My Top 75 of 2002

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Postby control_freeek » Sat Jan 04, 2003 11:29 pm

ok, these are my Top 75 songs of 2002. Mind you, the reason why this chart is not a Top 100 is because it's made out of my personal weekly chart and that chart contains some older singles so I had to delete those to get the chart all together. Anyhoo, here we go:

75. Brown Eyes - Destiny's Child - # 3
this one made the chart partially because when Emotion was released, the intention was to make it a double a-side with this song, so it made the chart early in the year after Emotion was going down the chart (Emotion peaked at #2).

74. Jenny From The Block - Jennifer Lopez ft/ Jadakiss & Styles - # 2
yeah, it's J.Lo, yeah she's overexposed, but I liked the song anyway. Oh well.

73. Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue - # 2
I became so obsessed with "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", that when I bought "Love At First Sight", I added the b-side onto the chart too. funky remix.

72. One Of Those Days - Whitney Houston - # 6
It would have gone higher but I never saw the video, never heard the song on the radio, and Whitney Houston is scary in interview :-?

71. Girl Talk - TLC - # 5
I don't know why, but i've never really liked TLC as much after CrazySexyCool. And now that Left-Eye's dead, the rest of the group seems inconsequential to me. This will probably be the highest charting single on the album on my chart.

70. Put The Needle On It - Dannii Minogue - # 4
For a girl who's always had to ride the coattails of her younger sister, Dannii's done a very good job on this single. Hopefully the next 3 or 4 will be as good if not better.

69. Up & Down (In & Out) - Deborah Cox featuring Jadakiss - # 3
Anyone who likes R&B and pop around here should check this one out. Very under-appreciated track by a relatively obscure artist in the UK. Deborah has the biggest-ever single on the Billboard R&B singles chart (14 weeks at #1), and she's canadian too, check this woman out!

68. Son Of A Gun - Janet Jackson ft/ Missy Elliot, P. Diddy & Carly Simon - # 2 (3 weeks)

alright, alright, this one's from last year, but it was on its way down the chart in january 2002, and so as far as this year's concerned it peaked at #3. Still good enough for #67.

67. True Love - Lil' Romeo featuring Solange - # 2
*hides* yes, i know i know, this is the LOWEST of the low (unless you wanna count B2K), but I still like this song, not as annoying as any of the "lil' peoples'" work.

66. Ain't No Need - IMx - # 6
Not a bad little R&B single, not the best of the year, but it deserved its #6 placing. Very catchy and good production.

65. Gold - Beverley Knight - # 6
Ahhh, how I LOVE Beverley Knight. One of the best singers on the planet, this girl could be even better though if she'd just show off her voice more. I'm hoping SO mcuh she goes after the US market after this album.

64. Sunday Morning After - Amanda Marshall - # 5
Here's some more CanCon for ya. Amanda Marshall is one of my favourite Canadian artists, this woman has a voice for rock AND R&B, very talented, check out this single ASAP if you haven't already.

63. Colourblind - Darius - # 4
Once again, don't hurt me, I like this guy, he's the best of ANY of the idols. Better singles than anyone else from that show. He might have a career ahead of him unlike Will and Gareth (even tho i REALLY like Will, i hate his music).

62. The Colour Of Love - Boyz II Men - # 3
My last hurrah with these guys, I used to be a big fan, but i'm sorry, you can't walk around in old men's golfing outfits and think you're attracting youth to your music. Evolution is very nice, too bad they haven't. (PS: i like their music, of course)

61. Love Won't Wait - Atomic Kitten - # 1
I found "It's Ok" boring, so instead I used this song, which I hope to hell is the next single, as the entry from my chart. Debuted at #1, disappeared mighty fast thereafter.

60. Boys - Britney Spears ft/ Pharrell - # 8
I think I'm about one of 3 people in all of North America who don't hate Britney Spears' new album. In my opinion, this whole album should have been her second album. She's evolving too slowly, but her sound is getting better with time, hope she sticks around to really progress.

