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Postby Mainshow » Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:35 pm

#8 BELARUS (3 points) Image

Teo - Cheescake

What a surprise! - One of my least favourite countries in Eurovision ends up being Top 10 twice in a row! - Even though, "Cheesecake" is reminiscent of Robin Thicke as heppolo has mentioned it before, the Belarussian entry turned out to be a very memorable tune you would like to dance to every time you listen to it! Also, the lyrics are fun and enjoyable and damn, HOW FREAKING COOL IS TEO'S DANCE at 2:12?! - If we hadn't butter-churning Polish girls with extremely huge boobs and if we hadn't an Austrian bearded woman, this would have been my personal most remarkable moment of Eurovision 2014! Have a look:
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Postby heppolo » Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:02 pm

^Got to give them credit for producing that gimmick of a dance out of nothing [in terms of budget]
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Postby Noahh » Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:51 pm

12 pts. - The Netherlands
10 pts. - Hungary
8 pts. - Norway
7 pts. - Armenia
6 pts. - UK
5 pts. - Finland
4 pts. - Spain
3 pts. - Belarus
2 pts. - Switzerland
1 pt. - Austria
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Postby JSparksFan » Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:59 am

12 Austria - This is, and I suspect always will be, my favourite ESC song of all-time. The moment Conchita won was the moment that I became a full-fledged Eurovision fan. Such a wonderful triumph for a progressive tomorrow. Loved Conchita's platform, loved her performance, loved her personality, and I love this damn song! :lol:
10 Sweden
08 Spain
07 Netherlands
06 Hungary
05 Russia
04 Italy
03 United Kingdom
02 Switzerland
01 Finland
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Postby KokoCollino » Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:00 pm

Sorry I try to hurry up :lol:

The screen design of 2013 was amazing! But I didn't remember that year to be so bland, especially after how good 2012 was :lol:
Tbh this was the first of those current years which have pretty solid/"not so shitty" entries, but at the same time not thaaat entertaining/interesting/crazy entries (except Romania). Which I find a bit boring. Was it that year that stupid trend to put the lyrics on the screens started? Mess.

Nevertheless, there were some amazing performances:

2 0 1 3

My ranking:

12 Denmark - It's crazy to see what a standout song of the first semi it is. I found countries 01 - 04 pretty forgettable, and then THIS. It already looked like a clear winner then, especially with the pyro effects. Watching all the recaps I'd even say this was a way more obvious winner than Loreen :lol: Just because there was basically NO competition in 2013. All those beauuutiful colours in the end. WHERE IS HA CAREER??? Why did only Lena manage to do it up until today, even if it's just in the German-speaking countries?

10 Serbia - I love the song so much :lol: I understand some might think the staging was messy :lol: Moje3 sounds like a mix of three Spanish sauces though.

08 Germany - I don't understand how that solid song and performance didn't get higher in such a weak year. Maybe I have a different view on the way she sang than others... OK, what I have to admit is that the 3 minute version was shitty, I already found that back then. The first verse and then one second after already the chorus :lol: The song should've been differently directly from the start. OK and I realize she hurries up to much. But the song is fiiiiiiiiiiiiire. <3

7 Romania - made the whole show a bit less boring and well, it's pretty catchy!

6 Ukraine - IMO one of the strongest entries ever of Ukraine. It's so cool Nazan Eckes joined for them.


4 San Marino - Geri Halliwell looks so good here. The crime we will never understand. She had the ARTPOP ball way before Gagz.

3 Norway - It's still really fine. where 2fuq is her career???

2 The Netherlands - The huge comeback of the country. Anouk paved the way. She is SO beautiful, she has such a strong charisma. (She looks a bit like Cher though, I just realize :o)

1 Bulgaria - it was so messy but funny :lol: Kismet tho >>> Idk why I followed that year's pre-selection process so intensively :lol:

OMG, watching the previews I found exactly 10 countries to give my points, shows had bad the year was (for me) :lol:


Russia - Hmm. It's just so... unauthentic, idk...

Lithuania - is always sending the same-looking boring guys with boring hooks...

Belarus - didn't age well.

Cyprus - ha Celine Dion.

