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  • Originally posted by Leo View Post

    I have some info downloaded but it was too time consuming and I started to accumulate pending months so I decided to stop....
    I think I might make a Year End recap, but considering that I could not find a way to download data more polished and that it was not the hottest thread in the forum, it was time to let it go.
    Maybe you could just scale it back to a top 10 overall across all topics? That'll be cool


    • Or maybe drop it back to a monthly update, if that's less time consuming?

      But equally, appreciate all you do at UKMIX Leo and wouldn't want to lose the other areas you are so important to - such as Games and Survivors.


      • 2020 came to an end and it's that time of the year to prepare the Year-End chart!

        ALL data is already downloaded and calculated!!!!! First I'll present genres (Artists; Charts; Entertainment; Games; Miscelaneous; Music; News & gossip; Personal Charts), each with some sub-charts to enjoy data in more detail! Then the annual Hot100 AND some cool numbers to enjoy along the way. But that will start Jan 9th...

        And, once the charts are finished, stay tuned for the 3rd Hot100 Awards nominations. Nominees are chosen based on Hot100 performance and we'll have the cance to celebrate UKMIX once again by shoosing our favs threads and hosts!

        And... I'll return to monthly recaps this year (at least I'll try )
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        • Looking forward to it!
          Akini's Top 100 Songs of 2020: [#1!]
          Akini's Top 25 Albums of 2020: [#1!]
          Akini's Top 25 Artists of 2020: [#1!]


          • This should be good! Cant wait!
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            • Top 2 and I ain't number 2


              • Originally posted by Aaronsmithjune1 View Post
                Top 2 and I ain't number 2
                Ready for you to serve 98-OUT like your fave


                • Originally posted by InFamous View Post

                  Ready for you to serve 98-OUT like your fave
                  Nnnn bye


                  • 278 Threads
                    31.029 Replies
                    58.2 views/reply

                    FEMALE ARTISTS

                    1. (1) MARIAH CAREY
                    2. (2) MADONNA
                    3. (3) BEYONCE
                    4. (5) WHITNEY HOUSTON
                    5. (4) BRITNEY SPEARS
                    6. (15) ADELE
                    7. (7) JANET JACKSON
                    8. (6) CELINE DION
                    9. (8) CHRISTINA AGILERA
                    10. (9) RIHANNA

                    Same top3 as last year (and the year before that)... Mariah got 45.600 points, a significant 16.2% drop versus previous year's 54.500. But the biggest drop was Madonna... 2019 Thread of the Year in our UKMIX Hot100 Awards ended up with only 2.930 points versus the whooping 22.334 points in 2019! That year she had Madame X, and this quarantined year was not very productive in Madge's land. Beyonce also saw a 60% drop in points (2.520 vs 6.252).

                    Whiteny and Britnet switch places, but the biggest news is Adele's surprising rise into the top6. Her body changes and SNL presence ignitited interest in her as we all await her 4th album this year. Janet, Celine Christina and Rihanna all managed to stay in the top10, but Kylie drops 10-12 even with a new era arriving.

                    As usual, female artists occupy the entire TOP18 of the general artists YE chart.

                    MALE ARTISTS

                    1. (3) MICHAEL JACKSON
                    2. (5) JUSTIN BIEBER
                    3. (11) KANYE WEST
                    4. (6) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
                    5. (1) BRUNO MARS
                    6. (-) HARRY STYLES
                    7. (4) PRINCE
                    8. (10) USHER
                    9. (14) DAVID BOWIE
                    10. (-) THE WEEKND

                    After two years ruling the men's chart, Bruno falls to #5 giving space to Michael Jackson to take the crown. Jacko is #25 in the overall artist chart, a strong proof that UKKMIX is all about the ladies! Justin Bieber ends up only 4 points below MJ while Kanye and Justin Timberlake rise to complete the top5.

                    Harry is the biggest surprise here. In 2019 it only managed 4 replies and 216 views to total 6 points, so this year's 37 points represent an amazing +517% variance! While Prince and Usher repeat top10 placings, Bowie and Weeknd are newcomers!

                    R.Kelly plummeted from #2 to we don't know where as it only managed 3 points this year. Maluma, Shawn Mendes and Sam Smith also drop hard out of the YE Top10 Male list.