59. Differences - Ginuwine - # 2
The Pony Man returns with a sweet little romantic ballad. I love this song and i'm so glad it made #4 in the US. Very beautiful even though it isn't the msot catchy number.

58. Rushes - Darius - # 1
Yes, he did even better with this one. Rushes I find a lot less annoying than "Colourblind", which totally and completely got on my nerves after the second week of listening, thus its quick descent off the chart. On the contrary, "Rushes" is a nice, melodic and intricate song that makes it a hugely interesting and cool single.

57. Ain't It Funny (remix) - Jennifer Lopez ft/ Ja Rule & Cadillac 'Tah - #1
Something about the jazzyness and the funky groove made me love this song. I was SO not liking J.Lo when this single came out and this single managed to kick "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" out of #1 after 12 weeks at #1. Impressive, no?

56. When You Look At Me - Christina Milian - # 6
Very cool message in this song, and I love Christina Milian for the simple fact that she isn't Ashanti and actually makes catchy material. Too bad she isn't in everyone's face like Ashanti is right now :roll: .

55. Happy - Ashanti - # 6
I am NOT a hypocrite, lol. This is the only song by Ashanti that I like, and it's not that bad despite being airy, fluffy, and tuneless. Ahhh, what a good beat can do.

54. I Do (Wanna Get Close To You) - 3LW featuring P. Diddy & Loon - # 5
Now, considering the lawsuit that one of the group's members is throwing out there right now, I have some highly derogatory names that I COULD throw at these girls involving the group's initials, but let's keep this clean and just say how silly it is that they're keeping it 3LW when there's only 2LW let.
Back to the song, really a good song, but the video should not be starring 17 year old girls dressing like they were. Come on, I have to see enough of that at school, don't encourage them.

53. A Little Less Conversation - Elvis vs. JXL - # 5
What wonders one can do with an Elvis song if they try hard enough. This is probably one of the best Elvis songs now that they've remixed it, and i'm very glad I bought this single. One of the best of the year.

52. Girlfriend - *N SYNC (featuring Nelly) - # 5
What might be the very last *N SYNC single came out this past year, and this one kicked butt. Not only was it a very good Neptunes track, but the group working with Nelly ressurected the boys' careers. This single was the US' #1 seller for 16 weeks, and is probably one of the group's best tracks.

OK people, that is it for the first third of the chart. Come back soon to this thread for #51-27.
I'll probably post them later tonight or tomorrow sometime.
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chart history of #1 artist this week:
Liberty X:

Just A Little - # 3
Got To Have Your Love - # 13
Holding On For You - # 49
Being Nobody - # 1 THIS WEEK
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Postby Hype » Sun Jan 05, 2003 12:02 am

intresting!...glad britney is there! I love her with all my hearts!..yes i have more then one!

Also good to see the Mighty DC too!
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Postby control_freeek » Sun Jan 05, 2003 2:56 am

here's part 2.

51. Kool Wit Me - Allure - # 7
Talk about under-appreciated. This song is one good little R&B-pop song, yet no one knew it existed, odd I think. Either way, if anyone wants to hear it, go download it, not bad and kinda catchy.

50. A Moment Like This / Before Your Love - Kelly Clarkson - # 2
Ok, I loved Kelly on American Idol, but if this is the best she can do, then she'll vanish into obscurity, sorry Kelly. Bland, clichéd pop ballad, the buzz got it to #2.

49. Smell The Coffee - Spek - # 2
This is the BEST rap song of the year, I don't care what anyone says. Yeah saure, some other songs got higher up, but this one kicks all their butts. If you wanna hear a rap song like nothing you've ever heard before, check this one out, very very original.

48. Addictive - Truth Hurts featuring Rakim - # 7
I can't stop listening to this song, even all these months later. Talk about diversity, this song uses the middle-eastern theme to a tee, and accentuates Truth Hurts' voice beautifully, well-written, absolutely great. Too bad she's being sued for $500 Million.

47. What's Luv? - Fat Joe featuring Ashanti - # 6
This is catchy and Joe is fat. The fact the female vocal is Ashanti is inconsequential.

