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  • Going live!

    OK, after a few weeks of dithering around, I've finally cleaned most of what I think needed it and I'm about to make this baby go live! :smile:

    I'm really looking forward to seeing this take off, and I hope you all enjoy it here. We can make this a really successful online community, just like the mailing list :smile:

    Technical stuff follows...

    It's still not quite perfect - a couple of things to bear in mind:
    • When you edit your post, the edit page and response still looks a bit crummy[/*:m:47c43f4k]
    • In BBCode tags, links like should work, but in reality you're best off using the form[/*:m:47c43f4k]
    • Editing posts that contain BBCode tags seems to mess them up nicely. Sorry![/*:m:47c43f4k]

    UKMIX is using a heavily customised version of phpBB 1.0 (with a bit of code back-ported from 1.2)

    I don't intend upgrading fully to 1.2 because, IMHO, the code is still a bit dodgy in places, certain areas need some work etc. Basically I've forked from the main branch somewhat, so I'll only be upgrading when there's a really big benefit to be gained.

    Still, if you see any bugs, flaws or typos, please let me know, or post in the UKMIX forum - I am maintaining the code.

    Like anyone cares! :grin:

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    Well I care :smile:

    It looks really good, works perfectly!

    Well done lars! :smile:


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      Yeah I care too :smile: it works fine
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