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  • The 2 shows in Antwerp are sold out!
    Live life to the maximum!


    • Originally posted by exfactor003 View Post
      to put into perspective the low average ticket price, it should be noted that of all of the KFC Yum! Center Billboard-reported box scores of the past 3 years, the highest average ticket price was that of Metallica, with 'only' $116.91. here's the list, from highest to lowest:

      regarding this post of mine from a few weeks back, now that we have the official figures from Billboard, she actually tops this list with an average ticket price in Louisville of $122.84.


      • Should we believe Billboard when they report shows as sold-out while we know they actually weren't?


        • Originally posted by Aries View Post
          Should we believe Billboard when they report shows as sold-out while we know they actually weren't?
          It’s a promoter reported number to Billboard - and the same rules apply to every single box score ever produced by any artist.

          I don’t think it really matters ultimately.


          • Originally posted by Wayne View Post
            It’s a promoter reported number to Billboard - and the same rules apply to every single box score ever produced by any artist.

            I don’t think it really matters ultimately.
            Correct! It really doesn't, some people think that this has been going on rather recently but it's been done since forever (I recall as far back as the 70s) and no one batted an eye back then


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                Last night's audience


                • 30k tickets sold this morning in a few minutes for her concert in Nyon, Switzerland.

                  And i was not able to get a ticket for me :-(



                  • Originally posted by Iiketheair View Post
                    Wow! A view that most acts can only dream of...


                    • Originally posted by brunosilva View Post
                      30k tickets sold this morning in a few minutes for her concert in Nyon, Switzerland.

                      And i was not able to get a ticket for me :-(
                      Incredible! 30,000 tickets in less than 10 minutes I read on Twitter - she is the queen!


                      • I love that in 2019, there are hundreds of people queuing for tickets at a ticket selling station.

                        The power of a legend.



                          Indianapolis tonight


                          • Originally posted by Iiketheair View Post
                            Wow, another packed house!


                            • When she keeps selling out concerts at astronomical prices, is it any wonder then why she doesn't care about promoting an album?


                              • Celine Dion soars, connects with devoted audience at KeyBank Center

                                For many in the packed Key Bank Center Thursday night, seeing Celine Dion live was the thrill of a lifetime. A beloved icon, in the flesh.

                                She hasn’t performed here in more than 10 years, the urgency of which you could feel in the arena lobby. People dressed for the occasion. It was an event.

                                When she sang a solo version of “The Prayer,” her popular duet with opera singer Andrea Bocelli, some appeared to be having a religious experience about it. A lady behind me said, in effect, “Well, we can go now.” Christmas came early for her. I buy that idea, even if I don’t buy the song.

                                Celine has always been a natural wonder. Her voice is something few popular artists possess. She doesn’t sing; she soars. She doesn’t perform; she connects. And it's with humility that you can believe. I think this career must be a thrill for her, and her gratitude toward fans never mistakes for obligation.

                                This is a kind of star power you feel good for investing in, because you feel the return in your bones.
                                Celine is a pro at theatrics, but the look of surprised joy on her face is like an actor breaking the fourth wall. A real connection.

                                Beyond the stargazing, she also is a strangely entertaining figure. She says weird things, makes wacky faces and shows a puzzling logic in choosing cover songs. A show-closing medley of David Bowie, Queen, Prince, Tina Turner and Patti LaBelle was fun in a Vegas-y way, but hardly in her wheelhouse as a musically conservative white lady from Canada. She can do what she wants, of course. But I’m not sure we needed that.

                                What did work, however, was a backlog of greatest hits, one right after the other. These songs helped define the 1990s and 2000s.

                                Backed by a 17-person band, with strings and horns and backup singers, upbeat songs like “I’m Alive” and “That’s the Way It Is,” sounded even more vibrant. Early hits “If You Asked Me To” (another LaBelle cover) and Jennifer Rush’s “The Power of Love” felt full of zest. Her fit, youthful appearance put a spring in her step, too. She looks like she feels good, and is dressed to the nines.

                                The huge-in-Japan “To Love You More,” with its ascendant finale duet of violin-and-voice, brought the crowd to arm-swaying agreement. This might be one of her best album tracks that you don’t know. Get to know it.

                                The Jim Steinman-penned “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” opened the show with great drama. The epic power-ballad makes Meatloaf sound like chopped liver. She lays it on thick here, with great dramatics.

                                Does she need to be so flamboyant with her presentations? Does her voice need theatrical interpretations to convince us she’s the greatest singer in the world — as once proclaimed in a "Saturday Night Life" impression? Certainly not. But neither did Freddie Mercury, and we love him for all the extra that he brought to the table.

