    Brilliant crowd shots, first of 3 dates in Taipei!

                                    She’s coming to the Philippines after, I think they will give her the best reaction yet.


                                    • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (11th/13th/14th July - Tapei)

                                      Have you seen/heard the I can't help falling in love performance?

                                      Wow, finally a WOW again!


                                      • OMG. I didn't expect that, her voice is getting stronger. She did great! Proud of her


                                        • [youtube:3dwi53tm]sudDwlf5SaI[/youtube:3dwi53tm]


                                          "It's the moment you think you can't, you'll discover that you can" - Céline


                                          • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (11th/13th/14th July - Tapei)

                                            ^ OMFG - that was exquisite!

                                            That was a real moment, to hear her sing that again after so many years - beautiful.

                                            I think we’ve now had that in 1994, 2002, 2006 and 2018.


                                            • Amazing crowd shot from yesterday’s Taipei show:


                                              She’s just left her hotel for her final Taipei show, after which she moved onto Manila!


                                              • Most of her videos on her Vevo account are blocked in Asia. She would gain so many views if they weren't blocked!


                                                • [tweet:1m0d7das][/tweet:1m0d7das]


                                                  • 1 show down, 1 show to go in the Philippines!

                                                    The reviews are amazing.