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  • Thanks guys for the comments! It's something I enjoy even when it is quite a task!
    [MENTION=23802]JSparksFan[/MENTION] and [MENTION=49569]cheapthrills[/MENTION] now I am waiting for your votes in the UKMix Hot100 Awards!
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    • Thank you Leo for your work! it was a fun read!


      • It's time for January Edition!!!
        First of all, something happened to many thread's views count... it restarted somewhere along the way, so I assigned an average view for the month. In some cases I may have benefited the thread, in other cases I may have punished it. I'll see next month when I download data again what happens.

        Secondly, alognside the new banners, we'll have some changes in the charts:
        - Artists will be divided between Female, Male and Group. ALl in one post but separately
        - Charts will have general charts and then Artists & Eras. Series threads are combined into one entry.
        - Entertainment will replace TV&Movies
        - Games will be just one chart regardless it is a Survivor or not
        - Music will be presented as Albums, Songs, Tours and General. All in one post.
        - News & Gossip will be our previous News
        - Personal Charts will be presented as Members daily/weekly/monthly charts and then General Personal Charts. All Retro charts are conbined as one in the second group.
        - Lounge and others is for other unspecified threads
        - And then the overall hot100 to see who is the forum's #1 thread of the month.

        Soon, Artists Charts!!!

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        • Artist's threads sum 2.959 replies and 319.424 views, considering in some cases I had to assigned an average value due to views count being restarted. In none of the two metrics it is the most popular genre...

          123 Artists' threads received points this month... here are the top20 of each category:


          1 Mariah Carey banksy
          2 Beyoncé SholasBoy
          3 Madonna Benjamin
          4 Whitney Houston feralamb
          5 Britney Spears britneyfan09
          6 Jennifer Lopez jpguy
          7 Christina Aguilera SholasBoy
          8 Céline Dion CSCfan
          9 Adele biscuits
          10 Janet Jackson t_dot
          11 Rihanna RapUpPlayer
          12 Cher AussiePopStar8
          13 Kylie GreekGeek
          14 Lady Gaga Gagich
          15 Taylor Swift swiftie13
          16 Katy Perry SholasBoy
          17 Debbie Gibson RayRay
          18 Ariana Grande Youknowit
          19 Selena Gomez Mainshow
          20 Aaliyah rick_121uk

          2020 started bright for Mariah, as news about her record breaking #1 AIWCIY were still fresh. It didn't matter that her twitter account was hacked and some heavy tweets towards her longtime enemy Eminem were posted, because all good news were following: a picture of a printed version of her memoirs, Mimi &Ariana liking their instagram posts, and the coolest news of the month, her induction to he Songwriter's hall of fame. Outside of the top10 we find Debbie Gibson, for RayRay's delight, making it at #17 thanks to her latest single making it into the BB Dance Chart!

          Beyoncé managed a comfortable #2 in the month in which her Ivy Park Adidas line was launched. But also there was some news about a Bond song and also Oscar buzz that unfortunately did not happen. Madonna is #3, as her Madame X Tour took her to Europe. Cancellations keep being the top news.

          Highlights: JLo makes it to #6, fueled by her Super Bowl performance taking place today. Adele surprisingly is top10, based on some pictures of her and buzz about new music coming this year.

          1 Justin Bieber jpguy
          2 Bruno Mars Pompeii
          3 Harry Styles JeremySpears
          4 David Bowie CrazyCrazy
          5 Elton John MrDiva
          6 Justin Timberlake Play
          7 Frank Ocean Jonathan
          8 Ozzy Osbourne Jonathan
          9 Usher capezzoli
          10 Prince Brad
          11 George Michael Jonathan
          12 Kendrick Lamar truthless
          13 Bruce Springsteen NothingFails
          14 Shawn Mendes samra
          15 Liam Payne Benjamin
          16 Khalid Jerz
          17 Elvis Presley AndiIversen
          18 Michael Jackson Play
          19 Neil Young Jonathan
          20 Adam Lambert Shorty

          Justin B released a new song that divided waters, pushing it's artist thread to the top here. Still, it would be only #17 in the overall artist chart... Bruno is #2, quite surprising considering no new music or significant news surfaced. Styles is #3 as he continues to support his latest release.

