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UKMIX Favourite Artists of the Last 20 Years: [#1 - A queen is crowned!]

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  • Originally posted by Goldmoney View Post
    Adull higher than King is all sorts of wrong.

    That’s to be expected on BlandkMix tho.
    Why do your posts have to be so cringey.


    • Whassup Bey! Always my top act of all time. Been following her since 2003 and I still love her music as much as I did though I really need the R&B/Pop diva Beyonce back for B7!


      • Katy just hasn't cut it as an albums act though 2 thirds of Prism are the best things she ever did.

        Beyonce had one great album - the one with all the videos and XO. Not enough to make my list.

        Adele just hasn't impressed enough overall. Very over-rated since the debut.


        • I like Katy Perry and like the albums Teenage Dream, Witness and Smile the most.

          Beyonce is a good artist and her album I am is great, same for her self-titled, but after that one she started to bore me and it went downhill with her music.

          Adele is not my cup of tea at all, don't like most of her songs with some exceptions. Not the kind of music I would listen to.
          I am not trying to seduce you... Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?


          • Didn't vote any of these 3 myself, but they have all done stuff I like. Perry's "Teenage Dream" era was pretty solid, the title track and "Firework" were really strong. Beyonce for me was at her best with both "Crazy In Love" and most of the B'Day album. I love her doing a banger, but I got pretty bored with her since the "Beyonce" album. I also dated too many guys who were obsessed with her, which put me off her. Adele is a very talented artist, I don't listen to her music much though as it all got played too much. I like it when she slightly mixes it up a little with "Rumour Has It" and "Send My Love..". "When We Were Young" is a really special and underrated song too, I remember a really great moment on holiday when an excellent singer was singing it and my life flashed by me like a montage
            1 Camila Cabello |2 Silk Sonic|3 Yola |4 Jennifer Hudson |5 KAWALA


            • Adele has some amazing songs - particularly on "21". Beyonce is rather hit or miss for me - some great songs, some dreadful ones. Never seen the fuss in Katy Perry.


              • Originally posted by SholasBoy View Post
                "When We Were Young" is a really special and underrated song too, I remember a really great moment on holiday when an excellent singer was singing it and my life flashed by me like a montage
                Did the New Penny account for 4 and a half minutes of the song?


                • Originally posted by Thriller View Post
                  Did the New Penny account for 4 and a half minutes of the song?
                  Let’s just say there were fire escapes and some heavy pushing
                  1 Camila Cabello |2 Silk Sonic|3 Yola |4 Jennifer Hudson |5 KAWALA


                  • Originally posted by stevyy View Post
                    Katy being the best singer out of the three... a vocalist. <3
                    An interesting opinion!

                    Originally posted by JeremySpears View Post
                    Taylor is a ******* legend and she deserved to be in the Top 3 AT LEAST. She’s a genius and might never stop breaking records.
                    I think Taylor's last three albums really upped her Q-rating for me. Would've loved to see her in the top three as well.

                    Originally posted by cheapthrills View Post
                    Adele and Beyonce are both in my top five; Bey slight ahead of Adele. I'm forever a member of the Beyhive. Love all the many faces of Bey we've seen through her music over the years, the empowerment, the social issues, and the pure pop fun. Wish she had made the top two.
                    Before the countdown started, I was quite confident Beyoncé would be #2. She was actually the leader in that preliminary update I shared. The BeyHive didn't show up, though.

                    Originally posted by cheapthrills View Post
                    I'd put Adele lower only because she's had less output - we've gotten three (stellar) albums from her, but 25 is definitely my favorite album of the last 20 years. I think I played the hell out of it for a good two years. Looking forward to when she releases her 4th album, 84
                    Ah, I think this is brand new information for me!

                    Originally posted by Loose View Post
                    I can’t believe that people voted for Katy Perry.
                    31 people, in fact - the fourth-broadest voting base among all acts!

                    Originally posted by spiritboy View Post
                    This countdown proved me once more that i should never take part of these again
                    Your Billboard Top Ten: #1 Good 4 U [11 weeks] + Drake invasion

                    Your heart is coloured with the love wrapped in the brilliant blue sky above, the breadth of the jewelled oceans, and the pure heat of the golden sun. And your heart is home to the cosmic creation that is you.