                    GROUP ARTISTS

                    1. (5) ABBA
                    2. (11) Little Mix
                    3. (10) TLC
                    4. /4) Sugababes
                    5. (3) The Pussycat Dolls
                    6. (2) Spice Girls
                    7. (1) Destiny's Child
                    8. (-) Blackpink
                    9. (8) BTS
                    10. (20) Honeyz

                    Spice Girls ruled 2018, Destiny's Child 2019 and now it's time for ABBA! Little Mix surprise and jumps right inside the top10 at #2. TLC makes it three years in the top10, but for the first time ends up so high!

                    Sugababes and Pussycat Dolls perform good. K-Pop gets a second representative, as Blackpink joins BTS in the lowest region of the top10. Honeyz rise 20-10, even without biscuits support.

                    The ones out: Mutya Keisha Siobhan, Girsl Aloud and Fifth Harmony.

                    Stay tune as I'll be presenting all year end charts this week, and I'll also be presenting this year's 3rd Annual UKmix Hot100 Awards nominations where we'll be celebrating UKMIX and it's amazing community!
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                    • Beyonce. Yup Yup


                      • Happy to see Rihanna still in the top 10 after (yet) another year without new music.
                        Akini's Top 100 Songs of 2020: [#1!]
                        Akini's Top 25 Albums of 2020: [#1!]
                        Akini's Top 25 Artists of 2020: [#1!]


                        • I like the disaggregation! Interesting to see the point drops in the big threads. I guess the Mariah point drops could've been even more significant had it not been for her weekly MC30 releases and the memoir! I think this year could be a busy one for the chanteuse too. Stay tuned!

                          Hopefully Madonna regains her strength with more projects this year. I feel she had a number of controversies last year which arguably contributed to her interest.

                          Adele coming into the top 10 is not surprising! I can see her in the top tier if she releases this year....or will people go the album/single thread instead??

                          Rihanna, Bey...both need to release albums! C'mon now!!

                          Michael topping the male artists is not surprising. Kanye rising to the top 3 is...something! But i guess it should be expected with all his controversies.
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                          • I had to do a double take when I saw Prince and Harry Styles by each other - I read Prince Harry for a moment


                            • 1.024 Threads
                              61.996 Replies
                              55,4 views/reply


                              1. (-) Lady Gaga :: The Chromatica Era
                              2. (-) Kylie Minogue :: The "Disco" Era
                              3. (-) Dua Lipa : The "Future Nostalgia" Era
                              4. (4) Mariah Carey :: The "Christmas" Eras
                              5. (-) Katy Perry :: The "Smile" Era
                              6. (1) Madonna :: The "Madame X" Era
                              7. (-) Taylor Swift :: The Folklore Era
                              8. (-) Ava Max :: The "Heaven & Hell" Era
                              9. (-) Mariah Carey : The "Rarities" Era
                              10. (2) Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper :: The "A Star Is Born" OST Era

                              Unsurprisingly all female artist occupy the Top10 eras of the year. Last years top2 Eras remain in the top 10 (Madame X falls 1-6 and A Star Is Bonr falls 2-10) but Gaga gets good news as her latest era, Chromatica, rules the chart this year! she got 8.600 points, a good number but far from Madge's almost 20.000 points last year!

                              A solid performance by Kylie upsets Dua, who I thought was a clear candiate to win this race but settles at #3. Mariah's christmas repeat last year's #4 and is already 3 consecuitive years in the top10! Katy, Taylor and Ava all score good numbers while Mariah finds a second thread in the list with her Rarities album. Considering most lambs only post in the artist thread (which explains the huge numbers that thread gets time after time) it's a solid result for the elusive chanteuse.

                              HISTORY THREADS

                              1. (5) Britney Spears :: Charts & Sales History
                              2. (2) Madonna :: Charts & Sales History
                              3. (4) Mariah Carey :: Charts & Sales History
                              4. (3) The Beatles :: Charts & Sales History
                              5. (-) Bon Jovi :: Charts & Sales History
                              6. (-) Megan Thee Stallion :: Chart & Sales History
                              7. (11) Christina Aguilera :: Charts & Sales History
                              8. (7) Whitney Houston :: Charts & Sales History
                              9. (15) Neil Young :: Charts & Sales History
                              10. (8) Celine Dion :: Charts & Sales History

                              Britney rises to the top for the first time! Queen was last years champ whle Madonna ruled 2018. As he british band now landed at #11, Madonna repeated the runner-up position. Mariah keeps rising, 9-4-3 in each year, while Beatles hold steady imn the upper half of the list.

