Gravity's Top 20 songs by...Mariah Carey

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Postby Gravity » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:48 pm

phoenix98 wrote:• "Anytime You Need A Friend" = Like "Everything Fades Away", I often see fans praising this one, but it's actually one of my least favorite singles of hers (from the 90's, anyway) :oops: Do you like the dance mixes too, or just the album version?
• "Butterfly" = Ha, sorry, another one that's just kind of..."meh" for me. It does have some really great lyrics, though: "Wild horses run unbridled or their spirit dies..." The bridge is pretty moving too: "I can't pretend these tears aren't overflowing steadily, I can't prevent this hurt from almost over-taking me..." Ha, maybe I like this one more than I realize!
• "Honey" = BOP! Now this one, I know that I love! Possibly a Top 10 contender for me - definitely Top 20. Super fun, fresh, and sexy.
So, a person who doesn't like Butterfly exists :lol:
I love AYNAF dance remixes, but I prefer the album version :wink:
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