          1 The Pussycat Dolls alxx
          2 Girls Aloud Shorty
          3 ABBA martinp
          4 Destiny's Child Hugo
          5 Gorillaz Merci
          6 BTS jpguy
          7 Linkin Park LOVE+FEAR
          8 Little Mix Thriller
          9 Monrose MrDiva
          10 Radiohead Hugo
          11 Stone Temple Pilots Jonathan
          12 Eternal diamondtooth
          13 Honeyz Wayne
          14 The Smiths Ruthie
          15 Red Hot Chili Peppers Benjamin
          16 Erasure Guest
          17 Paramore jpguy
          18 Blackpink jpguy
          19 Black Eyed Peas gabytyhy
          20 Roxette Guest

          The Pussycat Dolls release a brand new single and makes it to the top here! But it is #20 in the overall artists threads. Girls Aloud and ABBA are both top40 in the overall chart and top3 here.
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          • I like the new break-down - that way we at least see a lot more different names than the same pop divas week after week Should be interesting to see how the male and groups get updated because I suspect they move around more? Maybe not.

            So glad you are doing this again


            • Charts's Threads sum up 4.954 replies and 436.909 views ,the #1 gerne in both metrics!!! 448 active threads pushed the genre to the top, and here are the top ones:

              1 US Billboard Charts BrainDamageII
              2 2019 YTD thread - United States oldbloke
              3 HITS Wayne
              4 M&M Dance Chart tir69
              5 UK OCC Charts Blondini
              6 UK OCC Charts Midweek Thread: 2020 Blondini
              7 Highest Grossing Live Acts of All-Time Wayne
              8 "New Wave" and the 1980s - one-hit wonders and biggest hits Passing_Strang
              9 2019 SoundScan/Nielsen Music Report thebigham
              10 iTunes Update Thread Thriller
              11 Jazz Sales Thread - Miles Davis, John Coltrane & More MJDangerous
              12 RIAA Album Certifications thebigham
              13 Canadian Charts - 2015 Onwards BrainDamageII
              14 Music Chart Database - Who wants to join? xsergan
              15 Irish Chart Thread 2019 Shakyfan
              16 Las Vegas Residencies Wayne
              17 FEISTY Alternative Singles Chart: 30 January 2020 Katie
              18 MTV Top 20 Video Countdown (US) azul120
              19 NME Singles Chart Breakers Metalweb
              20 Danish Chart Archive janjensen

              BrainDamageII's hit series rule the chart this month. Its a signature thread in UKMIX and a nominee for Thread of the Year in our second UKMIX Hot100 Awards, that will be closing VERY soon. Will it win??? oldbloke's 2019 YTD thread - United States is another nominee for the prestigious award, and opens the year at a very good #2. Wayne's (or thebigham's?) HITS places #3, fueled by a very high views/replie rate... more than 15600 views with 28 relpies makes it 560 v/r, a very high rate coparing to the 110 average this month, But that average is nothing comparing to M&M Dance Chart... with 10 replies and 17.608 views, the average rises all the way to 1.761 v/r, enough to put the thread here at #4!

