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  • Poll posting guidelines

    I've noticed we have quite a lot of polls running now, perhaps just a couple too many? Can I ask any pollsters to consider the following guidelines when you post a poll:
    1. If you've already posted a poll in the last few days, please don't post another - let somebody else have a go.[/*:m:2xgsqrf4]
    2. Please take care of your spelling, grammar and punctuation in the poll title and questions - it's not quite the same as a normal post.[/*:m:2xgsqrf4]
    3. Give some thought to the options you're offering; it's annoying to be asked "What's your favourite song?" and not being able to find your favourite in the list.[/*:m:2xgsqrf4]
    I hope that makes sense... please enjoy the polls but give it a bit more thought.