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Postby heppolo » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:00 am

1 (NEW) Leaves’ Eyes – Across The Sea
Chart Run: *1*- / 1w

Decent song, I like her commanding vocal power. Growl is a bit whacky, but it is here only for a few seconds so it's almost a non-issue

I am also having more metal entries these days, however,most of them are pretty extreme.
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Postby Tansike » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:15 pm

^ Glad you think the song is decent - better than nothing, i guess :)

I'm still not 100% sure about her voice, sometimes it sounds a bit too forced to me. But overall it's definitely a good voice and i love the song all combined, even with the growls.

Extreme ones? Are they with female front singers? It may sound weird but the only metal stuff i'm listening to is female fronted. I think only one male fronted band made it to my library (Disturbed) :oops:
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Postby heppolo » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:06 pm

Tansike wrote:^ Glad you think the song is decent - better than nothing, i guess :)

I'm still not 100% sure about her voice, sometimes it sounds a bit too forced to me. But overall it's definitely a good voice and i love the song all combined, even with the growls.

Extreme ones? Are they with female front singers? It may sound weird but the only metal stuff i'm listening to is female fronted. I think only one male fronted band made it to my library (Disturbed) :oops:
In my recent charts I had a handful of those:
Ascending Dawn - Opposites - closer to alternative metal than gothic
Skarlett Riot - Warrior - softer one than Ascending Dawn
Jinjer - A Plus Or A Minus - check their live performances, the girl switches from growl to clean and back in no time
Awaken Solace ~ Moon over the Mountain - closer to folk and goth metal
Storm Seeker - The Longing - male/female vocal duo on a ''pirate'' metal song
Metaprism - Unleash The Fire - male/female vocal duo
also you can check Anavae - brilliant, but constantly overlooked UK female-led alternative rock act (something heavier than PVRIS)
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Postby phoenix98 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:30 pm

Tansike wrote:No :lol: but clothes don’t stop me, you know :P :lol: Yeah definitely. Plus, sometimes he’s playing games I’d like to play as well, so it’s interesting to see how he’s doing it and how the game actually is – but the negative effect from this is, that I actually lose interest in these games as I think why should I play it as well when I just saw everything about it, so there’s not much more to discover anymore :oops:

Yes, I really enjoy that at the moment and I hope it keeps on going like this for as long as possible. He’s currently stanning for Skyrim, and he’s playing it on his Playstation, on Switch AND Playstation VR :lol: He never played Pokémon until he met me, so he even had a short phase when he was loving Pokémon Tekken. Congrats on finishing the main story – as you can imagine, I’m not much further than the last time :oops: How does your team look like now, if I may ask?
As in the clothes don't stop you from removing them yourself, or don't stop you from groping him over/under/through them...?

Ha, well, so at least it's not like you've really stopped enjoying video games - you've just found a new way to enjoy them (by watching your sexy awesome partner play them.) Not a bad deal, tbh! It sounds like you've already made a positive impact on his gaming habits too, by introducing him into the wonderful world of Pokémon <3 I've never checked out Skyrim, but I've watched Ian play Assassin's Creed: Origins a bit lately (mostly because the main character gets shirtless sometimes...)

I've nearly finished the "Rainbow Rocket" post-game arc in Ultra Sun, and my team = Incineroar/Fuegro, Alolan Raichu, Alolan Sandslash/Sandamer, Alolan Ninetales/Vulnona, Salazzle/Amfira, and Palossand/Colossand (all around Lv. 70.) The arc has been pretty fun, with some great throwback music and puzzles to solve (though there's a TAD too many repetitive Grunt/Rüpel battles, but I think that's to help ensure your team isn't too under-levelled for all the Bosses using Legendaries.)

Tansike wrote:Oh wow… I never had to go to Church every sunday, though there was a phase when we did it as my mom was in something like a sect for some time (it was actually funny to admit though :lol: ). I also had “religious education” class though, but also not for very long, so I was raised quite neutral when it comes to religion. I think it’s important to get to know the religion, however, everyone should decide for themselves what they want to believe in or not.
A sect as in...a cult? That's pretty intense, but it sounds like you all came out of it just fine! Is your new partner religious or spiritual at all?