              1 Madonna :: The "Madame X" Era jjavier1978
              2 The Beatles :: Charts & Sales History Basil
              3 Britney Spears :: Charts & Sales History Instinct
              4 Mariah Carey :: Charts & Sales History Luminator
              5 Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper :: The "A Star Is Born" OST Era nympho
              6 Mariah Carey :: The "Christmas" Eras AutomaticBR
              7 Madonna :: Charts & Sales History Nichu94
              8 Selena Gomez :: The "Rare" Era Tansike
              9 Céline Dion - The "Courage" Era Wayne
              10 Harry Styles :: The "Fine Line" Era freeme
              11 Dua Lipa : The "Future Nostalgia" era aRat
              12 Camila Cabello :: The “Romance” Era thankfulforkelly
              13 Taylor Swift :: The "Lover" Era juanmairrazabal
              14 Whitney Houston :: Charts & Sales History nelson
              15 Lana Del Rey :: The “Norman **** Rockwell“ Era Tansike
              16 Bon Jovi :: Charts & Sales History TheRock1984
              17 Queen :: Charts & Sales History Basil
              18 ABBA :: Charts & Sales History johnnyboy
              19 Christina Aguilera :: Charts & Sales History saladtossing
              20 Janet Jackson :: Charts & Sales History Bojan
              Madame X holds strong in UKMIX and gets #1 this month! But The Beatles got more replies: 234 vs 200... meaning views triggered Madge's win: 30.000 vs 9.700. Closely Britney and Mimi follow. ASIB surprises at #5 more than a year after its release, meaning it should probably be closed anytime soon. Selena, Celina and Harry close the top10 with recent launches.
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              • Entertainment's Threads sum up 641 Replies and 33.318 Views in 66 threads.
                1 The Masked Singer [ITV] Thriller
                2 Charlie's Angels [2019] joiPrince_JO
                3 EastEnders Dazzle
                4 Eurovision Song Contest 2020, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Mainshow
                5 AJ and the Queen beredy
                6 RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 5 biscuits
                7 RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 12 ArmyOfMe
                8 You [Lifetime/Netflix] Benny
                9 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina t_dot
                10 Sex Education [Netflix] beredy
                11 Top Of The Pops Thriller
                12 Taylor Swift: Miss Americana JeremySpears
                13 Grace and Frankie Storyteller
                14 RuPaul’s Drag Race UK [Season 1] ArmyOfMe
                15 Love Island 2020 Thriller
                16 UK TV Ratings Topic Wayne
                17 US Box Office Thread Benny
                18 American Horror Story: 1984 spiritboy
                19 What Movie Did You Just Watch? k3joker
                20 Cats (2019) KEY9481
                The Masked Singer captured a lot of attention, with 141 replies during january, enough to get #1! At number 2 is the biggest surprise, not because Charlie's Angels was not a blockbuster, but because it got only 1 repliy and... 12.593 views. Something must have happened, but it is what it is! It's, by far, the biggest average of views/repliy! Eastender, a classic already in the forum, is #3. RuPaul, who used to have top threads here, manage good with three top10s, as AJ and the Queen also stars the drag queen. Cats bombed, aslo in ukmix.
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                • 30 Games threads sum up 1.030 replies and 32.221 Views! Which were the most popular ones? Let's see...
                  1 [Survivor] Ciara Ivica
                  2 Forum Song Contest cheapthrills
                  3 [Game] Your Billboard Top Ten JSparksFan
                  4 [Survivor] Céline Dion - Courage - Survivor Tansike
                  5 [Survivor] Survivor of Survivors 90 Thriller
                  6 [Survivor] SOUNDCLASH! Winners 2019 Thriller
                  7 [Game] SOUNDCLASH! 2020 Thriller
                  8 [Survivor] Charli XCX - Charli urbanmusik
                  9 [Game] UKMIXtapes VOL 3 Affillate
                  10 [Survivor] NOW That’s What I Call Music! 104: ROUND 6 Thriller
                  11 [Survivor] Queen of Scottish Pop - Amy Macdonald LastDreamer
                  12 UKMIX FSC History Grybop
                  13 [Game] Rate The UK Number Ones Thriller
                  14 [Game] Sixpack 2019/2020 Benjamin
                  15 [Game] SOUNDCLASH! Thriller
                  16 [Survivor] Jax Jones - Snacks (Supersize) Thriller
                  17 [Game] Sixpack 2020 Leo
                  18 [Survivor] Donna Summer Thriller
                  19 Survivor Queues & Requests Thriller
                  20 [Survivor] Biggest Selling Albums of the 2010s in the UK Thriller
                  Games are threads with lowest average of view/reply, but after some time the average rises as threads keep getting views somehow even when winner was announced time ago. At number 1 we find Ciara's Survivor, that recently finished naming Promise as her top song. At number 2 the ever classic Forum Song Contest, smoothly hosted by cheapthrills after longtime player Grybop vanished. Another classic, Akini's BB Top 10 is comfrotably at number 3!

                  Thriller has 4 top10 games, proving he is a key part of this section of the forum! his 2019 SOUNDCLASH! thread ranks #15 thnks to 0 replies but more than 2000 views!!!
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                  • A total of 413 threads in the Music field, one of the most popular ones. A total of 3.797 Replies and 192.647 Views reinforces its popularity. And here are the top threads...

                    ALBUM THREADS
                    1 Taylor Swift - Lover JeremySpears
                    2 Selena Gomez - Rare JeremySpears
                    3 UKMIX Urban/R&B Album of the Year 2019 abi
                    4 Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia jszmiles
                    5 Kesha - High Road JeremySpears
                    6 Brandy - Be7 Preyoncé
                    7 Halsey - Manic spiritboy
                    8 Alicia Keys - ALICIA JeremySpears
                    9 Meghan Trainor - Treat Myself Nippian93
                    10 Madonna - Madame X menime123
                    11 Louise - Heavy Love shinydiscopaul
                    12 Céline Dion - Courage Wayne
                    13 Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By JeremySpears
                    14 Justin Bieber - Changes Jonathan
                    15 Lana Del Rey - Norman F*cking Rockwell Biebz
                    16 Beyoncé - HOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUM abi
                    17 Rihanna - R9 Preyoncé
                    18 Rihanna - ANTI samra
                    19 Camila Cabello - Romance Benjamin
                    20 Mandy Moore - Silver Landings DoesAnybody
                    JeremySpears hosts 4 of the top10 album threads this month, including the top 2. Taylor's Lover just made the american singer win 5 UKmixPARADE Choice Awards, so it is no coincidence the thread is atop our preferences. Selena GOmez latest release is number 2, so the two friends are together on top. At number 3 is abi's outstanding Urban Album of the Year thread, which is currently presenting the countdown.

