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Postby Airwrecka » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:51 pm

Welcome to the UKMix Entertainment Forum

The purpose of this thread is to provide some clear guidelines for new members on how to use this area, and to advise our existing members of a few minor changes that we will be introducing.

The forum was previously known as TV & Film, and received far less user traffic than it now does. The forum was rebranded as Entertainment to enable discussion of other media forms such as books, theatre, stage musicals etc, and the transition seems to have worked well. However, as we are now experiencing an increased popularity here, it is appropriate to refine a few guidelines for opening new threads in this forum. You can find these below:

These may have their own individual threads, as is currently the case. For sequels, trilogies etc, you may open a new thread for each film. Please title your thread using just the movie title and the year of release in cases where there are multiple films with the same title (or remakes).

Eg: “Deadpool”, “X-Men: Apocalypse”, “101 Dalmatians (1961)”, “101 Dalmatians (1996)”, etc.

Please avoid including superfluous information in the title such as names of directors, actors, etc.

Eg: “New X-Men Movie Apocalypse 2016 (Jennifer Lawrence) [Marvel Universe]” is not necessary.

TV Shows
This is the biggest change, but I trust that it will run smoothly with minimal disruption. With immediate effect, TV shows that feature a consistent cast will not usually be permitted to have multiple threads for each series *. We have already started making these changes, and we will continue to merge threads as we see them. For clarity, you may include the most recent season / series being discussed in the thread title, but the thread is to be used for all discussion of that TV show.

Eg: “Pretty Little Liars”, “Once Upon A Time”, “Under The Dome” or “Pretty Little Liars (Now: Season 6)” etc.

For TV shows where the “cast” changes with each season / series, we will continue to open a new thread each time. This is particularly relevant to reality shows.

Eg: “American Horror Story: Season 6”, “Big Brother UK: Series 17”, “The Voice USA: Season 10”, etc.

Please remember that many of these show formats are replicated around the world, so it is important to indicate which country you are referring to in the thread title for shows such as The X Factor, The Voice etc.

* UK / US Pace Threads: With changes in the way that television media is distributed, and with streaming services now offering TV shows at a faster rate outside of America, we envisage that having separate pace threads will become less of a necessity. However, if there is a particular need for dual threads, these may be made as follows:

Eg: “The 100 (US Pace)”, “The 100 (UK Pace)” or “The 100 (UK Pace Now: Season 3)”, etc.

These are very underrepresented in here at the moment, and we would like to encourage more of our keen readers to discuss literature here. Please label your threads with the Author, followed by the title, in the same way as we do for music threads. Because books are not discussed that much at the moment, please confine sequels, trilogies etc to the same thread, unless there is an issue with spoilers.

Eg: “John Green – The Fault In Our Stars”, “J K Rowling – Harry Potter (Book Series)”, “Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games (Trilogy)”, etc.

Other Media
We welcome other forms of media, and encourage you to talk about stage musicals, theatre plays, visual art etc. For clarity, please indicate the type of media being discussed.

Eg: “The Bodyguard (Stage Musical)”, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Stage Play)”, etc.

Thank you for your time. Any questions, queries, or feedback, please contact a member of the team.


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Postby Airwrecka » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:53 pm

I have also opened a new Entertainment News Thread which you can find here. You can find details of what the thread may be used for in the link. :wink:
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Postby Thriller » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:11 pm

One addition to this I feel should be added:


Most people watch TV shows, such as Game of Thrones, as soon as they air. Some shows are even prone to leaks! The general rule is that if the show has aired or is available to view, anywhere in the world, people are going to be talking about that episode online. Same goes for movies; be prepared that people will be talking about the details as soon as it hits the cinemas. Therefore I would simply advise: don't visit the thread until you've seen the latest episode/watched the movie. Otherwise you could stumble across spoilers.

Spoilers for soaps should go in this thread: Soap Spoilers: Who's Coming / Going?
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