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^You're a ghost yourself on this site. :cry:
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Postby Cactuar » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:35 pm

In 2007 James approached Siobhan Donaghy of U.K. hit group The Sugababes with a new development idea which James had for her. At this stage Siobhan was not recording having left the band. James pitched an idea of a new artistic direction to Siobhan and her management CMO (Ultravox, The Gorillaz, Blur, Elastica, Morcheeba, Thin Lizzy, Jesus and Mary Chain, Grace Jones) James’s idea was accepted by CMO and Siobhan and so James and Siobhan started an 18 month collaboration. With just the first 5 demo tracks Siobhan and CMO were able to secure an album deal with Parlophone Records who then financed the completion of the record.

On release Siobhan and James’s album, ‘Ghosts’ achieved critical acclaim and got to number 2 in the iTunes charts. However due to unfortunate bad timing the release of the record coincided with the hostile takeover of EMI group by the waste disposal magnate Guy Hands financed by Citibank. In James’s opinion this caused a crisis of leadership in the whole EMI group of companies, including Parlophone Records.
I was stalking her on the internet and came across this on Ghosts producer James Sanger's website. :o
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