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Thoughts and love with Colin/col89 - RIP

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    Terrible news, it's like we've lost one of the family, what a very bright young man he was, such a sad loss.
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      Oh no Colin

      Just saw on facebook he passed away.

      He will be dearly missed. As a big Girls Aloud fan he always made me laugh... and always beat me to opening the Girls Aloud topics.

      So sad right now, We never met, but he had a huge impact in my life growing up as a teenager in Portugal.

      Thank you Colin. RIP
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        I'm another who is back after reading this sad news on Facebook :(

        One of my fellow Girls Aloud fans, I remember us having many a chat about those girls, and I still remember the time he got mad at me for posting about one of Cheryl Cole's solo albums before he got a chance to

        He was so young, it's such a huge shame.

        RIP Col.
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          Absolutely tragic news.

          Rest in peace, Colin.


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            Shocking news and makes you wonder if there are other absent members from here who are also deceased. Rest in peace.

            The driver has now been arrested thankfully.


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              Gosh this is so sad. I remember many a discussion over Girls Aloud back in the day, and the panic when we struggled to find online streams of Radio 1 to listen to a new single. I had wondered where he had disappeared to, but never did I expect to hear news such as this.


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                I remember counting so many votes for him on various Favourite Members countdowns.

                Tragic to think how he died. You never expect anything like this to happen to anyone you know.

                RIP my friend.
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                  I am heartbroken. We had many interactions on here and on MSN back when I posted here regularly (2007-2009). He was such a delight to talk to and I have so many happy memories from those times. We were like school girls back then, gushing to each other about our crushes. Although I never hinted or told him, I always had a little crush on him. Though I’m sure many members did!

                  He was also one of very few members to show an active interest in the music I liked, including J-pop. Sadly, looking back, I was too self-centered to ask him about songs he was passionate about. I have never heard a single Girls Aloud song in my life (since I live in the US). Clearly, that’s a testament to the type of person he was. I bet he would have loved to send me some Girls Aloud songs, but he was the charming, selfless guy who would let me express my identity first and foremost. I did locate his last.FM page and I’m listening to some of his all-time most listened to tracks, to repay his kindness from so many years ago. Maybe it is too late, but I would love to fall in love with some of these songs and share the music he loved with others, like he did for me. I actually do adore the first one I listened to, Girls Aloud - the Promise. The melody is enchanting and I enjoy the 60’s feel to it. I wish I could talk to him about it.

                  The circumstances regarding his death are such a shame. I am hoping his friends and family find some comfort and peace eventually. It is so nice to see a large turnout of retired posters to remember him, but it makes complete sense to me, since he was an essential part of that golden era. Rest in peace, Colin.


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                    I'm only reading this now. I'm shocked!!

                    I remember the times when Colin was very active on this forum and he was always so nice and funny. I adored his devotion to Girls Aloud and pop music in general. Such a lovely guy.

                    May he rest in peace! :(
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                        omfg!! How am I seeing this only now....?? So sad :( I'll forever remember him for his Girl Aloud stanning and his iconic avi

                        Rest In Peace <3


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                          RIP Colin


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                            Just noticed this, horrible news :( RIP
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                              Oh god, I can't remember him, but RIP! :( :(

                              Originally posted by Storyteller
                              Drink driving is such a huge thing here, the government are trying to tackle it but they're not doing enough. And it seems the police don't care unless it happens right in front of them.
                              People come into my restaurant every night of the week absolutely plastered, leave and get into their car accross the road and drive home. It's a joke. No one seems to take any notice until sometihing tragic like this happens. :(


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                                I was genuinely heartbroken when Storyteller told me about this and I couldn't shake it from my mind for ages. I was never the closest to Colin, but I did chat with him about his pet donkeys and stuff, and he was just so lovely, not to mention deliriously handsome. I'm not sure what to say here other than I hope he rests in peace and that his family and friends can find comfort in the time they did share with him. It's just so tragic. :(


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                                  Just read this and I'm completely shocked.