                    • My thoughts on the penultimate batch:

                      Katy Perry - a lot is made of her big hits, but I feel like she had so many potential chart-toppers that she relegated to album-track-only status - "Legendary Lovers", "Walking on Air", "Roulette".
                      Beyoncé - definitely expected her to be two places higher. I think she's the most respected female musician ever and has talent for days! The fact that her last album is her best one to date is a good sign for what's on the horizon for her.
                      Adele - given she's only released three albums, I didn't forecast a top three finish for her, but she's definitely had the highest of peaks of any artist - male, female, group - of the last 20 years.


                      Your Billboard Top Ten: #1 Good 4 U [11 weeks] + Drake invasion

                      Your heart is coloured with the love wrapped in the brilliant blue sky above, the breadth of the jewelled oceans, and the pure heat of the golden sun. And your heart is home to the cosmic creation that is you.


                      • Originally posted by spiritboy View Post
                        This countdown proved me once more that i should never take part of these again
                        I'll still be bothering you to do mine


                        • Thought Bey may win this but the whole top five are iconic.


                          • 54 voters
                            846 artists (give or take a couple double-counted accented and uncorrected-typo names)
                            61,686 points
                            ...all to crown our new millennium queen. At the 53-voter mark, there was a tie for first place, but which diva surged ahead with that crucial final vote?

                            *Space added for dramatic effect*

                            *More space added for dramatic effect*

                            *Scroll, baby, scroll, disco inferno*

                            Bear with me, now

                            Okay, I'm done

                            002 Lady Gaga - 1,364 pts.

                            The queen of 21st century avante-garde pop, Lady Gaga, affectionately known to her legion of devout fans as Mother Monster, crashed onto the scene in 2008 and for her first three years ruled as the the world's premier pop star. She did so with electro- and synthpop anthems that were just left of centre to be distinctly separate from her peers, but also accessible and mainstream enough to be digested by the masses. Her over-the-top fashion and bold and daring live performances kept her a mainstay in the late 2000s/early 2010s zeitgeist, and she used her immense platform to serve as an outspoken advocacy for mental health awareness and LGBT rights, endearing her even more deeply to many of her fans. It would seem that at the height of her popularity, her visuals would move more left of centre than the GP were willing to follow and her 'ARTPOP' and Joanne' albums, while both chart-topping LPs, fell far from the heights of their predecessor records. However, proving to be a true phoenix of pop, Lady Gaga made an unlikely return to commercial and critical prominence with 'A Star Is Born', the fourth version of the legendary musical romantic drama film. Her acting earned her Academy Award nominations and her musical contributions Grammy gongs and a multi-platinum megahit that ranks among the very biggest of her smashes. 'A Star Is Born', along with 2014's jazz collaborative effort 'Cheek to Cheek' with Tony Bennett, evidenced Gaga's versatility and talent beyond what many might have forecasted in those early years.

                            In terms of the voting within this contest, Gaga lagged behind in the early stages, not even in the top 10 after vote no. 11, but the Monsters showed up in the eleventh hour and Gaga mounted a furious charge for the crown, just falling short with the final ballot counted.
                            Fan club: abidhaq (#1); artur (#1); RyanS (#1); sg1996 (#1); cheapthrills (#2); Tansike (#2); Goldmoney (#3); Lemo (#3); theMathematician (#3); Thriller (#3); crystalphoenix (#4); CZB (#4); JSparksFan (#4); Affillate (#5); FreakyFlyBry (#5); JeremySpears (#5); SholasBoy (#5); Leo (#6); RayRay (#6); Mickael2013 (#7); mattsky (#8); Noahh (#9); Benny; stevyy; Metalweb; vinnie65; Ska8er; Spartan; bm08; jordi_89; Wayne; Thombus; Carbon; Blondini 
                            Key songs: Poker Face; Just Dance; Shallow; Bad Romance; Born This Way; Telephone; Alejandro; The Edge of Glory; Paparazzi; Applause; Rain on Me; Stupid Love; Judas
                            Key albums: The Fame (Monster); Born This Way; A Star Is Born; ARTPOP