46. It Takes More - Ms. Dynamite - # 4
This woman has something to say. That's what I admire about her. She has a grossly relevant message to give us all in her debut single, which I absolutely love and bought at the first opportunity. She'll go on to do many great things I assure you.

45. Dirrty - Christina Aguilera featuring Redman - # 3
It's hard to explain why I like this song so much without copping out and generalizing "everything was wonderful". I don't like the fact that Christina was stupid enough to use David LaChapelle as the director for this video. This is the same guy who did Mariah's "Loverboy" video and ultimately botched the entire project. The song itself is FAR better, get everyone up and at 'em in a party atmosphere. The song has energy and is well-written. The video is verging on sleazy, but hey, you expect her to be all clean-cut and preppy with a song like this?

44. Boy (I Need You) - Mariah Carey featuring Cam'Ron - # 2
Expect this to be on the year-end chart next year too. Since this is now going to be the second single from "Charmbracelet", i expect this track to hit #1 on my chart in new year. Very catchy, and makes "Oh Boy" by Cam'Ron FAR less annoying than it was.

43. Walking Away - Craig David - # 6
ok, so for you guys this song's 2 years old. But for us in the US and Canada this is a brand new track. Third single from "Born To Do It", which was the #3 album in Canada. Really good song, mellow and kinda positive in some ways.

42. Let's Dance - Five - # 4
So? it may have been out last year, but it was LATE last year here, really it was. Either way, I love this song and it's depressing Five split.

41. Better Days - Janet Jackson - # 2
After "Son Of A Gun" came out, I was hoping this would be the fourth single from "All For You", but nothing came of it. Very pretty, nice melody and cool message.

40. Little Things - India Arie - # 9
India Arie is great at what she does, great guitarist, wonderful low voice, catchy songs, she's great and her single "Little Things" is too.

39. Oops (Oh My) - Tweet - # 5
What is the allure of Tweet? She has a dumb name, and shows off too much skin in videos for songs that make her sound like she's prostituing herself unknowingly.
Well, the allure is this. Her songs, as provocative as they are, are very very cool and fun and inventive. I love "oops" because it's not your typical R&B song, very good groove and cool music. Tweet's voice is one in a million.

38. Die Another Day - Madonna - #7
ok, so this isn't Madonna's best work, but let's be honest, she does a good job with another incoherent James Bond movie title and turns it into a hit single. #8 in the US, making it one of the most successful Bond singles in the states, and to boot the song's electronica beats are featured in the superb music video that is one of the best of the year if not so far this decade.

37. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera - # 1 (1 week so far)
This is one of the best tracks of the year. GREAT melody, GREAT message, and a cool video, and to boot, Christina's wonderful vocals overtop, world-class effort.

36. Hit The Freeway - Toni Braxton featuring Loon - #1
cool song, great Neptunes track, well-produced, nice to see Toni getting away from the influence of Rodney Jerkins. Very good job.

35. Gotta Get Thru This - Daniel Bedingfield - # 1
Who knew what speeding up an already boyish voice could do for a singer's career. Daniel Bedingfield's debut single "Gotta Get Thru This" got him a three-week stay at #1 in the UK, a #10 hit in the US and the #1 spot on my chart this summer. This song's very danceable and is quite unlike most songs on the radio right now. I hope he's not another one-hit wonder here.

34. Put Me Down - Donnell Jones - # 1
Donnell has not had a Top 40 single in the US since 1999 when "U Know What's Up" , but this, one of two #1 hits Donnell's has had this year on my chart, it's time for Donnell to make a comeback on the single chart. This song had the great 80s vibe and is a very good party track, check it out.

33. Hella Good - No Doubt - # 10
This I think it one of the three of the biggest rock tracks on my chart this year. The song is a great club song, great to dance to, and has a great energetic party vibe. Good track!

32. Complicated - Avril Lavigne - # 4
Ok, so she's pre-fabricated non-prefab, so what? The song's good. Good little rock-pop song. not THE best, but the most-played.

