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Celine Dion - 2018 Tour - Asia & Oceania (completed)

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  • Manila - show #2.


    • IN PHOTOS: Celine Dion captivates sold-out crowd in first Manila concert

      Combining theatrical flair and powerhouse vocals, Celine exhibits a prowess not often seen, and can only be matched by a handful of singers across the world

      Celine Dion is one of those musical artists who could sing the phonebook and it would sound absolutely fabulous. Bearing a confident stage presence, she performed for a sold-out crowd on her first visit to the country in the first of two consecutive shows at the Mall of Asia Arena.

      As you would expect from an artist who’s been in the industry for decades, the on-stage spectacle was polished in an assuring fashion. Although it may appear nearly effortless there is no substitute for experience when it comes to a consistent and entertaining show. A sure sign of a pro is when they can make something so complicated look so simple.

      Consider the sheer number of musicians on stage. Celine herself, along with 16 others: a string quartet with cello and violins, drums, percussion, guitar, bass, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, piano, keyboard and three background vocalists.

      To everyone’s delight, the layered sound blended seamlessly for the entire rainy night, you could argue note perfect. The stage lighting was also designed extremely well, with everything balanced in an intelligent and appealing manner.

      Celine immediately captivated as the concert kicked off with “The Power of Love,” catching the audience's attention and maintaning it throughout the nearly two-hour concert. (WATCH: Celine Dion sings most iconic hits at first Manila show)

      The show was broken into parts and as you would expect from the diva-esque personality, included a total of 5 costume changes ranging from an elegant little black dress number to a flashy silver top and skirt ensemble with hot pink highlights.

      The setlist was a solid mix that included many of her instantly recognizable hits, various covers, and medleys. Periodically in-between songs, she addressed the fans directly, which came across as more of a casual conversion between friends.

      In a playful fashion she told the crowd, “Beauty and the Beast was the very first theme song that I had the privilege to sing and that one was a long…” trailing off as an audience member shouted out "1991." Humorous banter ensued mostly regarding aging.

      “Don’t start now, I just turned the big 5-0, I’m a Mamacita,” she said

      When announcing her heartfelt thanks to the Philippine fans she said, “You’ve been supporting my music for nearly 3 decades, it’s a miracle I don’t have a walker.”

      Along with "Beauty and the Beast," she also sang other songs from films: Titanic's “My Heart Will Go On” and a more recent hit, Deadpool 2's, “Ashes.”

      She was a bit starstruck as she shared how she felt when Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds asked her to record a song for the movie. “I was so proud to receive a letter from him, I was like freaking out,” she said.

      Of course, the audience came through for their idol, participating gamely as she organized various parts of the arena to sing along to “Because You Love Me.”

      Celine also performed other artist's songs, including Eric Carmen's "All By Myself," and Carol King's "The Reason."

      The songstress' emotional connection to the music was apparent throughout the show, especially as she introduced one of her more recent songs, "Recovering," written by Pink.

      “In 2016 during the most difficult time of grieving the loss of my husband René I have received an unexpected gift from someone that I admire tremendously," she said, describing the track as “a song that expresses the power and the strength to overcome any hardship that you are going through, no matter what the situation is.”

      Everyone in the arena knew she was holding nothing back, and the audience could feel the genuine emotion injected into the delivery of her lyrics.

      As consummate performers do, Celine laid it all out on the stage and the crowd loved it.

      Combining theatrical flair and powerhouse vocals, Celine exhibited a prowess that is not often seen, and can only be matched by a handful of singers across the world.

      Obvious attention to detail, animated movements, and an outstanding performance from a considerable ensemble made this concert an unparalleled night to remember. ... ly-19-2018
      IN PICTURES: Local celebrities attend Celine's Philippines concert.


      • [youtube:6wfb5ese]oaqMMqXhYis[/youtube:6wfb5ese]

        300k views already <3


        • President Duterte of the Philippines was present at Celine's second concert, he's apparently a big fan.

 ... e-dion-fan


          • I wonder when we can start expecting some box office data, haha. hopefully this upcoming Wednesday, as the Asian leg will be done. if I’m not mistaken, some of last year’s dates were first published on a website that was neither Billboard nor Pollstar, does anyone remember what it was?


            • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (23rd July - Thailand)

              Was it bcharts? They seem to get them early: ... t-10144540

              We didn't get anything for Britney's tour of Asia I don't think, hoping we get full disclosure for Celine's (though not hopeful - Pollstar estimated that she made $2.4 million for her 2 concerts in Macau and her concert in Tokyo.