                            001 Rihanna - 1,412 pts.

                            The most dominant pop star of the new millennium, with more US #1s than any other artist in the 21st century, Rihanna would build a career that, at first seeming like it was on track to follow the trajectory of Teairra Marí's, now rivals some of the industry's all-time greats. However did a young girl from Saint Michael, Barbados manage to become the most significant pop star of her generation? Well, it came down partly to RiRi's own great ear for hits and her relentless pursuit to make them hers as well as her distinctive voice and chameleon-level skills with the genre. She's fused pop with practically everything under the sun - from the more common pairing parts like R&B, country, dance, rock, and hip/hop to more West-Indian-influenced pieces like reggae and dancehall. She's tackled soaring ballads ŕ la "Russian Roulette" and dialed up the folk with jams like "FourFiveSeconds". She's a crossover radio phenom and from 2005 to 2016, it seemed like she would continue churning out increasingly high-quality and critically acclaimed albums (as well as #1 hits) into perpetuity. Of course, as we're now aware, she's turned the music faucet off for the time being to concentrate on building an empire in another space, fashion and beauty, but she could retire now (not giving her any wild ideas!) and still be cemented as one of the most successful acts in music history. Still, the Navy suspects that there's still more in the Fenty tank and though fans have had to contend with a singular studio album within the last nine years, there's still immense interest in 'R9', whenever in heavens it gets around to finally being released (or, heaven forbid, worked on).

                            Rarely fronted in the voting, Rihanna led almost from the word go, only ceding ground towards the final third of voting before ultimately surging ahead with the final ballot cast.
                            Fan club: Affillate (#1); JSparksFan (#1); Noahh (#1); bm08 (#2); Goldmoney (#2); jordi_89 (#2); Ivica (#3); sg1996 (#3); InFamous (#3); JeremySpears (#4); Rawiri James (#4); Thriller (#4); abi (#5); crystalphoenix (#5); likeidogoldlink (#5); Ska8er (#5); spiritboy (#5); abidhaq (#6); Benny (#7); cheapthrills (#8); FreakyFlyBry (#9); Lemo (#10); mattsky (#10); Mugen; Tansike; Wayne; Leo; theMathematician; Ewokguy15; Spartan; RayRay; Carbon; Thombus; vinnie65; CZB
                            Key songs: We Found Love; Umbrella; Only Girl (In the World); Diamonds; Stay; Work; Don't Stop the Music; S&M; What's My Name?; Rude Boy; Disturbia; Take a Bow; SOS; FourFiveSeconds; Pon de Replay; Unfaithful; Where Have You Been; Russian Roulette; Love on the Brain
                            Key albums: Good Girl Gone Bad; Loud; Talk That Talk; Unapologetic; Anti; A Girl Like Me; Rated R


                            Your Billboard Top Ten: #1 Good 4 U [11 weeks] + Drake invasion

                            Your heart is coloured with the love wrapped in the brilliant blue sky above, the breadth of the jewelled oceans, and the pure heat of the golden sun. And your heart is home to the cosmic creation that is you.


                            • Either one would have been deserved. Overall I prefer Rihanna but at least GaGa can still release new material.


                              • Gaga, my no.5, an exceptional artist that only comes along so many years. Incredibly talented as a singer and a performer…killer unforgettable songs like “Born This Way” “Poker Face” “Speechless” and “Bad Romance”

                                Rihanna I didn’t vote for, I enjoyed some of her music like “Man Down” “We Found Love” and “Only Girl…” but I dont rate her so much as an artist. I think she has been very lucky to have the success she has had when arguably more talented artists that came out around the same time *cough* Ciara have had less success.

                                Thanks for hosting and yes you managed to finish your countdown before me as predicted

                                1 Camila Cabello |2 Silk Sonic|3 Yola |4 Jennifer Hudson |5 KAWALA


                                • Fantastic job Akini - a great throwback to the first 20 years of UKMIX. Thanks for hosting!


                                  • I was predicting such an outcome. John Mayer should have won this. His new album is totally outstanding. The name of the set is Sob Rock.

                                    I would have preferred Gaga tho. She is involved in her music and actually loves it. The winner abandoned music as soon as she could make money with something else...

                                    However, this countdown was an absolute blast @Akini. I loved the presentation and the fact that you ran it down timely and did not take 11 months between updates. But, knowing you for such a long time, I didn't expect anything less than a great countdown.

                                    BTW, sometimes, even I realize that I sound like a complete douche... and I am apologetic about this.

                                    OK, so, RIRI won... Okay. She has some bops.

                                    My real and true opinion about the other 3 that we have seen...

                                    Katy Perry: She is hated so much by this MrLeonix guy or whatever... and I have idea why that is. She seems like a cute and sweet girl... her music is uplifting and always exciting and trendy. I became a total stan during the Witness era... Bon Appetit is my anthem tbh.