Tansike wrote:This may be the reason… also, to be fair, someone like Psy is maybe also responsible for making K-Pop even more popular on a worldwide base, while there has yet to come a big(ger) J-Pop hit which gets recognized by the whole world. Ah interesting. I think there are no J-Pop songs in my library, but a few K-Pop ones (like Psy, the two albums by Taeyeon, the last album by Girls’ Generation and that’s it iirc).
Ah, yeah, I really should give PSY more credit! J-Pop just got a head-start with me because a friend in college sat me down and introduced me to a handful of his favorite songs/videos, and some of them really hooked me right away!

Tansike wrote:Are you already able to pick some of your favorite album tracks, or is it still too soon?
The standout for me (besides "Guilty" and "Crybaby") has definitely been "Surrender." Some other top picks would be "My Body" (which you called a while back!), "Lost And Lonely", "Tonight's Not The Only Night", "Kings And Queens", "Til I'm Done", and "Love Me As I Am."

Tansike wrote:Good guessing, as that’s exactly how I’d rank the songs.
Fourth would be “I Did Something Bad”, “Call It Want You Want” may be fifth, followed by “End Game” :)
I really have to admit “Delicate” comes closer and closer to the first spot…
Ooh, I didn't expect "End Game" to be that high! I'm VERY excited by that news about "Delicate" too :o :D Hopefully it'll get a video at some point to help secure the No. 1 spot in your heart (and maybe on your chart too...)

Tansike wrote:Which song(s) would you have preferred as the final single? I thought this was a good-enough choice, and I absolutely loved the video! :D
Yeah, "Everyday" wasn't the absolute worst/most shocking choice...but I would've MUCH preferred "Greedy" (or even "Be Alright", though I'm less sure about that one's hit potential.)

Tansike wrote:Lindsey’s “Carol Of The Bells” may be a cover of a Christmas classic, but musically it’s so typical Lindsey and can be played outside of Christmas as well, so I expect this to stay on the chart for a little bit longer.
Ah, that totally makes sense!

Tansike wrote:Hmm… there’s just ONE person in my sexxx dreams at the moment :P
Awwwwww <3 Do those start out with him playing video games too...? ;)

Tansike wrote:It really is! I’m running three Excels to be exact; one to compile the Top40/Top20 (I’ll do the actual chart in a word file though), one to update the YECs/YTDs and one with Discographies :)
Brilliant! I take a similar approach, using a Word Doc for my weekly Top 30 and an Excel spreadsheet for discographies.

Tansike wrote:Aw, that’s kinda sad, as I would have loved to follow your YEC. However, I completely agree that it takes a lot of time and you have to have time nearly every day. Every year I’d like to have my YEC prepared before starting it, but it always turns out completely different and I get a bit stressed then. Also, I love to follow all other YECs so this really takes time as well and this year I’m really not on point in doing comments :oops:
Thanks for understanding <3 You're totally right about it making it even harder to stay on top of weekly charts too - another reason why I decided to just keep my attention on my favorite weekly ones.

Tansike wrote:It is :cool: She’s having a good time on my chart at the moment… I’m really looking forward to “Expectations” (her next project). I hope the first song may be released soon as I need something fresh/new from her (I don’t count “Home” as her single somehow, even though her part is my most favorite one).
I'm curious to hear what she serves up next (especially with the way she switches up genres/sounds, we could be in for a total surprise), but I can understand her wanting to hold off at least a little longer, since "Meant To Be" is still climbing in the US (and hasn't taken off at all in the UK, though I guess "I Got You" never took off there either.)

Tansike wrote:Sure! I love to post them, so here’s the Discography for Imagine Dragons. This time I decided to show the points as well :wink:
:o Woah - so "Whatever It Takes" already matches their highest peak ever! You've definitely explored their material more than I have, since there's a least a few titles that I don't recognize. I know I'm in a very small minority on this, but "Radioactive" is far from my favorite (of what I've heard) :oops: I've been much more drawn toward "It's Time", "Demons", "On Top Of The World", "Shots", "Thunder"...