31. Heartbreaker - Michael Jackson - # 2
Usually I dislike the baby-hanger's music, but he's done a good job with this one, "Heartbreaker" was one that deserved to be a single, but never was. Too bad Michael ditched Sony after 2 singles. This was one that could have gotten Mikey a #1.

30. Back To Love - Faith Evans - #2 (2 weeks)
This song's very cool for it samples "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life", which was covered by Mariah Carey on last year's "Glitter". What they did with that track for this song is very cool and could definately be used at a dance club. Good job, Faith.

29. Dance For Me - Mary J. Blige featuring Common - # 9
What a shame that MCA didn't put out a fourth single for Mary J. Blige's album in the US. This song could have driven Mary J. Blige back up the charts into the Top 10 for a second time this decade. This wasn't THE biggest hit off the "No More Drama" album, but it was one of four Top 10 singles on my chart from the album.

28. What About Us? - Brandy - # 2
It's too bad Brandy didn't plug her album a bit longer, this one was doing quite well. "He Is" was probably the worst choice for a third single and most likely won't make ANY chart anywhere in the world.
As for this song, talk about a weird way to kick off your first album in 5 years. The song is catchy enough, but the song's rhythm track starts off out of sync with the bass. whooops!

27. 7 Days - Craig David - # 9
The second single from "Born To Do It", Craig David sounds superb on this record, smooth yet not slimy sound that really makes him out to be a really cool guy. Now if only rappers sounded this good talking about doing it all week :P .

Ok, that's it. Tomorrow, yield to the Top 26 (don't ask).
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chart history of #1 artist this week:
Liberty X:

Just A Little - # 3
Got To Have Your Love - # 13
Holding On For You - # 49
Being Nobody - # 1 THIS WEEK
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Postby matthew_dixon » Sun Jan 05, 2003 8:45 am

"You gotta... wake up and just... smell the coffee"

Wow - another Spek fan on here - I thought I was alone in that respect. I really like Spek. I'm going to be revealing my top 100 of 2001 soon (it was such a good year, only now can I decide between the tracks). "I'm A Hippie" is a strong contender for the top 10.
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Postby TangoMan » Sun Jan 05, 2003 5:26 pm

Nice, chart! Can't wait for the top 25, hopefully Sophie Ellis Bextor is high!
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Postby control_freeek » Sun Jan 05, 2003 8:16 pm

here's the Top 26 of 2002, as calculated by MEEEE:

26. Dilemma - Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland - # 8
One of the most overplayed records of the last year, "Dilemma" was in the Top 40 for 12 weeks before I got supremely annoyed with its existance and kicked it off. This was not Nelly's choice for the second single, but seeing as the radio picked up on it and played it to death, it became a huge hit worldwide. Very catchy though not at all deep by any means.

25. Pass The Courvoisier (part II) - Busta Rhymes featuring P. Diddy & Pharrell - # 8
Busta Rhymes returns to my chart with a nice splash, fetching the # 8 spot on the chart for 2 weeks, his "Pass The Courvoisier" was one of the greatest videos of the year and was strangely catchy. The always-original rapper scored with this single, I hope his new album brings as much originality.

24. I Love You - Fath Evans - # 3
Faith Evans is one of my favourite R&B stars. Her distinctive voice and unique material keep her singles near the top of my charts. This song proved no exception, "I Love You"'s sample of Isaac Hayes' "Make A Little Love To Me" proves a brilliant step in creating the romantic mood of the song, the cool 70s vibe carries throughout the song and makes the song undeniably romantic.

23. Down 4 U - Irv Gotti Presents The Inc. Featuring Ja Rule, Ashanti, Vita, & Charli "Chuck" Baltimore *gasp* - # 2
Once again, Ashanti is inconsequential, I like everyone else on this record and as a group they do very very well and complement each other's styles. Extremely catchy summer rap hit it sells the Murder Inc. label better than any other label has in years.