Belgium - LOL those dancers :lol: The song isn't bad at all, but the presentation is ridiculous.

FYR Macedonia - it was cool to watch, but the song didn't catch me.

Azerbaijan - he doesn't have a beard, so the Kesha in me says bye.

Malta - his smile is kinda creepy sry :lol:

Greece - the only thing I'd take from that performance is the second one from the left.

Switzerland - hot singer.
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Postby Colbie » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:03 pm

Will post my top 10 of 2014 tomorrow! ;-)
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Postby Colbie » Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:17 pm

I was soo happy The Common Linnets ended so high!
2014 was such a wonderful year!!

12. The Netherlands
10. Sweden
08. Armenia
07. Norway
06. Hungary
05. Latvia
04. Iceland
03. Spain
02. Austria
01. San Marino
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Postby Mainshow » Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:15 pm

#7 ITALY (4 points) Image

Emma - La Mia Città

Another classy entry for one of my favourite countries in Eurovision! The song's catchy and it stood out since it's a pop/rock anthem serving some attitude. The performance was a bit underwhelming since her voice sounded a bit off in some parts. However, she brought energy and charisma to the stage and totally rocked it! Should have ended up being Top 15!
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Postby Mainshow » Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:21 pm

#6 SLOVENIA (5 points) Image

Tinkara Kovač - Round And Round

Once again, Europe f*cked up by giving only 9 points to this entry! How did this talented artist end up being second to last with such a brilliant song? Stunning voice, beautifully-staged performance and the arrangement is great! Slovenian is such an underrated language as well! I'd love to hear it way more often in Eurovision!
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Postby Mainshow » Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:25 pm

#5 MONTENEGRO (6 points) Image

Sergej Ćetković - Moj Svijet

Another Top 5 placing for Montenegro! This time, juries seemed to support it and FINALLY, Montenegro made its very first appearance in a Eurovision final! This is how authentic music from the balkan sound like. It's not over-the-top dramatic (as it has been portrayed in Eurovision several times (which I also love, btw) but Sergej's clearly singing from his heart. It's a calm, uplifting piece of ethno-influenced art accompanied by a perfect performance! The ice skater on stage was exceptional!
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Postby Mainshow » Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:32 pm

#4 SWEDEN (7 points) Image

Sanna Nielsen - Undo

When I watched Melodifestivalen, I wanted Ace Wilder to win it. "Busy Doin' Nothin'" would have been more contemporary sounding and fun to watch on stage but Sanna also did a very good job. "Undo" - even though its verses remind me a lot of "Wrecking Ball" - it's still typically Swedish: a bit cheesy but an amazingly-produced pop track. Sanna totally clicked with me from the beginning. She's very talented and I was happy that after several attempts to represent her country, she finally made it! I think it's my favourite Swedish entry after "Euphoria".
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Postby KokoCollino » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:48 pm

2 0 1 4

Why is my YouTube quality so bad? :lol: Because every German is on YouTube now? :lol:

Mainie Baby, isn't this the right link for the recap of semi 1 :)

Boring, boring, boring Semi 1. Ugh. OMG Semi 2 isn't better :lol: I didn't remember this year to be so boring/bad, from my today's POV :lol: However - my Top 3 countries are among my faves of all time. Didn't happen in 2013!

A link to the recap of the final:

My ranking:

12 Austria - Another moment in time. For personal reasons, Conchita winning was my second fave moment of Eurovision ever (after the magical win of Lena in 2010). I still believe Loreen's victory in 2012 was "the" Eurovision moment, and I love it, but Lena's and Conchita's stories have a way more personal meaning to me. All those points coming in for Austria. It was amazing. I was so exhausted when she was the FINAL contestant to be announced for the finals :lol: Would've loved to feel the energy in the arena ... Conchita looks GREAT!

10 Sweden - Iconic. It's such a great ballad. Yes, I still prefer it over Ace Wilder. Ace was ace, but this song is so 100% Eurovision and one of my fave Swedish entries ever.

8 Italy - It's a mess the people didn't like it. It was a different entry for Italy 2.0, but hell I f*ckin loved it.

7 Ukraine - Her struggle on stage is real, and I love it. Catchy as hell. Could've done without the guy in the back though.