                              Bon Jovi jumps right into the top5 followed by Megan. Christina and Neil are new in the top10, meanign we have 4 threads that exit the top10: Queen, Janet, ABBA and Beyonce.

                              GENERAL CHARTS

                              1. (1) US Billboard Charts Series
                              2. (-) 2020 YTD thread - United States
                              3. (-) UK OCC Charts Midweek Thread: 2020
                              4. (-) HEAVY METAL - HARD ROCK - Weekly updates
                              5. (-) The Ultimate Averaged Chart - The BBC Chart Re-Imagined
                              6. (5) UK OCC Charts Series
                              7. (2) HITS
                              8. (-) Jazz Sales Thread - Miles Davis, John Coltrane & More
                              9. (-) UK Rock/Metal Charts (1980s)
                              10. (-) Record Mirror Early Charts 1954 to 1955

                              For a thrid iyear in a row, the US BB Charts series hold the #1 spot in the year-end chart! It deserves all the attention for bein such a constant and solid body of work! the 2020 YTD Thread reaches #2, one spot higher than the 2019 thread, which eventually won the UKMIX Hot100 Award as Outstanding New Thread! At number 3 we find the UK Midweek thread by Blondini, which is followed by other two newcomers: Heavy Metal and Ultiamte Averaged Chart!

                              The UK Chart series gets to #6 followed by HITS which falls out of the top6 for the first time. Three new entries occupy the 8-10 positions. Threads that exited the top10 are: M&M Dance Chart, iTunes Update Thread, RIAA, Danish Chart Archive and Las Vegas Residencies!
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                              • Both Blondini and BrainDamageII deserve massive recognition for their weekly contributions in terms of the chart topics, pleased to see them in the top 3 of the charts chart.

                                And similarly, everyone who contributes to our artist topics each week to make our chart forum the most vibrant on the net - thank you.

                                Not overly surprised by anything yet - sad to see my Celine dip in the charts she’s included in but then 2020 has been a quiet year for her.


                                • Amazing to see Katy Perry's Smile as the 5th most discussed era on UK mix. Well done Katy !!


                                  • 100 Threads
                                    20.758 Replies
                                    6,9 views/reply


                                    1. Beyonce Artist Survivor by cheapthrills
                                    2. RIHANNA Artist Survivor by Thriller
                                    3. Billboard's Top 200 Albums of the 2010s Survivor by cheapthrills
                                    4. UK #2s of the 2010s by Thriller
                                    5. Quarantine Survivor by cheapthrills
                                    6. DUA LIPA - Future Nostalgia Survivor by beredy
                                    7. 2010s Jukebox by Carbon
                                    8. The Rolling Stones Artist Survivor by Leo
                                    9. Lady Gaga's Chromatica Survivor by cheapthrills
                                    10. Nelly Furtado SURVIVOR by Ivica

                                    It's a Cheapthrills/Thriller dominated chart here! But inluke 2019 when thirller took the crown with The Ultimate 1990s Survivor, this time cheapthrills lands at the top! This year the Games section managed almost the same number of Replies but with 1/7 of the views meaning that the rate view/replie plummeted from 34 to 7. Still, survivors are a very important section of the thread with loyal followers and amazing hosts!


                                    1. Forum Song Contest by cheapthrills and franklex
                                    2. Your Billboard Top Ten by JSparksFan
                                    3. Top Answer Game 2020 by Spartan
                                    4. The Artists League - Season 5 by Leo
                                    5. SOUNDCLASH! 2020 by Thriller
                                    6. Yes/No Game - Guess The Song by Thriller
                                    7. Sixpack 2020 by Leo
                                    8. The Album Cup - The Greatest Hits Edition by Leo
                                    9. The Singles Cup - 2006 Edition by Leo
                                    10. UKMIXtapes VOL 3 by Affillate

                                    Another #1 for cheapthrills! he is the game's king of the year! This year FSC swapt places with Your Billboard Top Ten, we will see what 2021 brings! Top Answer Game finished 3rd, one place higher than last year's Mariah Edition. Soundclash hold in the top5 where we welcom the 5th edition of the Artist League. Then all my games shyly land between 7-9, with the amazing UKMIXTapes closing the top10.