              • Originally posted by Wayne
                Was it bcharts? They seem to get them early: ... t-10144540

                We didn't get anything for Britney's tour of Asia I don't think, hoping we get full disclosure for Celine's (though not hopeful - Pollstar estimated that she made $2.4 million for her 2 concerts in Macau and her concert in Tokyo.

                viewtopic.php?p=6902799#p6902799" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank
                I found the site that I was referring to: I guess they get their info from Pollstar, so same place as bcharts. I wouldn’t worry about the data not being published, I’m positive that it will be. I was concerned that they might leave us in the dark regarding the Singapore dates because the venue seemed so unorthodox, but I found a Stones box score on Pulse that was from the same venue.


                • [center:3te3fgzq]Just found these pics on twitter and she looks adorable



                  • Her concert in here Manila is the first concert to 100% fill every single seat of the Mall of Asia Arena, and she did it for two days!


                    • aaand the last show in Asia is done.



                      • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (23rd July - Thailand)

                        Another packed arena!


                        • [youtube:1my2gl7u]wZym5ekA_xU[/youtube:1my2gl7u]

                          She performed You're The Voice - her voice is designed for songs like that, where you can just let it all out!


                          • Elvis suits and karate kicks: Celine Dion hits all the right notes

                            One might think an evening with Celine Dion, Canada’s 50-year-old, five-time Grammy Award-winner, would be all polite ballads and ballgowns. So when she strutted out in stacked heels and a gold lame suit, Elvis-style, overpowering The Power of Love before finishing it off with a few Presley karate moves, a crowd already pumped for Dion’s first Sydney gig in 10 years went bananas.

                            Not that the kicking and grunting – or almost anything about this show – was impromptu. Dion has also borrowed Elvis’s pop-goes-to-Las Vegas template from the 1970s and this was exactly the sort of slick, expensive production you’d expect from Sin City.

                            There wasn’t always much soul beneath the shiny surface but this was still enjoyable stuff. Dion’s vocal gymnastics were as technically impressive as ever, although the modulations and melismas the soprano used to bring to a climax hits such as Because You Loved Me and It’s All Coming Back to Me Now were more about showing off than servicing the songs.

                            Yet with a crack 13-piece band and three excellent backing singers behind her, a succession of elaborate costumes (only one of which was a ballgown) and the spectacle of seeing Dion sing Falling Into You while dancing a surprisingly deft tango duet, it was easy to get carried away in the lushness of it all.

                            Celine Dion the human being did emerge from behind the virtuosic diva mask with her storytelling between songs. She was also self-deprecating when she forgot the words to John Farnham’s You’re the Voice and had to start over, not that that stopped it being rapturously received.

                            A short set backed only by her string quartet and singers, including Janis Ian’s At Seventeen and early hit In Unison, was a welcome quiet interlude and it was nice to hear Dion interpret lyrics rather than make them submit to her vocal cords.

                            The emotional high point, however, was in songs dedicated to her husband, who died in 2016. Her grieving was palpable in Recovering, written for her by Pink, and an astounding cover of All by Myself where the big notes sounded therapeutic. Even overexposed closer My Heart Will Go On was imbued with new meaning.

                            Elvis was back at the very end in an a cappella Can’t Help Falling In Love, and then Celine Dion – having proved herself an icon to rival the King – left the building.

                   ... 4zu7e.html
                            They are the equivalent of the UK Daily Telegraph who also rated her 3 stars last year - the only UK publication who I believe rated her less than 5 stars, snobbery at its finest.

                            Celine Dion’s Sydney concert: The 8 most ridiculous, amazing moments

                            SHE was hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure — but it was the surprise inclusion of an Australian classic that was the defining moment of Celine Dion’s Sydney show.

                            ICONIC covers, cheesy stand-up routines, screaming matches between fans — the second of Celine Dion’s sold-out shows at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena had it all.

                            In the spirit of the legendary Celine Dion’s amazing viral video — a YouTube compilation that’s now been online for 10 long years, and which I may have watched every week for the past decade — I’ll present my review of last night’s concert in the form of a list. Here they are — the eight most ridiculous, amazing moments from the Celine Dion concert:

                            1. A support act only Celine could have: Veronic DiCaire, a French Canadian ‘human jukebox’ musical impressionist who perfectly impersonates every diva under the sun — and has the same goofy, cheesy sense of humour as Celine (seriously, they could be sisters). Cher, Pink, Britney, a very boozy, woozy Mariah — Veronic blasted through each one in rapid fire succession, her impersonations earning gasps and cheers each time. It takes a special performer to hand-pick this woman as your support act, secure in the knowledge you won’t be upstaged.

