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Spice Girls - Spice World Tour 2019 (Spoilers)

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  • I was at the second London show at Wembley and I am still on a Spice nostalgia. They are really the best girl group ever. I don't think there will be any female pop group like them. It's just amazing that they don't force this whole feminism thing as much as everyone did after them, they really just had fun during their heyday but they had a message behind their songs. Not to mention, they are the only girl group to have actually co-written all of their material. Technically, they only had two hit albums in a span of three years of domination but they can generate this much in a comeback tour. What a iconic legacy!

    I think their biggest edge was they had chemistry on stage and they have so much stage presence. All the girls looked amazing and it didn't even look like they were on hiatus. I didn't miss Victoria at all. It was really the four who toured who are the main pillars of the group, Geri seems to have adopted the Posh image now, it feels so different seeing her looking so prim and proper.

    The tour is incredible and I hope one day they bring back the solo songs for each girl.