                                    Stay tuned for UKMIXhot100 nominations as there will be more categories and nomination for Games Host of the year! We already know one of the names nominated ;)

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                                    • 187 Threads
                                      4.571 Replies
                                      17,5 views/reply

                                      1. Eurovision Song Contest 2020 by Mainshow
                                      2. RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 12 by ArmyOfMe
                                      3. RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 5 by biscuits
                                      4. The Masked Singer [ITV] by Thriller
                                      5. Canada's Drag Race: Season 1 by KEY9481
                                      6. EastEnders by Dazzle
                                      7. RuPaul's Drag Race - General Discussion by biscuits
                                      8. The Meaning of Mariah Carey [Memoir] by bm08
                                      9. Top Of The Pops by Thriller
                                      10. UK TV Discussion (ratings, news, TV shows) by Wayne

                                      Well, last two years I placed Eurovision under Music rather than TV&Movies, but considering now the genre expanded to Entertainment, and that the Eurovision thread is created in that part of the forum, that means this year the festival thread migrates to a new category! With that being said, it was a very close race for the top between this thread and RuPaul, who dominated last year's YE charts, with the music event getting slight edge and taking the crown! Amazing for a thread of an event that was cancelled.

                                      S12 of RuPaul finishes in the runner-up position while the All Star 5 edition places 3rd, one place higher than last year's 4th edition. The Masked Singer made a sound debut at #4 and Canada0s Drag Race surprises at #5, meaning than 2018 #1 and 2019 #2, EastEnders, fall all the way to #6 this year.

                                      RP General discussion returns to #7 after last year's surprise visit to the top3. Biggest surprise is Mariah's Memoir at #8. Although it may sound a litle low for a Mariah thread, it's the first time in three years that a BOOK get's a thread and lands in the YE Top10 list.

                                      TOTP goes back to #9 after last year's #6 position, and TV Discussion returns to the Top10 list, a place it reached back in 2018!
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                                      • 106 Threads
                                        20.074 Replies
                                        12,0 views/reply

                                        1. (5) Pop Talk - General Music Discussion by Aaronsmithjune1
                                        2. (9) The Random Thought Thread by Wayne
                                        3. (10) UKMIX Helpdesk by larces
                                        4. (11) UKMIX Favourite Members 2019 - DISCUSSION by Tansike
                                        5. (4) The UKMIX Members Photo Gallery by DC34ever
                                        6. (3) The UKMIX GIF Thread by JoshuaBuzz
                                        7. (6) UKMix Hot100 by Leo
                                        8. (7) UKMIX Weekly Top Posters by Wayne
                                        9. (-) The [Civil] Unpopular Opinions Thread by JSparksFan
                                        10. (-) The LGBT Community by ArmyOfMe

                                        Pop Talk finally gets to the top in it's second year aroud! Will it beat Mariah's thread in the general chart? I can say numbers were pretty big for this thread! But the Covid one also got plenty attention... Nevertheless, this has consolidated as a hot thread across the forum.

                                        Random Thought, now fully hosted by Wayne, lands at #2. Virgostar's edition was #1 in 2018 and 2019, but it was not competing with Pop Talk... With mixed feelings we see Helpdesk rising to #3... on one hand it's good news as it's a great place to solve issues and Wayne has been a terrific site owner, working hard to make this place better; on the other hand it means we had a complicated year, but with latest updated we can happily say this is working better!

                                        After two years finishing right outside the top10, Tansike's edition of Fav Member finishes at #4! This should give him courage to host this again this year, his job was outstanding! Photo Gallery and GIF Thread keep with good numbers.

                                        hot100, with a monthly edition but that eventually was scrapped, falls out of the top6. Good news is that I am doing now the YE chart and I should be able to return to monthly updates. Top Posters also lost updates in 2020 but has been renewed lately.

                                        Unpopular Opinions has a brand new thread. The previous one was our #2 here, so we should expect it to rise in 2021? LGBT finishes Top10.
                                        Last edited by Leo; Wed January 13, 2021, 14:23.
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                                        • Good old Masked Singer!


                                          • Nice to see the FSC there considering its history on UKMix - there were even a few new people who returned/joined for the number of entries to be consistent. Nice parallel with Eurovision topping - can't believe it is ahead of the Drag Race army.

                                            Pop Talk seems to have replaced RT as the main lounge thread! I have to think it topped that miscellaneous chart by a mile.


