Challenge three.

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Postby akersjon » Tue Mar 19, 2002 10:37 am

Ok u guys, I have come up with a new “challenge”! And as I promised in my last posting, it’s of a different (And more difficult?) kind then the previous two.

This time I want you to recommend some records for me to buy.

I have always liked classical music. But when I go to buy records of it I never really find the kind that I have in mind. More often then not, the little piece of music that I like is imbedded in a very long symphony or opera. And the parts around “the bit that I like” are often not as good.

For example; “An die freude” by Beethoven (Symphony no: 9). There are a few minutes of this piece that often gets used in movies. This bit of the symphony I really like. But the rest of it is not as good in my opinion. So why not only buy the bits that I have heard (and liked) in movies and on TV?

The challenge then, is for anyone that wants to take it on, to recommend albums for me to buy that only have these “good bits” of the different classical pieces. I don’t favour any composer, just as long as I could have heard their music in the movies or on TV.

Good luck guys! I will tell you if you have succeeded with my latest challenge after I have listened to the albums you recommend to me. But I suspect this challenge is just that little bit more complicated…(snickering again…).

Greger. (The “mad” Swede.)
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Postby martomix » Tue Mar 19, 2002 10:56 am

You are going to be surprised again. There are quite a few albums out that have all the classic moments from classical music. It's true. I will try to find one and post a link to it when I do.

Give us a real challenge. :smile:

See if this link works
And this one too
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Postby akersjon » Tue Mar 19, 2002 10:43 pm

Firstly, thanks! U really nailed it. I'm off to the shops again...

Secondly, well this was no fun... I guess I have to really dig down deep and come up with something else that's really hard for u guys to solve.

I'll be back!

Thanks for now then, bye.
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