Tiger's Top 20(6/2)

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Postby Tiger » Wed Feb 06, 2002 3:24 pm

(2)1.Sarit Vino Elad Feat. Hani Firstenberg-Lo Kala Darkenu
(7)3.Bosson-I Believe
(1)4.P!nk-Don't Let Me Get Me
(6)5.Mandy Moore-Only Hope
(4)6.Reel-Lift Me Up
(8)7.Shakira-Underneath Your Clothes
(9)8.M2M-What You Do About Me
(5)9.allSTARS*-Land Of Make Believe
(10)10.Jewel-Standing Still
(13)11.Jennifer Lopez-Alive
(11)12.Shakira-Eyes Like Yours
(12)13.Victoria Beckham-A Mind Of It's Own
(-)14.TLC-Dear Lie
(-)15.Lolly-Per Sempre Amore
(14)16.Sophie Ellis Bextor-Lover
(15)18.R Kelly-World's Greatest
(16)19.Cher-This Is A Song For The Lonely
(17)20.20 Grind Feat.Pokemon Allstars-Gotta Catch Em All

Two new entries at at #14 and #15 for TLC and Lolly respectabally.
Joe was pushed back a week.
Dissapointment for the Honeyz and The Thunderbugs,landing at #39 and #30 respectabally.
Next Week's entries:
1.Joe-Let's Stay Home Tonight
2.Scooch-For Sure
3.Buffalo G-We're Really Saying Something
4.Cleopatra-Come And Get Me
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