22. Murder On The Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor - # 1 (2 weeks)
I can explain why this record is only at #22 at year's end. It entered the chart early on in the year and managed to peak at # 27. It didn't get higher because I had only heard a little bit of the song on the Brit Awards and had not had the time to download the song. Once I bought the single in November, it instantly re-entered the chart at #1 and has yet to dip below the Top 20.
The song itself is insanely catchy and puts all other disco-pop acts to shame (except, of course, Kylie). The Jewels & Stone remix is FAR better than their remix of "Take Me Home", and with this MOTDF remix, they add the disco elements along with a faster, more danceable groove.
On the whole, one of my favourite singles of the year.

21. Get Up! - Beverley Knight - # 3
Beverley Knight is, one again, an amazing singer. This song, the first single off her "Who I Am" album, was also a #1 R&B hit, as well as being at #3 for 2 weeks. Beverley combines reggae/dancehall grooves with a dilectible R&B voice that kills her competition, as well as sending out a positive message to youth everywhere about being one's self instead of bending to peer pressure. One of a kind, and this woman needs US promo.

20. Rainy Dayz - Mary J. Blige featuring Ja Rule - # 1
Mary J. Blige's third #1 single came as the third US release from "No More Drama" and helped push the album's sales over 2 million copies. This single is inspiring when one's having glum moments and is a sweet melody, the waterworks in the video are a bit much, but the whole song is an asset to the "No More Drama" disc.

19. Don't You Forget It - Glenn Lewis - # 1
Glenn Lewis is another Canadian artist who got insanely good promotion for his first single this year. Glenn moved up to #1 on my chart and hit #1 on my R&B and Adult Contemporary chart. An extremely successful single and hopefully one of many from this talented young man.

18. Through The Rain - Mariah Carey (featuring Joe & Kelly Price - # 5
This is actually a disappointing charting for Mariah Carey, who has seen the debut singles from her last two albums become multi-week #1 singles. This single hovered about the Top 40 for 14 weeks but never hit any higher than #5.
The song is a return to Mariah's older stylings, matching her this time with Lionel Cole as opposed to Walter Afanasieff or Ben Margulies, who've written previous hit ballads with her. Mariah seems back in top form but keeps an airy, light demeanor to this song as well as most of the songs on her album. Hopefully, however, this album becomes a mega-seller like Mariah's albums of old.

17. Hey Baby - No Doubt featuring Bounty Killer - # 3
No Doubt had a very good year this year. This song proves this, staying at # 3 for 3 weeks in a row. This single is insanely catchy and hard to get out of your head. With a very jamaican flavour to this single, the song becomes a great little floor-filler that A*Teens only wishes they'd had.

16. Soak Up The Sun - Sheryl Crow - # 1
Sheryl Crow has been one of my favourite rock acts this past ten years. Constantly bringing something new to the table, this woman should be proud. "Soak Up The Sun" has a California surf sound that hasn't been done by anyone for years. This single is the biggest rock track of 2002, spending 6 weeks atop the Rock singles chart.

15. Freeek! - George Michael - # 1 (3 weeks)
Yes, I know SO many of you dislike this song, but I am a HUGE George Michael fan and this song is very dirty, but very wise in its dirtyness and proves George Michael is the king of closet cases. What other openly gay man would sing about having sex with a woman? (Will Young would, but whatever, lol). The techno-funk sound of this song adds a whole new edge to the song and makes George Michael sound like a million bucks (conequently, this is about the cost of the video shoot for this single).

14. In Your Eyes - Kylie Minogue - #2 (3 weeks)
Kylie Minogue makes a big splash with this single. This was her second chart entry after "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" ("Come Into My World" made #2 on the chart while CGYOOMH was still at #1). "In Your Eyes" is really a very wise choice for the second single, as it is catchy, fun to dance to, and well-done. Another #1 dance hit for Kylie.

13. Gangsta Lovin' - Eve featuring Alicia Keys - #2 (2 weeks)
Alicia Keys adds big points onto this single, which is already incredibly good. Eve worked overtime on this one. Fun, sexy and full of groove, "Gangsta' Lovin'" pulls off a huge feat for Eve, and succeeded at getting Eve up to the top notches of the UK, and US charts, as well at #2 on my chart. A #1 Rap AND R&B hit.

