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Xenophobia on UKmix

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  • Xenophobia on UKmix

    Tbh I love Ukmix but I feel like some of the 'tudes have gotten ooc.

    Like literally leave me alone I'm nice to everybody and I just come here to post in the urban section because the moment I leave it and post elsewhere I get jumped by three leprechauns with slow internet from the Anti-Gif Committee.

    So somehow I find myself stuck in the Urban section on this forum. I don't even like urban music. I want to expand and post more but idk everywhere I go i get attacked. it's like Forum-based institutionalized racism. Attack the American. Keep the poster with the black guy in his avi stuck in the urban section.

    Surely Plym feels the same way. how can i expand and post more if i keep feeling xenophobia.
    Reminiscing about life with smokey eyes.

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      If you can find us instances of xenophobia and private message one of us, the admin and mod team will happily investigate and deal with it accordingly.

      GIFs are not allowed on UKMIX outside of the designated thread. It's not just for slowness reasons - they stifle discussion, promote cliques, lead to bitchiness, stanning and trolling and make threads look messy. That's the rule and you just need to accept that or post on different forum. You're lucky that you've gotten away with having a moving avatar for so long.