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Postby Thriller » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:17 pm

I've added an MNEK survivor to the artist list. It'll be a selection of all of the songs he's worked on as a writer and producer so I thought it better here than in themes as I can see producer survivors have been done there previously.
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Postby SilentDream » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:08 am

I thought I'd do an album survivor for Sophie Ellis-Bextor while waiting until she's eligible for an artist survivor, especially cause I've just realised that "Make a Scene" and "Familia" haven't had survivors yet. So please add "Make a Scene" for me, thank you. :) I might run a survivor for "Familia" sometime in the future as well, but for now "Make a Scene" is enough.
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Postby RayRay » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:23 pm

I want to do two Christmas survivors:

- Mariah Carey Christmas songs

- Christmas songs (taken from my thread "Best Xmas songs").
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Postby trebor » Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:15 pm

Would you please sign me up for (yet another flop survivor 8-) ):
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Postby leomedar » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:31 pm

Lorde's Melodrama was cancelled? CAn't find it.
If it was skipped (because I remember seeing it there at one point) please put it in the queu
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Postby Mainshow » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:35 am

I'd like to host the "Sam Smith - The Thrill Of It All" Album Survivor

Can't believe no one has reserved it yet. It's a masterpiece. 8-)
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