6 Slovenia - FLAWLESS.

5 The Netherlands - Wow, it finally grew on me over the years.

4 Norway - GOOD.

3 Israel - Don't get why this didn't make the finals. That one sound from the instrumental can be found in the demo of Britney's "Alien" lol. In a slower speed.

2 Romania - God she is such a Queen, the Shania Twain of Romania. This will never match their 2010 perfection, but it's pretty solid as well.

1 France - Catchy.


Armenia - I despised him with a passion. GOD HE IS SO CREEPY GO AWAY.

Russia - The visuals are nice.

Azerbaijan - I never thought we'd see the day Azis failed. And after all those Top 10s not even Top 20 :o

Belgium - I remember I felt sorry for him :(

San Marino - She looked better each year! Nice entry, nothing groundbreaking though.

Poland - Sorry Svenny, not my cup of tea.

Switzerland - Hottie.

Greece - Embarrassing. But hmm I guess they are pretty hot?! Well, the main singer is.

Germany - As much as I liked them ... I want something more professional for Eurovision.

Denmark - That love flag. BYE.
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Postby KokoCollino » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:18 pm

Just watched the voting of 2014 again :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Postby Tansike » Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:45 am

KokoCollino wrote:Just watched the voting of 2014 again :cry: :cry: :cry:
Probably my most watched voting results :cry:
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Postby Mainshow » Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:15 am

I also think that the Common Linnets would have had an incredible huge hit if they had won Eurovision. Conchita's performance was incredible and the Bond-esque track's very entertaining but I think that the Dutch entry is more like an Evergreen. It still gets played on German radio weekly. I'm sure that it won't be forgotten.
When it comes to the Norwegian preselection, I fully agree but the Norwegian entry could've been better. His voice was so shakey and the staging looked cheesy as fu*k. They destroyed their winning chances.
It's funny that you say the UK entry has been the best one for a while since I consider their entries from 2009 to 2013 to be better (Molly was ok, though).
It's also nice to see San Marino (finally they made it to the finals!), Italy, Spain, Finland, Iceland in your Top 10!
Slovenia seems to be one of the most underrated countries in Eurovision (together with Croatia and maybe Czech Republic)
It's great to read that you like the Azerbaijani entry. If you ask me, it's simply brilliant. What a quality entry!

heppolo wrote:
Mainshow wrote:#1 ITALY
A rare thing for us that our #1s do match. nice top 10
Thanks! - Yeah, it was great to share the same #1 with you. WE WERE SO CLOSE in 2014 :(

Wow! That's interesting that you have you very own software! And it's tracking back to 2000? That's incredible! I would have loved to have the same system!

It's a pity that you didn't enjoy 2014 that much. Personally, I think it was a great year again.
I'm glad to see Slovenia, Sweden and the Netherlands in your Top 3. All three entries are part of my Top 10 as well.
When it comes to Russia, I thought that it was too basic to qualify. If it hadn't represented Russia but, let's say, Slovenia or Switzerland, it wouldn't have qualified. It's catchy, though.
Ireland and Portugal got a bit robbed (even though I was not a huge fan of both entries), I would have loved to see them in the final.

Yeeeeeeeeeeees! Finally, someone is appreciating the killer, should-have-won Polish entry!
Amazing Top 4! Love all songs!
France is meh, though :D

Ignore my comment about France when I was replying to Leychen's top 10 :D
Your Top 10 is so Eurovision-esque again! I love it. You have a nice mixed bag and a lot of uptempo entries!

It's crazy you've become such a stan! Hopefully, Marco appreciates having a huge fan of his music in Germany!

Have already commented on the Italian entry from 2013.. but I just have to say it again: Marco is amazing! I love his voice, his physique, his tracks and "L'essenziale" just felt right. Like a timeless classic!

WOW! I completely forgot about the theme song! Even though I consider "Rainmaker" to be uneventful and generic, I have to say that Emmelie nailed it with the performance. That was simply stunning and innovative! What a performance!
Actually, I have never thought about having a theme song again. It just feels strange to not treat it as a tradition now since you mentioned it.