12. You Know That I Love You - Donnell Jones - # 1 (2 weeks)
One of the best R&B-pop songs in 2002, this romantic little affair is very sweet and smooth thanks to Donnell's vocals and the cute music. Too bad the radio didn't take a shine to it, barely missed the UK Top 40 (#41). Another #1 R&B hit for Donnell.

11. All Eyez On Me - Monica - # 3
Monica didn't score big on most charts with this single, but I still love hearing this song, her first release on J Records. This track may be sampling PYT by Michael Jackson, but the track has a fresh edge and is a great party track.

10. I'm Gonna Be Alright - Jennifer Lopez featuring Nas - # 7
Jennifer Lopez scored again this year. However, this track ended her hit streak of four consecutive #1 singles, the most of any artist so far on my chart. All tracks from "J.Lo", except this track made #1 on my chart. However, due to its 20 week stay in the Top 40, J.Lo's "I'm Gonna Be Alright" becomes one of this year's Top 10 singles.

9. Burning Up - Faith Evans featuring Missy Elliot & Freeway - # 1 (3 weeks)
Missy Elliot and Freeway spice up this Faith Evans track and make it so great, it became a #1 hit, one of the biggest of the year. Faith Evans' track for this song is a good strong party track and the remix added onto the end of the video makes the song that much better. I absolutely adore this and I want all of you to check it out if you can.

8. Hands Clean - Alanis Morissette - # 1 (3 weeks)
This single came out early in the year and proved to be one of the great pop-rock tracks of the year. The easy melody and interesting subject matter set the scene for a big hit. "Hands Clean" is original and is somewhat humourous in some areas. Alanis does a good job of pointing out the possiblity of being bitter in the situation without actually sounding bitter like she would have on Jagged Little Pill. Great artistic development.

7. Eternal Flame - Atomic Kitten - #1 (4 weeks)
Atomic Kitten's final single from "Right Now" and first single from "Feels So Good" bring to mind why the group is so popular in the first place. Unlike "Whole Again" which I found horribly boring, "Eternal Flame" is pretty without being overproduced and shows the the girls have the R&B thing pretty well laid out.
The track may have been released in 2001 in the UK but finally made it to Canada this year. It is the biggest Adult Contemporary hit on my chart this year, spending 6 weeks at #1 on that chart.

6. U Don't Have To Call - #2 (3 weeks)
Usher was one R&B singer I did not like until 2001 when the first single from his "8701" album was released. "U Remind Me" peaked at #2 and since, Usher has become a big player on my chart. This single was one of the biggest R&B singles of the year, spending 4 weeks at #1 on that chart and going to #2 for 3 weeks on the main chart.
This record is a great party track and good to dance to. Faster than most Usher records, fans may like the good popping base sounds (as demonstrated in the video for this single).

5. Come Into My World - Kylie Minogue - # 2 (2 weeks)
Kylie's fourth "Fever" single was her second chart entry this year for me. Well before single release, "Come Into My World"'s original mix made #2 for 2 weeks while "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" was at #1. Once the single was released, "Come Into My World" re-entered and moved to # 8.
The new mix of this track is weaker than the first. The bass is stronger, but at the expense of the dance feel of the original. The new mix sounds like a track fit for a hip cocktail party free of energy. It seems to move slower.
The original version lacked bass on the other hand. Kylie's sexy thin voice helped keep the track alive and moving, but the lack of bass and airy feeling of the track didn't help matters much. Either was, a very good track by Kylie.

4. Round Round - Sugababes - #1 (4 weeks)
How could a single get any more perfect than this? Sugababes bring this 60s-influenced gem to life making "Round Round" one of the best pop tracks released in the past 15 years. Sugababes' sound is at its finest on this single. They combine rock, pop and soul beautifully. This track is one of the biggest singles of the year and put all other pop acts to shame. Sugababes have scored twice more single this single, "Stronger" (#7) and "Freak Like Me" (#2).