                            2. Celine emerging in the first of many amazing outfits for the night, looking like the world’s gayest matador in an immaculate all-gold suit as she prowled the stage singing her first Australian number one hit, The Power of Love. Instant standing ovation before she’d even sung a note.

                            3. Her between-song banter, which at times ran for longer than the songs themselves: Make no mistake, Celine Dion is pure ham and cheese. A total goober. Referencing her three decades in the music industry, she mimed hobbling across the stage on a walking frame, clinging to the piano for support. Introducing a song written especially for her by Pink, she scanned the arena’s rafters for the aerial acrobatics-obsessed singer.

                            “Calm down people, she’s not here tonight,” she announced with a mock sigh of relief. Celine is your tipsy aunty who insists on reading every single bad joke in the crackers at Christmas.

                            4. The INTENSE devotion she inspires in fans, starved of time with her after a decade away from our shores. One particularly fervent woman in the row behind me dealt with a couple chatting mid-song thusly: “This means EVERYTHING to me!!!” she screamed at them.

                            “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!?!”

                            Chatty couple kept quiet after that.

                            5. Celine re-emerging in a big, froufy, ridiculous ball gown for the night’s biggest, froufiest, most ridiculous song: Her 1996 masterpiece, the Jim Steinman-penned mini-opera It’s All Coming Back To Me Now. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Celine Dion sing live what are surely some of the most satisfying lyrics in popular music — words it’s impossible to deliver in anything but a scream: “THERE WERE NIGHTS OF ENDLESS PLEASURE! / IT WAS MORE THAN ANY LAWS ALLOWED! BABY. BABY. BA-BYYYYY….”

                            6. An extended comic monologue about flirting with actor Ryan Reynolds when he personally invited her to sing the theme song to Deadpool 2 that went on … and on. We struggled to understand the point of the story until Celine demonstrated her flirting technique — cameras tight on her face, she raised one eyebrow, then another, then both at the same time. Oh, maybe THAT was the point of the story: At 50, Celine Dion is definitely Botox-free (and she wants you to know it).

                            7. Celine — truly, the biggest crowd pleaser there is — including in her set the most crowd pleasing song in Australian history: John Farnham’s You’re the Voice. Farnsey, we don’t mean to be rude, but don’t push yourself for that umpteenth farewell tour — Celine can more than handle it.

                            8. Her cover of Eric Carmen’s 1975 soft rock staple All By Myself — truly, her 1996 take is the DEFINITIVE version of the song. The lyrics about loneliness had always been delivered with a campy melodrama, but coming just minutes after Celine mentioned the 2016 death of her husband, René Angélil, they suddenly had a new-found poignancy. As she poured everything she had into the song’s feverish climax, it wasn’t a performance: it was raw emotion. And it was pure Celine.

                            Celine Dion’s Australia — New Zealand tour continues until August 14, with multiple dates in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Auckland still to come. Head to Frontier Touring for more details.

                   ... cd6f22b427


                            • Celine Dion Brisbane review: Vocal powerhouse sings You’re the Voice

                              VOCAL powerhouse Celine Dion had adoring fans in awe as she danced, told stories and raised the roof singing an Aussie classic at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Monday night.

                              Wearing a striking gold suit, Dion, 50, immediately floored a sold-out crowd with her opener Power of Love before rolling out hit after hit in a knockout show.

                              It’s the first time Dion has toured Australia in 10 years after she officially opened her Live 2018 tour in Sydney on Friday night.

                              She belted out hits from her impressive discography including That’s the Way it Is, Because You Loved Me and her impressive cover of All By Myself got the devoted crowd to their feet.

                              Celine Dion will play her second Brisbane show on Tuesday night.

                              The Canadian superstar well and truly proved after a 30-year career — where she’s sold almost 250 million albums — she’s still got it.

                              The diva even made fun of her longevity, mimicking walking across the stage on a walking frame and joking she needed to be propped up by the piano.

                              But it was when the star surprised fans by taking on Aussie anthem and ‘one of her favourite songs’, John Farnham’s classic You’re The Voice, that she raised the roof.

                              “It’s of my favourite songs that I have loved, loved, loved for a very long time … I’ve always wanted to do it in my show and I’m so excited to do it tonight,’ she told fans before they erupted into a deafening sing-a-long.

                              During the two-hour show the chatty star told stories, one of which was how she came to sing the Deadpool 2 theme song, because “she loves to sing but she also loves to talk”.