I'm glad that you share your #1 with the public/jury again!
Sweden, Hungary, the Netherlands.. all of them had been part of the real final Top 5 as well. It seems that you have to be very happy about the results! Your taste in music matches the European one.

Poor Elaiza, though. They had a nice concept but failed miserably. I disliked the track when I heard it for the very first time and they I saw them live at the preselection. Sadly, they haven't improved their performance until Copenhagen. It looked so freaking amateur-ish, like a school band performing at a "Bierzelt".
That being sad, it's a pity that a German entry which had been highly supported by our public and our radio stations failed in Eurovision, though.

Nice to see Spain & Norway ;)

Great Top 10. There's no song I dislike! - It's also great to see The Common Linnets on top!

It still amazes me to read that you've become a "full-fledged Eurovision fan"! I love it that you're part of the community and watching one edition of Eurovision live with you someday is one of my private goals ;) I'd be happy for you to encounter the vibe of the Eurovision fever which is clearly circulating around several places in Europe/Australia on the day of the final!
Conchita really turned you into a fan! That's pretty awesome!

I also like to see Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, Italy, UK, Finland, Switzerland in your Top 10!

No worres! Take your time, mate!
I can't believe you really insulted 2013 to be "bland". Apart from very few entries I dislike, I think it was brilliant!

I have no clue why Emmelie & Loreen didn't continue being successful. Both ladies clearly had the biggest potential of all last Eurovision winners to get a decent career in Europe. They clearly struggled with some label issues and finding a way to promote and release a proper second single in other markets. WHAT A WASTE!

I can't believe you stanned for Serbia. That's so effing random!

Cascada really deserved to be #11 to #16 but I really think that the song was too similar to "Euphoria" + Her performance was a mess + Vocally, she had seen better days. She even was off-key. So in the end, the rank wasn't THAT surprising. Still underrated, though.

Romania & Bulgaria were part of my personal "hate club". Both entries are so freaking annoying.

Lovely, to see San Marino being a bit successful in your ranking!

Russia was indeed very bland, not authentic at all and utterly generic. It's outrageous that it went Top 5.
Russia's clearly very successful in Eurovision and they always try their best and invest much to get a great result but 90% of their entries are manufactured formulaic pop tracks which would have flopped in Russia if it hadn't been for Eurovision. I don't mind countries trying new things and delivering perfect performances but I honestly hope to see a TRUE RUSSIAN ENTRY in an upcoming Eurovision edition. They have such a very unique and interesting music scene but they still submit bland ballads to Eurovision (2013-2015).

The Swiss guy was hot? - So many (gay) Eurovision fans said it back then.. I could only shake my head. I don't think he's attractive at all... and I seriously think that most Eurovision fans kept saying that he's hot to themselves until they've finally believed it. 2013 was a horrible year anyway... apart from Farid (which most gays thought he was 'too short'), there was no eye candy in the contest. No pretty gurls.

2014 was indeed a great year! What a great comeback for the Netherlands. Anouk has already been glorious but the Common Linnets were absolutely outstanding. I wanted them to win :(
Nice to see Sweden, Armenia, Norway, Hungary, Spain, Austria and even little San Marino on your list! Great bunch of songs!

@KokoCollino 2.0
I have no clue why the official Eurovision channel uploaded the entries in such a bad quality. It's not the case with the other years, though.
Thanks for sharing the right link for semi 1!

WHAT?! 2014 wasn't bad either! Maybe your taste has changed a bit?

The energy was really intense in the arena when Conchita hasn't been mentioned as a qualifier until the very last opportunity.

I'm glad to see Austria, Sweden, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia (criminally underrated) and Norway on your list.
Personally, I think that Ukraine (as well as Russia) was overrated but I loved wheel on stage, haha.

No one expected Azerbaijan to fail. Personally, it was a funny moment to see Greece and Azerbaijan being BEHIND Germany in the end (even though Germany already didn't get a great rank) but in my opinion, Azerbaijan didn't deserve it. It was a classy, timeless entry with exceptionally brilliant and deep lyrics. Beautiful arrangement and a link to Azerbaijani traditional music. I'm glad juries put her #8.