                                    Beyoncé: What a woman.. such a force. I usually love a lot of the material that she is putting out. Now, I'm a white dude... and I probably should not commenting on Formation and what the songs means... I just want to say... that it is my favourite song by her... bc I simply also think (I said also) I also think that the production of the song... the melody, instrumentation (production) is so powerful and amazing. I love the melody. She really pushed herself and I love that in an artist. She is a constant threat (and I mean in the best positive way). I care is another song, that belongs to my life's soundtrack.

                                    Adele: I always have to think about one of the UKMIXERs here... who describe what he felt like and how it was when she dropped the teaser to Hello... and it stuck with me... arguably, the biggest music act of that time... teasing something so effortlessly and making us all go mad (in a positive way). I think Adele has many great GREAT songs. Hello being one of them. I also love River Leah... such a great song.

                                    Gaga: I hated ... no... I despised her in the beginning of her career... her debut album and all those hits... I didn't see it... I still don't. I think the songs are generic at best and less than bubblegum fodder... However... she really went insane between Monster and Born This Way... and I did buy The Fame / Monster double disc at one point and loved the 2nd CD... Then BTW came out and I was totally team Gagz. She's had some duds in between... Judas for example is not even music imo... But she also has a lot of songs that I like... on all of her albums since BTW. She's a great visual act as well... I love her music videos... I love the dramatics... she has become a staple and I don't want to miss her anymore.

                                    Rihanna: When she broke out in 2005 or 2004... I was convinced that she wouldn't last... I did not like what I heard at the time. Generic and manufactured pop I thought... But then she stepped a little bit to the side and got more involved in her music... and that is how I bought Rated R. Loud - in my opinion - was a step in the wrong direction again... but subsequently... she does have these bops that even I like... I like WFL for example... and some songs on Anti as well. Her Drake and Eminem collabos are always the worst songs on her albums tho. So, in the end, Rihanna became one of my 150 most played acts since 2011.
                                    My Chart


                                    • [04 POINTS] - Lady GaGa

                                      Though as i missed about a dozen artists, she shouldn't be in my list!
                                      If only she'd kept up the quality of Fame / BTW

                                      Rihanna has had amazing singles and tracks but has never convinced as an albums act


                                      • I completely understand why Rihanna won, endless hits (until she stopped releasing), but to me she's almost faceless... jumping between singles and features and never really stood out. The Loud era was a notable exception.


                                        Comparatively, Lady Gaga was my #1 and I'm glad she wound up doing so well. A debut era that catapulted her not just in line with the big names but eons above them for a few years (much to Madonna's rage): candids becoming red carpet events that made headlines around the world, music videos that became water-cooler conversation, and her unapologetically queer sheen on ever outfit, lyric and performance - I've never experienced a commercial act like that in my lifetime. The woman who had the music industry, fashion industry, and celebrity media in the palm of her dainty hand in late 2010, who chose to put together what could be argued is the biggest LGBTQ+ record of the 10s decade at her apex of popularity as her second LP. She could never sustain that level, but steadily diversified and now is one of the most accomplished acts of the 21st century and still pulls more than respectable numbers for her music.

                                        EGOT status almost feels inevitable, and she'll probably lean into more HAC-style music in the future. But for all of us who remember what her peak represents... we'd be so fantastical.

                                        And major thanks to Akini for the rate!


                                        • An underwear salesperson won this?
                                          Greatest Of All Time


                                          • Congrats on an epic countdown Akini, you slayed.


                                            • Riri is very deserving, tho shame she quit right when her music reached a new peak.


                                              • Im a bit surprised seeing Gaga at #2, though she is definitely worthy of a top 10 appearance.

                                                Rihanna is a worthy winner here.
                                                See The Mariah Carey Discography Rate
                                                See The Report Card - Weekly Top Songs


                                                • Both deserving winners, I had them ordered the other way round though as I think Lady Gaga’s albums are better than Rihanna’s on the whole.

                                                  Probably the last time Rihanna will come top of any chart anyway.

                                                  Best songs for Rihanna are SOS, Umbrella, Stay, Love On The Brain, Only Girl (In The World).

                                                  Best songs for Gaga are Bad Romance, Poker Face, 911, You And I, Telephone.

                                                  Thanks Akini for hosting a great countdown!


                                                  • Mini me was a huge Gaga stan in 2008-2013. She was so incredible during that time. Whatever came after that period is a clone. But 2008-2013 Gaga will always be iconic.

                                                    I love the retired pop icon Rihanna. She’s definitely the biggest hitmaker of the century so she deserves that #1.

                                                    Thank you for doing this JSparksFan
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