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  • Blackout Tuesday

    I feel like this forum has a duty to observe Blackout Tuesday.

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    Wayne Thank you, it was a beautiful thing you did, very appreciated.


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      Thank you Wayne


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        Yes, thanks.


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          Originally posted by Marchum View Post
          Wayne Thank you, it was a beautiful thing you did, very appreciated.
          Agreed. Thanks, Wayne!
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            Good decision
            aRat's NUDES LEAKED


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              Wayne ? Whoever thought to do this. This was everything. Thank you so much.

              As a black user here, I come here as an escape to have good convo and shade about our musical favs a little deeper than I can with friends I know on the normal, it just feels great that my race and our current unfair predicament is acknowledge here. I may have had a couple of moments where I had conflict with a user that wasn't as educated as they need to be in regards to race issues, but the site it's self has never made me feel like black people were unappreciated.

              Another popular forum was kinda late on doing this move (and they still allowed post...also have a bit of a racist history). They put something on their home screen up for Blackout Tuesday late afternoon, and it really upset a lot of black members there. To the point that some vowed to never come back.

              Great job Miss mmmkaymix. Like I legit Stan. I may not dig everything here all the time, but this website is greatly appreciated and has been a great thing in my life for many years I love you hoes.


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                The black square posts have come in many forms. Some show the square alone with no text, some with BlackoutTuesday and others with BlackLivesMatter myprepaidcenter
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