                                  We had some wonderful conversations on MSN back in the day. He even created the Where's Everyone? topic for me almost ten years ago! We practically had identical tastes in music.

                                  He once made the following post about me:

                                  Originally posted by Colin
                                  Fredo - IS THE MAN!

                                  I've been chatting to him on MSN over the years and is most definitely one of my favourite posters on the site. We've had many a long conversation regardless of what the topic was - I think one fine example is that of Desperate Housewives.

                                  His music taste is exquisite - a member of the site who I can share my tastes very equally with.

                                  I don't think he posts enough on the site, and hope he can post more in the future. :(

                                  By the way, did I mention that - HE'S FREAKIN' HOT? Everyone wants a piece of him.

                                  Fredo <3.
                                  Just goes to show how extremely good-hearted and kind he was.

                                  All the best to you, Collie. I love you and I'll always remember you. The world lost an angel last month. <3


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                                    Just saw this. Devastating. Hopefully he's in a better place now. Rest in peace :(
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                                      I just found out about poor Colin. I followed him on Twitter and tonight I thought about him and realised I hadn't seen any tweet from him in a while. He often deleted his page if something was going on in his personal life. So when I couldn't find him, I wasn't immediately alarmed but I decided to investigate further because he had talked about depression and taking his own life very often on Twitter. I was shocked to see RIP Colin on the first post on his Instagram.

                                      Hearing that it was such a tragic accident and happened over a month ago is so awful to hear. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Colin despite being from Ireland but he was such a friendly, kind and hilarious person. He was so welcoming when I first joined this site and following him on Twitter for the past 7- 8 years allowed me to not only continue to enjoy Colin's personality but he also reminded me of the good times on UKmix years ago.

                                      I hope Colin has found peace and didn't suffer too much in the moments after that terrible accident. R.I.P. Colin. It was a pleasure.


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                                        This is so sad to lose one of our community members let's alone a friend and family.
                                        They say the good die young
                                        RiP young homie
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                                          R.I.P. Colin


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                                            Incredibly sad we have lost Colin. He was one of the most genuinely kind humans to post on this forum and his absence will now always be felt.


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                                              Oh gosh, I only have just seen this today.

                                              How awful. Col was a major contributor to our forum for several years. Another sad reminder that we must make the most of the time we have :(
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                                                Originally posted by Spartan
                                                I'll remember him fondly, especially as the biggest Girls Aloud fan on the site (even bigger than me) back when UKMix was at its best. No one else could insult the Sugababes quite like him, nor rile up jason2379.

                                                RIP Col, I hope you're in a better place with beautiful robots, not dancing alone.
                                                :( I remember too. Can't believe it. Rest in peace, Colin.
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                                                  Re: Thoughts and love with Colin/col89 - RIP

                                                  What happened with the outcome of this? Was the driver caught?


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                                                    Re: Thoughts and love with Colin/col89 - RIP

                                                    He handed himself in.
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                                                      God bless Col - still very sad news that doesn’t quite compute with me.


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                                                        Re: Thoughts and love with Colin/col89 - RIP

                                                        The fact I'm touched by this and never even interacted with him makes me wonder how much of an extended family UKMIX feels like. :(

                                                        May he Rest In Peace.
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                                                          Originally posted by BlueScorpion
                                                          The fact I'm touched by this and never even interacted with him makes me wonder how much of an extended family UKMIX feels like. :(

                                                          May he Rest In Peace.
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                                                            I've just seen this thread - about Colin's death - today.

                                                            I did not know Colin at all, but he clearly made a deep & positive impression on those here who
                                                            did know him.

                                                            I am greatly saddened by his tragic death.

                                                            My 'belief system' tells me that we go to a beautiful place when we die here. Colin will be there
                                                            now & everyone who cared about him will one day be there with him. As are those who went
                                                            there before Colin.



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                                                              Re: Thoughts and love with Colin/col89 - RIP

                                                              A year since his passing, still have fond memories of him. He’d approve of all the recent Girls Aloud activity here and would love the latest Nuhdeen song regardless of how crap it is.