The German performance was indeed far from being professional. They looked like amateurs.
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Postby Mainshow » Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:21 am

#3 AZERBAIJAN (8 points) Image

Dilara Kazimova - Start A Fire

This is my second favourite entry by Azerbaijan. Like 2012 ("When The Music Dies"), it's another classy and timeless ballad with ethno-influences. The arrangement is beautiful, the lyrics are deep and meaningful and powerful. Her live vocals might not have been the best of the night but she clearly didn't deserve to end up being outside the Top 20! - It's shocking to learn that her #8 rank in the jury voting didn't save her in the end.
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Postby Mainshow » Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:30 am

#2 THE NETHERLANDS (10 points) Image

The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm

The Netherlands really had an exciting journey behind them! They turned from a harmless non-factor into a very dangerous contender to win the contest in the last years! - "Calm After The Storm" would have turned into an international monster hit if it had won (considering it already smashed some charts back in 2014). Even though, I have always liked the entry, I think that the performance lift up the track immensely. Waylon and Ilse clearly created sparks on stage. What a chemistry! Their performance was clearly the magical moment of the night! It should have won!
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Postby Mainshow » Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:37 am

#1 POLAND (12 points) Image

Donatan & Cleo - My Słowianie - We Are Slavic

Top 5 in televoting; smashed several televoting results across Europe (e.g. #1 in Ireland, UK...) but got robbed by the "professional" juries! It's a shame that juries have so much better to bring a #1 in televoting down so that it doesn't get a single point in the end! I'm glad that this incredibly stupid formula got abolished in 2016. "My Słowianie - We Are Slavic" would have been ranked #8, if modern rules had been applied.
This is definitely my favourite Polish entry of all times. It's modern, traditional, catchy, progressive, oustanding and provocative! - I mean, when have we ever seen such a sexy performance on a Eurovision stage?

By the way, you can see me jumping up and down in the crowd at 1:01. Damn, I was so freaking close to that washing lady. If I only were straight, haha
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Postby Mainshow » Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:11 am


12 Poland
10 The Netherlands
8 Azerbaijan
7 Sweden
6 Montenegro
5 Slovenia
4 Italy
3 Belarus
2 Spain
1 Austria
YOUR Top10
12 The Netherlands 70 pts (12 pts by Colbie, heppolo, Noahh)
10 Sweden 62 pts (12 pts by Leychen)
8 Austria 56 pts (12 pts by JSparksFan, KokoCollino, Tansike)
7 Hungary 39 pts
6 Norway 29 pts
5 Spain 26 pts
4 United Kingdom 25 pts
3 Italy 22 pts
2 Slovenia 18 pts (12 pts by Magnus)
1 Greece 16 pts
Thanks to Colbie, Erotica, heppolo, JSparksFan, KokoCollino, Leychen, Magnus, Noahh, Tansike for sharing their Top10s! - We share 6 out of 10 again! Follow-ups were #11 Ukraine, #12 Russia, #13 Armenia (15 pts each) and #14 Switzerland, #15 France [12 pts by Erotica], #16 Iceland (14 pts each).
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Postby Mainshow » Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:22 am


Netherlands jumps 11 places (#24-13), Montenegro (#36-28) and Belarus (#37-35) improve., Italy enters the Top 10.

01 Croatia 79
02 Iceland 69
03 Israel 61

04 Germany 53
05 Sweden 52
06 Poland 52
07 Azerbaijan 47
08 Slovenia 39
09 Spain 35
10 Italy 34
11 Estonia 30
12 United Kingdom 29
13 The Netherlands 26
14 Russia 26
15 Greece 26
16 Bosnia and Herzegovina 23
17 Norway 22
18 France 22
19 Ukraine 20
20 Armenia 19
21 Serbia 19
22 Turkey 18
23 Denmark 18
24 Slovakia 17
25 Cyprus 16
26 Ireland 15
27 Austria 15
28 Montenegro 15
29 Hungary 14
30 Belgium 13
31 Portugal 12
32 Czech Republic 12
33 Moldova 12
34 Malta 11
35 Belarus 11
36 Latvia 11
37 Romania 10
38 Switzerland 8
39 Georgia 8
40 Albania 8
41 Bulgaria 7
42 FYR Macedonia 4
43 Lithuania 3
44 Finland 1
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Postby Mainshow » Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:34 am

Share your Top 10 of 2015 with us! ;) - It's time to revise your votings of the year in which Italy got robbed by the juries, Latvia & Belgium had a stellar comeback, Germany got last again after Gracia in 2005 & Australia debuted!