                              The crowd of more than 9000 lapped up every second.

                              It wasn’t without its emotion as Dion sung Recovering, a track written for her by Pink after the death of her husband and manager Rene Angelil in 2016. Angelil’s health had suffered for a long time before throat cancer claimed his life two years ago.

                              “Pink wrote a beautiful song for me that shows the power and strength of overcoming something … it helped me during the most difficult time,” Dion said, describing the song as a “special gift from somebody she loves”.

                              With a few costume changes from beaded gowns to a classic black dress, Dion showed off her athletic and toned figure in a silver shimmery mini dress.

                              Her unwavering vocals soared the entire show as she showed us all why she’s one of the greatest performers in the world.

                              In a showstopping encore, the singer finished on the biggest song of her career and an anthem of a generation, a flawless rendition of My Heart Will Go On, before ending the night with an a cappella cover of an Elvis Presley hit, Can’t Help Falling In Love.

                              The enduring sensation has taken a break from the most successful Las Vegas residency in history to tour the country. She will perform a second show in Brisbane tonight before continuing on to Melbourne and Perth.

                     ... edaeb841d8
                              That's her legacy right there - she's one of the greatest live performers of all-time.


                              • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (30th-31st July - Brisbane)

                                Totally right :-)
                                One heart you are following


                                • [tweet:3pwr2nr2][/tweet:3pwr2nr2]

                                  Another packed house in Brisbane!

                                  She’s off to Perth for one show next, she has a few days off until then though!


                                  • [tweet:1d9igj66][/tweet:1d9igj66]

                                    Perth completed.

                                    Celine Dion - Touring Schedule (2018)


                                    [s:1d9igj66][s]26-Jun-18 - Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome
                                    29-Jun-18 - Macau - Cotai Arena
                                    30-Jun-18 - Macau - Cotai Arena
                                    03-Jul-18 - Singapore - Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom
                                    04-Jul-18 - Singapore - Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom
                                    07-Jul-18 - Jakarta, Indonesia - Sentul International Convention Center[/s:1d9igj66]
                                    11-Jul-18 - Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei Arena
                                    13-Jul-18 - Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei Arena
                                    14-Jul-18 - Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei Arena
                                    19-Jul-18 - Manila, Philippines - Mall of Asia Arena
                                    20-Jul-18 - Manila, Philippines - Mall of Asia Arena
                                    23-Jul-18 - Bangkok, Thailand - IMPACT Arena[/s]

                                    Australia & New Zealand

                                    [s:1d9igj66]27-Jul-18 - Sydney, Australia - Qudos Bank Arena
                                    28-Jul-18 - Sydney, Australia - Qudos Bank Arena
                                    30-Jul-18 - Brisbane, Australia - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
                                    31-Jul-18 - Brisbane, Australia - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
                                    04-Aug-18 - Perth, Australia - Perth Arena[/s:1d9igj66]
                                    07-Aug-18 - Melbourne. Australia - Rod Laver Arena
                                    08-Aug-18 - Melbourne, Australia - Rod Laver Arena
                                    11-Aug-18 - Auckland, New Zealand - Spark Arena
                                    12-Aug-18 - Auckland, New Zealand - Spark Arena
                                    14-Aug-18 - Auckland, New Zealand - Spark Arena

                                    Just 5 more dates left.


                                    • Absolutely packed!


                                      • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (07th-08th August - Melbourne)

                                        ^ Wow, it really is - not a seat spare that I can see! This has been another brilliantly successful tour.

                                        She has perfected a fantastic setup over the years - residency/mini-tour/residency.


                                        • Originally posted by Wayne
                                          ^ Wow, it really is - not a seat spare that I can see! This has been another brilliantly successful tour.

                                          She has perfected a fantastic setup over the years - residency/mini-tour/residency.
                                          There's 3 empty seats next to each other that I can see in that video...

                                          "It's the moment you think you can't, you'll discover that you can" - Céline


                                          • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (07th-08th August - Melbourne)

                                            Must've been 3 people on a toilet break.


                                            • lol

                                              I can't wait to see the boxoffice!
                                              CELINE DION - THE WORLD'S BIGGEST SELLING ARTIST OF THE LAST 25 YEARS



                                              • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (07th-08th August - Melbourne)

                                                That picture of Katy and Céline is a mess
                                                Cha Cha Instructor


                                                • [tweet:3kz9v560][/tweet:3kz9v560]


                                                  • Re: Celine Dion - 2018 Tour (07th-08th August - Melbourne)

                                                    Such an impressive picture, it is packed in there!