3. Love At First Sight - Kylie Minogue - # 1 (2 weeks)
Kylie's second-biggest single of 2002, "Love At First Sight" spent its first 11 weeks on the chart inside the Top 10. The single was a HUGE dance chart hit and is definately one of my favourite songs of the year, combining pop and R&B grooves, the track creates a dance vibe like no other. Also check out the b-side "Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head" at #73.

2. Hot In Herre - # 2 (7 weeks)
This is one single that is so catchy that you wish it would go away and never be heard from again. Nelly's first single from "Nellyville" is so insanely catchy that I didn't stop listening to it for about a month. The single is very good and gets you out on the dancefloor. The song has an almost humourous tone to it, especially at the chorus. At 7 weeks, it is the longest-ever #2 hit in my chart's history.

# 1 Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue - # 1 (13 weeks)
Kylie Minogue has outdone herself this time. The first single from "Light Years", "Spinning Around" made #1 for 6 weeks, and this time around, Kylie's given herself the #1 single of all time on my chart. This single made #4 last year with only 7 weeks on the chart (all seven of these being at #1). This year only the last six weeks of her #1 reign are counted, but nontheless, the single stayed inside the Top 40 for 24 weeks and is the biggest, pop, dance, electronic, and international #1 single of all time on my chart. Can't get much better than that. We all know why we like this song, so I need not explain it. Kylie made #1 in every European country except France, where it was #2 for 6 weeks. It made #1 in every North American country except the US, where it got to #7.

BEAUTIFUL, Kylie. Let's hope her next album in 2003 will give us even more to talk about.
chart history of #1 artist this week:
Liberty X:

Just A Little - # 3
Got To Have Your Love - # 13
Holding On For You - # 49
Being Nobody - # 1 THIS WEEK
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Postby Terence » Mon Jan 06, 2003 10:50 am

Nice to hear that J.Lo topped your charts a lot, she was #1 in mine with all her songs except for "Feelin So Good"

Nice top 10 - Atomic Kitten, SUgababes, Nelly and Kylie!!! :wink:
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Postby FreakyFlyBry » Mon Jan 06, 2003 2:09 pm

Wow, 3 songs in the top 5 for Kylie! Nice to see Can't Get You Out Of My Head at #1, I still love that song to this day!

Also good to see J-Lo, Alanis, Usher, Nelly, Sugababes, and Atomic Kitten up there!
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Postby Muzikritik » Mon Jan 06, 2003 6:50 pm

Wow! :) I am impressed!!

I've found a whole new respect for you after your lil reviews of artists on your chart like Mariah, Ginuwine and Monica!! Of course, we'll never agree on Kylie, Atomic Kitten or Sophie Ellis Bextor, but datz cool! 8-)

Well done!!!
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Postby matthew_dixon » Tue Jan 07, 2003 1:14 am

Every North American country except the US? Is that not just Canada? or are you including Mexico and the like?
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Postby control_freeek » Tue Jan 07, 2003 5:08 am

matthew_dixon wrote:Every North American country except the US? Is that not just Canada? or are you including Mexico and the like?
yeah, it made #1 in mexico too, hehe. In Your Eyes made the Top 10 in Mexico too i'm quite sure. Possibly even #1. It only made #28 here, so that's quite an impressive little bit.
chart history of #1 artist this week:
Liberty X:

Just A Little - # 3
Got To Have Your Love - # 13
Holding On For You - # 49
Being Nobody - # 1 THIS WEEK
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Postby San » Tue Jan 07, 2003 6:22 am

control_freeek wrote:
matthew_dixon wrote:Every North American country except the US? Is that not just Canada? or are you including Mexico and the like?
yeah, it made #1 in mexico too, hehe. In Your Eyes made the Top 10 in Mexico too i'm quite sure. Possibly even #1. It only made #28 here, so that's quite an impressive little bit.
Yeah I live in Mexico and CGYOMH is already a classic, even my parents know it, and it was played on the new year's dinner, it was #1 from December to like April, yep Kylie scored a great single
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