                                            • Happy to see "The Meaning of Mariah Carey" snatch an Entertainment nod!
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                                              • 1.935 Threads
                                                31.153 Replies
                                                29,3 views/reply


                                                1. Lady Gaga - Chromatica by JeremySpears
                                                2. Kylie Minogue - Disco by Benjamin
                                                3. Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia by jszmiles
                                                4. Brandy - B7 by
                                                5. Katy Perry - Smile by Mikerocha
                                                6. Ariana Grande - Positions by JeremySpears
                                                7. Taylor Swift - Lover by JeremySpears
                                                8. Beyonce & VA - The Lion King: The Gift / Black Is King by Ska8er
                                                9. Taylor Swift - Folklore by KEY9481
                                                10. JoJo - Good To Know by JeremySpears

                                                After Christina Aguilera's Liberation and Madonna's Madame X, this years top album thread goes to another hot diva: Lady Gaga's Chromatica! Kylie finishes as runner-up with the great DISCO.

                                                Just as in the Artist General threads, it's a girl dominated chart. A good surprise to find Brandy and JoJo so high! And also a surprise to find Ariana, Katy, Beyonce and Taylor that low. I would have expected at least one of them to be top3.

                                                Last year JeremySpears hosted 1 Top10 Album thread but this time around he rules with 4 threads, including the #1!


                                                1. Lady Gaga - Stupid Love by spiritboy
                                                2. The Pussycat Dolls - React by Ska8er
                                                3. Kylie Minogue - Say Something by SimpleBoy
                                                4. Lady Gaga - Rain On Me (feat. Ariana Grande) by JeremySpears
                                                5. Dua Lipa - Levitating by SimpleBoy
                                                6. Dua Lipa - Physical by aRat
                                                7. Justin Bieber - Yummy by JakeP
                                                8. Katy Perry - Daisies by Nippian93
                                                9. Doja Cat - Say So by Thriller
                                                10. Ariana Grande - Positions by cheapthrills

                                                After Kylie's Dancing and Mariah's A No No, this is the time for Gaga, and she also sets a record as #1 in both Album and Single categories! Kylie here is #3 as Pussycat Dolls make it all the way to #2!

                                                I would have though Dua was going to rule this chart, but here, even when it gets 2 threads in the list, only manages a #5. Justin is the biggest surprise, as a male artist manages to score a top10 thread.

                                                After two years in a row with a Benjamin hosted thread at #1, it was time for spiritboy to take the crown!


                                                1. Madonna - Madame X Tour by spiritboy
                                                2. Celine Dion - Courage World Tour by Wayne
                                                3. Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball by nympho
                                                4. Janet Jackson - Black Diamond Tour by biscuits
                                                5. Dido - Still On My Mind Tour by NoAngel
                                                6. Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia Tour (2020) by Noahh 7. The Pussycat Dolls - 2021 tour by
                                                8. Christina Aguilera - The Xperience Residency / The X Tour by JeremySpears
                                                9. Lady Gaga | ENIGMA - Las Vegas Residency by MusicRecords
                                                10. Whitney Houston - An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour by JeremySpears

                                                In the year with no tours, I debut the Top Tours Thread rank! Madonna fittingly takes the crown, giving spiritboy his second chart topper this year! Celine's Courage lands at #2 but to be clear, Madame X Tour is #2 amongst all music threads while the canadian songbird is #28. no surprise that only female artist get a top10 Tour thread in ukmix.

                                                GENERAL MUSIC

                                                1. Your Song Of The Day by jason2379
                                                2. UKMIX Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums of the 2010s by abi
                                                3. Top Female-Led Singles Countdown - 2010s by cheapthrills
                                                4. UKMIX Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums of the 2000s by abi
                                                5. K-POP Music by jpguy
                                                6. Grammys 2021 Thread (info, predictions, nominations, wins) by PopFan
                                                7. Which Album Are You Currently Listening To? by cristy
                                                8. 30 Day Song Challenge 2020 by Wayne
                                                9. UKMIX Urban/R&B Album of the Year 2019 by abi
                                                10. BBC Radio 1 Playlist by mykka

                                                In a year with outstanding threads such as abi's 2010 & 2000 Decade Urban Albums countdown and cheapthrills female led singles countdown, no other than the ultra classic Your Song of the Day takes the crown.

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                                                • The 2010s countdown feels like a million years ago. Maybe it's time to do another countdown.

                                                  I'm most thrown by PCD having the #2 thread in songs - everything else felt momentous, but I don't remember bizz on here about React at all.


                                                  • Yay i got two #1 hit threads.

                                                    May 2021 will be generous musically and we'll have more hit threads here. Thanks for doing this and tagging me.
                                                    Cha Cha Instructor