                                In her most extra display of extra-ness, her “Titanic” finale was performed surrounded by flying lit drones, which swirled a constellation around her large couture gown. She appeared either falling to the bottom of the ocean or floating to heaven.

                                Wherever you look for Celine, she will be there. So glad she could be here with us again. And even if you don’t count her among your stars — if, say, your wife dragged you to the concert and it did nothing for you — at least she did this: “How about those Bills?”

                                Good one.

                                Another great review...

                                That bit in bold is absolutely on point - there is just something else about her that you experience when seeing her in the flesh that you don't get except for when you see the absolutely all-time greatest stars (of which she is one).


                                • Good to see Celine showing love to the best selling single ever by a female international artist in Japan, and one of my favourite songs by her.


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                                    • Oh my, she sounds amazing.

                                      I got major chills at 03:30 and again at 05:10 for the final run.

                                      She looks and sounds SO good.


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                                        • Wow, she's pretty much a deity in Canada.


                                          • CONCERT REVIEW: Celine Dion holds lovefest with Toronto fans

                                            Celine Dion
                                            Monday night
                                            Scotiabank Arena
                                            RATING: ***1/2 (out of four)

                                            One thing’s for sure when it comes to Celine Dion: The applause will go on. And on. And on. And on.

                                            The 51-year-old singer, known worldwide for her signature Titanic song, My Heart Will Go On, arrived at Scotiabank Arena on Monday night for No. 1 of two back-to-back shows as part of her first world tour in over a decade.

                                            And the audience was clearly excited to see Dion judging from the prolonged clapping after many songs not to mention their tearing up and loud singing,

                                            As Dion joked: “I was locked up in Nevada … I escaped.”

                                            The hugely popular Quebec vocalist was, of course, referring to her 16-year on-again-off again residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where the Colosseum was especially built for her.

                                            Her latest Vegas show was postponed temporarily when her husband and longtime manager, Rene Angelil, died in 2016 from cancer.

                                            Dion’s new tour is named after her most recent English-language album, Courage, which debuted at No. 1 in the Top 200 when it was released Nov. 15 but made history for the biggest drop in its second week out of the Top 100.

                                            The new two-hour show features only two songs — the title track and Imperfections — from that album and is instead focused on Dion’s hits from her three-decades-long career, along with five costume changes, a 17-piece band and a slick production that included video screens of various sizes and two tiny catwalks on either side of the stage.

                                            Dion, who has always had a penchant for the dramatic, first appeared in a form-fitting red sequined gown rising out of the stage for It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.

                                            Truth is she’s never looked better, with a smooth blond bob, incredibly toned arms and legs, and some pretty impressive ballets moves if one black-and-white film shown in between costume changes is any indication.

                                            And her three-octave voice was in tip top shape too on such standouts as I’m Alive, If You Asked Me To, The Power Of Love, Love Can Move Mountains, Beauty and the Beast, To Love You More, All By Myself, Because You Loved Me and the encore crowd-pleasers My Heart Will Go On and Imagine.

                                            There’s no denying Dion is the queen of the power ballad.

                                            But she was also a big fan of audience participation on a cover of the ‘80s song You’re the Voice and took a real chance with a medley of rock, soul and dance covers by some beloved singers no longer with us — David Bowie’s Let’s Dance, Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust, Prince’s KISS — along with Ike and Tina Turner’s River Deep, Mountain High and Labelle’s Lady Marmalade.

                                            Let’s just say, her Cher-like silver sequined jumpsuit notwithstanding, some songs were better suited to Dion’s vocal style than others.

                                            SET LIST

                                            It’s All Coming Back to Me Now
                                            That’s the Way It Is
                                            I’m Alive
                                            If You Asked Me To
                                            The Power of Love
                                            Love Can Move Mountains
                                            Beauty and the Beast
                                            You’re the Voice
                                            Tous les blues sont écrits pour toi
                                            To Love You More
                                            All by Myself
                                            The Prayer
                                            Because You Loved Me
                                            Let’s Dance / Another One Bites The Dust / Kiss / River Deep, Mountain High / Lady Marmalade


                                            My Heart Will Go On



                                            • So happy she sang this. It was cute even if I wish the beat was there.


                                              • Love that she added a Christmas song to her playlist.

                                                As an aside, Happy Xmas (War Is Over) is her most streamed song every December - so she really definitely should embrace it.


                                                • All By Myself is so crucial to her setlists - Boston absolutely loved it!

                                                  She's been getting so many extended standing ovations, I'm losing count.


                                                  • OMG I didn't know that All By Myself and Happy X-mas were Celine songs!!!

                                                    I hope that some More Courage tracks will make the setlist before she hits Europe though
                                                    Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue