Some more CDs to avoid buying

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Postby lars » Wed Mar 13, 2002 9:42 am

There's a long list of CDs that have been corrupted now, you can find it here:

Remember, even if a corrupted CD will play now, you can't be sure it will play in future if you change your CD player or computer, or after its corroded a little...

Meanwhile, Universal at least have admitted that there are many problems:

Note that although their protected CDs will work on some computers, the playback is only of low-quality mp3s. Also, it only works on current versions of Windows - not Linux or Macintosh - and there is no guarantee it will work on future versions of Windows!

I'm still playing CDs that were released before Windows 3.1. Imagine if I needed to run MS-DOS in order to listen to my old favourites? That's what the future holds for anyone who buys these corrupted CDs.
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