2015 RECAP

Recap of the live performances:
Semi 1:
Semi 2:
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Postby heppolo » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:07 am

12 Norway ( in a tight race, that ballad managed to come out as my winner, amazing song)
10 Belgium (very modern, his dance during stage show is just total bliss)
8 Estonia (the quality)
7 Latvia (finally, great electropop in Eurovision)
6 Slovenia (either love it or hate it, that retro-pop style of vocal worked for me)
5 Italy (the ultimate cheese, but their vocals are too pure to ignore)
4 Israel (not typical of Israel, a bit of mid 00s Eurovision thrown in the mix)
3 Spain (so underrated)
2 Montenegro (the mid 8 is amazing, he for sure can sing)
1 Austria (Kings Of Leon-lite, 0 was too much of a punishment)
Russia - cliches once again, but Polina for sure can sing
Serbia - have a soft spot for this, it is colourful and catchy
Ireland - great ballad, would have done wonders for any big singer
Sweden - OK winner, but sort of typical Eurovision
UK - gave me headaches
Belarus - a decent entry, for once we could have been in the final deservingly
Finland - too hard to swallow, but I like the cause
France - okay song
Georgia - liked this a lot, but feels like I've heard something similar before
Germany - deserved more than nil points
Albania - "you shat on my dreams" :-?
Azerbaijan - nice production values, something's catchy or memorable missing anyway
Australia - nice song, gets your toes tapping
Iceland - "Let It Go", only worse and cheesy. Disney's outtake
Cyprus - boyband-ish ballad
Moldova - full 90s boyband revival 8-)
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Postby Erotica » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:49 am

12 Sweden
10 Israel
08 Belgium
07 Australia
06 Germany
05 Serbia
04 Latvia
03 Austria
02 Estonia
01 United Kingdom
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Postby Magnus » Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:08 pm

2015 was another not so good ESC year for me. My two favourites were songs I discovered months before the rest so around ESC time there was actually no ESC song I listened a lot to.

12 points: Iceland (Maria Olafs - Unbroken) - I strongly prefer the original version in Icelandic (Lítil skref) but this would most likely still be my #1 if just the English ESC version existed. Quite shocking that it didn't make it to the final.
10: Estonia (Elina Born & Stig Rästa - Goodbye to Yesterday)
(massive gap)
8: Malta
7: Slovenia
6: Spain
5: Netherlands
4: Russia
3: Australia
2: Denmark
1: Lithuania
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Postby Mainshow » Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:08 pm

#10 ESTONIA (1 point) Image

Elina Born & Stig Rästa - Goodbye To Yesterday

Personally, I think 2015 was a great year with many excellent performances. Even though, my Top 9 has never really changed, it was extremely difficult to decide the luckiest country of a bunch of 31 to finally get my #10 spot. In the end, I chose Estonia because "Goodbye To Yesterday" is an entry of high quality with an exceptionally brilliant hook. Elina & Stig did really a great job on stage and their voices did harmonise with each other. I was really happy to see it inside the final Top 10 of Eurovision but strangely, it never really did have a huge impact on me like on other Eurovision fans. It reminds me too much of "Summer Wine" and I am missing an outstanding middle 8 part somehow. Don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant entry (basically 9 or even 9.5 out of 10 point) but I simply prefer other entries that year.

Btw, the other threecountries which had been considered to get that #10 spot on my ranking were Israel[/i [catchy, fun, energetic], [i]Czech Republic [great comeback, criminally underrated, I hate the juries for not letting it qualify!] & Russia [brilliant voice, amazing and magical performance, great chorus but cheesy lyrics and it's just not authentic at all].
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