                    Female artists also dominate the Album field!

                    SONG THREADS

                    1 Justin Bieber - Yummy JakeP
                    2 The Pussycat Dolls - React Ska8er
                    3 Dua Lipa - Physical aRat
                    4 Lady Gaga - Stupid Love spiritboy
                    5 Alicia Keys - Underdog JeremySpears
                    6 Dua Lipa - Don?t Start Now urbanmusik
                    7 Billie Eilish - Bond Song TBA JeremySpears
                    8 UKMIX .... Song of the Year 2019 Loveguru
                    9 Halsey - You Should Be Sad JeremySpears
                    10 Demi Lovato - Anyone JeremySpears
                    11 Shakira x Anuel AA - Me Gusta Benjamin
                    12 The Weeknd - Blinding Lights JeremySpears
                    13 Jonas Brothers - What A Man Gotta Do spiritboy
                    14 Tones & I - Dance Monkey JimJim
                    15 Megan Thee Stallion - Diamonds (feat. Normani) abi
                    16 Meghan Trainor - Nice To Meet Ya (feat. Nicki Minaj) WakeUpMusic
                    17 Selena Gomez - Rare JeremySpears
                    18 Taylor Swift - Only The Young JeremySpears
                    19 Justin Bieber - Get Me (feat. Kehlani) moechoghri
                    20 Summer Walker - Come Thru (feat. Usher) abi

                    Justin's album thread is not very popular, but his Yummy threads dominate the song chart! Pussycat dolls' new song starts at number 2 while Dua ipa addictive Physical kicks at #3. Weeknd's Blinding Lights, the forums favourite for quite a long time already based on UKmixPARADE charts, sits at #12.

                    TOURS' THREADS

                    1 Madonna - Madame X Tour spiritboy
                    2 Céline Dion - Courage World Tour Wayne
                    3 Dido - Still On My Mind Tour NoAngel
                    4 Sabaton - The Great Tour 2019/2020 - Americas Europe Russia trebor
                    5 Whitney Houston - An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour JeremySpears
                    6 Christina Aguilera - The Xperience Residency / The X Tour JeremySpears
                    7 Alicia Keys - ALICIA The World Tour KEY9481
                    8 Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia Tour (2020) Noahh
                    9 The Pussycat Dolls - 2020 tour IVyoncé
                    10 Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast Tour 2018/2019/2020 abdon
                    Madonna has definetly one of the hottest tour around, so no doubt it was going to top this chart. Nice to see Celine Dion who is doing great numbers everywhere she goes and lands at #2. Amazing surprise to see Dido's Tour as our third most popular tour thread!!!

                    GENERAL MUSIC THREADS

                    1 30 Day Song Challenge Wayne
                    2 Your Song Of The Day jason2379
                    3 The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards (2020) Hugo
                    4 Top Female-Led Singles Countdown - 2010s cheapthrills
                    5 Which Album Are You Currently Listening To? cristy
                    6 Hotpantz - (I'd Like To Give You) One For Xmas! KnightRider
                    7 Solo or Together Wayne
                    8 BRITs 2020 Thriller
                    9 K-POP Music jpguy
                    10 BBC Radio 1 Playlist mykka
                    11 Your Video Of The Day DaBoi
                    12 NME Radio's 10th anniversary - Archive playlists navi
                    13 Undercover's Alternatives Undercover
                    14 BBC Radio 2 Playlist Blondini
                    15 Your Performance Of The Day Gagich
                    16 AmazingRadio Playlist navi
                    17 BBC 6 Music Playlist Blondini
                    18 NME (former CDNX (former Music Machine)) radio Playlist navi
                    19 Usher - Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris) S4BUK
                    20 Your least favourite vocals in music LastDreamer
                    Wayne's 30 Day Challenge sits atop this section with a healthy difference versus #2 Song of a Day, a big ukmix classic. Surprisingly the Grammy thread couldn't break records and just manage a #3 this month.
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