Tansike wrote:The first – it was on my ‘possible new entries’-list for some time, but it never took off on the official charts and December was so busy, so I thought I wait until the new year to let it onto my chart. I’m still not the biggest fan of that choice though, but it’s definitely a sooo much better choice than “Revenge”.
Ha - though now that I've played through the full album several times, I appreciate "Revenge" a little more. The album is generally pretty serious and contemplative/reflective, with a LOT of talk about death/the afterlife, so something as juvenile/silly/playful as "Revenge" is kind of refreshing in the context of the album as a whole (even if it seems somewhat out-of-place.)

Tansike wrote:I’m getting back into “Waves” again lately, and somehow I completely missed it but “Perfect For You” has become her most successful song on my chart going by points :o
:o Impressive! Exciting! So even though it hasn't lasted quite as long as "Broken Glass" (yet), it must've had a stronger run during the weeks it's been around?

Tansike wrote:“Let Me Go” benefits from the Year-End Charts effect, as I’ve been listening to my own YEC every now and then lately and “Let Me Go” actually stood out. Such an uplifting pop track!
Preach. "Let Me Go" finally cracked the Hot 100 Top 40, but Hailee REALLY ought to be bigger (like Rachel too) :( I'm curious to see how "Capital Letters" fares with you!

Tansike wrote:1 (NEW) Leaves’ Eyes – Across The Sea
3 (1) Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha – Home
4 (NEW) Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B – Finesse
5 (2) My Indigo (Sharon den Adel) – Out Of The Darkness
6 (5) Sigrid – Strangers
7 (4) Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes
9 (NEW) Liam Payne & Rita Ora – For You
10 (3) Lindsey Stirling – Carol Of The Bells
11 (6) Rita Ora – Anywhere *P*
13 (21) Bebe Rexha – I Got You *P*
14 (8) Eminem feat. Ed Sheeran – River
15 (13) P!nk – Beautiful Trauma
18 (9) Katy Perry – Hey Hey Hey
21 (18) Clean Bandit feat. Julia Michaels – I Miss You *G*
22 (19) Paloma Faith – Guilty
24 (22) Rachel Platten – Perfect For You *G*
26 (25) Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson – Symphony *P*
27 (34) Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line – Meant To Be
28 (23) Marina Kaye – Something
29 (RE) Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes
30 (17) Lindsey Stirling feat. Becky G – Christmas C’mon *G*
31 (30) Selena Gomez & Marshmello – Wolves *G*
32 (RE) Rachel Platten – Broken Glass *G*
33 (26) Kerli – Spirit Animal *2xP*
34 (31) Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso feat. Floriga Georgia Line & watt – Let Me Go
35 (28) The Dark Element (Anette Olzon & Jani Liimatainen) – My Sweet Mystery *P*
36 (RE) Ed Sheeran – Perfect *G*
37 (33) Kesha – Praying *P*
38 (32) Halsey – Bad At Love
39 (35) Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl *G*
• A new year, and already a new metal No. 1 for me to check out! This one seems almost...Celtic-metal? The singer's voice kind of reminds me of Tarja (though that might just be because I'm still pretty unfamiliar with the genre, so it's all more likely to blur together a bit.)
• LOVIN' that Top 5 debut for "Finesse" :D Could I get Bruno's discography? I hadn't been paying much attention to the 24K Magic era for a while (I'd already played "Versace" so much back when it was a promo single in late-2016 that I didn't really get back into it when it became the third official single, and I didn't even realize "Chunky" was a kinda-sorta-proper single until I was reading an article about the new version of "Finesse"), but this remix (and its video) have really put Bruno back on my brain! I even added the rest of the album to my library too.
• "For You", on the other hand, has been a bit of a letdown (especially since both acts were coming off singles that I really enjoyed.) The pre-chorus is pretty promising ("I'm free as a bird..."), but the actual chorus just doesn't grab me.
• It still does more for me than "Filthy", though :oops: :lol: Justin's pretty much always been hit-or-miss with me, though. I never got into "Suit & Tie", but then he dropped "Mirrors", so hopefully he can pull off something like that again.

Yet another chart that floats my boat, Tansike! :D
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