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Web adverts get bigger - but not on UKMIX

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  • Web adverts get bigger - but not on UKMIX

    It seems that a lot of sites out there are struggling to make ends meet from advertising revenue alone. What do they do about it?

    Well, they could charge a small fee for visiting the site, but that seems to be a bit of a tricky concept for them to grasp. Instead, they make the ads bigger and flashier!

    Of course, that approach has one fatal flaw - the more unwanted ads there are on a page, the more people get used to ignoring them. So they have to make them even bigger and flashier still, and so it goes on... until you can hardly read a page properly because of all the annoying ads!

    So the industry has agreed to some bigger ad sizes:

    the new units--measured in pixels--include a skyscraper (120 x 600), a wide skyscraper (160 x 600), a large rectangle (336 x 280) and a pop-up ad (250 x 250).
    Personally I don't think the size would matter too much, except that they're usually animated/flashing, and they're right next to what you're trying to read. Or else they pop up - so annoying! :sad:

    Why people put up with such rubbish I shall never know! Everyone knows that with newspapers, the free ones supported by ads are rubbish, but the ones you pay for are better. BTW, the cost of a paper isn't enough to stop cover their costs, but it helps - and the adverts are worth more because there aren't as many. (Quality vs Quantity.)

    I reckon websites will just have to wake up to this fact sooner or later!

    Anyway the good news is that UKMIX does not rely on paying advertisers :smile: Even the Worldpop ads are just a freebie, becuase they linked to us too.

    There's no way UKMIX is going to have big adverts, a little banner at the top for a few fan sites is quite enough. Why are we able to do this? Well, because of all the fans who contribute to the site, that's why. :smile:

    And as the competition drown themselves in even more ads, UKMIX will be the easiest site to read.

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    true! very true! :smile:
    Oscar Wilde: "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.


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      We do it our way! And we're proud of it

      Couldn't agree more Lars! Meanwhile our site grows to be one of the easiest and best on the net :smile:


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        That is so bad. I mean, some of the most known and promoted sites are already like a bad joke. I am talking here of sites that give you annoying pop-up windows with adverts, and you're supposed to respect them?

        If it's obvious they do it for money only, not caring about the visitor - would you expect genuine reviews and other content from them? I think not!

        Which is why I am glad we have this site, totally independent.

        [ throw your hands up at me! :smile: ]


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          Now let's be fair...
          (This posting is sponsored by the Campaign for Bigger, Better Web Ads).

          I paid for this monitor.
          (Buy *NSync today)

          I paid for the video card.
          (Britney Spears is good)

          I paid for the processor.
          (The Backstreet Boys are the best band ever!)

          I paid for the modem.
          (Visit today!)

          I paid for the bandwidth.
          (Hey everyone, make $$$ in your spare time)

          And so OF COURSE I am delighted that all these things which belong to me and which I paid for with my own money being appropriated by someone else to display something which I don't care about, and furthermore I am glad that they are getting this advertising space which I OWN for free.
          (Buy 1 get 1 for twice the price at

          I mean if I own ALL the equipment, and I PAY to download things, of course I want content to be forced upon me as if all sites are dodgy XXX or pirate software dumps. Makes PERFECT SENSE.
          (This message brought to you by the British Campaign for More Sarcasm in Forum Postings)

          So come on... More ads. Good thing.

          For the advertisers.

          Not for me.

          If I could I'd sue everyone who makes a penny off stealing MY bandwidth and MY screenspace.
          Quite possibly insane!


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            And they make programs to remove the ads when browsing. So what will be next? Websites will have a new pricing model where an ad displayed normally costs less than an ad that will be displayed in such a way that the ad-remover programs won't work with it!
            I don't care how cold cold cold it is in your hole hole hole, but you CANNOT have my sweater!


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              Yeah UKMIX rules :smile: One thing I really like about this site is that the webmaster is human :smile: unlike others which seem to be robot and don't seem to care much about their visitors. YOU RULE LARS
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                Thanks, but you don't actually know that!


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                  Yeah, you don't know

                  Lars may be just my little robot I tried to create but it got out of control a bit


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                    Hmmm! Nice theory, but kind of assumes I was under control at some point in the past...

                    Anyway, to more serious matters, in reply to Stephen's message:

                    And so OF COURSE I am delighted that all these things which belong to me and which I paid for with my own money being appropriated by someone else to display something which I don't care about, and furthermore I am glad that they are getting this advertising space which I OWN for free.
                    I agree with your sentiment entirely, it really hacks me off trying to read sites that are full of ads, or try to take control of my computer by opening browser windows (and again when you leave the page).

                    But there is one small niggling point which, much as I'd like to ignore it, has to be confronted:

                    You don't have to visit the site!

                    That is, if you go to a site and it throws all manner of rubbish at you, you don't have to visit it again - it is their site after all. In that sense, it's not as bad as SPAM.

                    Still, I despair at the way so many people seem willing to put up with such insufferable nonsense. I think it would be good if people would stop visiting the offending sites, and write to them explaining why (or at least write to them anyway, even if you still visit).


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                      Alright then, here's an example
                      (there is a site called.... hmmm I can't really say can I? OK it goes something like or something like that!)

                      Dear Globepop,

                      I appreciate all the effort you put into your site, however, I suggest it might be slightly fairer to rename your site from "globepop" to "globepopup", as on the entry you serve the annoying pop-up ads to your visitors! Just like any amateur NSync fan site created by a 13 year old, hosted on one of the free servers.

                      I thought the prestigious and big site you're claiming to be could do better, really.


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                        Haha, like it! :smile:

                        We are allowed to be honest and mention Worldpop though.

                        There's a lot of good stuff on their site, but I personally don't like the way the frameset design means you always have a flashing banner on screen. :sad:

                        To be fair, they're not the only ones who have to too much advertising though...


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                          Oh dear, I've just seen they've added another advertising 'feature', worse than the pop-ups because you can't control it :sad:

                          It's a pink window-look-alike thingy that actually sticks to their site so you can't see the whole content. It has a fake "OK" button that takes you to the advertised website.

                          Would you cover your content with some poop if you were a webmaster? This is beyond me really...


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                            Hmmm, I guess you're referring to a little note (looked like 'Stickies' from MacOS) that pops up - I got one saying "All your room are belong to us" (a reference to the All Your Base... craze) and an OK button, but it disappeared a few seconds later.

                            I'm guessing that it doesn't work properly on some browsers, such as Mozilla/Netscape 6.

                            Either way, it's pretty tacky... it's like you just can't get away from adverts at all.