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Formatting 2: The Gift & The Curse

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  • Formatting 2: The Gift & The Curse

    I’m sure most of y’all know how to play this game, right? Okay, well if you don’t here’s how it goes.
    WHAT VIDEO? is currently being run by Gagich and the ever reilable, always there when you call and always on time urbanmusik. We’ll post 10 screencaps or gifs from music videos each round. All you have to do is guess the correct artist and song for eachmystery video. Simples, right?
    Each video is worth a different amount of points: the more difficult the video, the more points you get. There’s half points for if you only get the artist/song, so give the game a shot even if you think you’re gonna do crap.
    PM your answers to whichever co-host is running each round and have fun!

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    You have to guess the artist name and song title of each music video still that is posted.
    Each music video still is worth the number of points stated.

    PM me your guesses like this:
    VIDEO 01
    VIDEO 02
    VIDEO 03
    VIDEO 04
    VIDEO 05
    VIDEO 06
    VIDEO 07
    VIDEO 08
    VIDEO 09
    VIDEO 10


    There will be a number of rounds and a leader board. So PM me your guesses and all the best figuring them have until 10PM (Greenwich Mean Time) on Thursday the 29th of November to send your guesses in.

    VIDEO 01 [2 POINT]

    VIDEO 02 [3 POINTS]

    VIDEO 03 [4 POINTS]

    VIDEO 04 [4 POINTS]

    VIDEO 05 [5 POINTS]

    VIDEO 06 [6 POINTS]

    VIDEO 07 [6 POINTS]

    VIDEO 08 [7 POINTS]

    VIDEO 09 [7 POINTS]

    VIDEO 10 [7 POINTS]