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There are two different types of threads that can be found within this forum, please use the following guide to determine with it is worthwhile posting a new thread within this forum section.

In general, one of the biggest issues we find is people posting items that would be better posted in the artist thread of the General Artists Discussion forum. In general, if something isn't being reported by either news or gossip outlets elsewhere, it probably isn't worthy of its own thread.


Acceptable Threads:
- Court cases e.g. "Kesha vs Sony & Dr Luke"
- Local or international crises e.g. earthquakes, floods, refugee issues
- Local news e.g. protests, strikes, votes, elections, major crimes
- Weddings, Engagements, Deaths, Major Illness, Births or Pregnancies
- Music or entertainment news that has an impact that transcends more than one individual artist e.g. Billboard to change certification rules, or Taylor Swift & Adele boycotting Spotify
- Music or entertainment news that is prompting international discussion or is exceptional/unusual in nature e.g. Tinashe scores a hit due to Billboard loophole and Rihanna streaming

- Prominent rumours regarding major events e.g. Superbowl speculation
- Twitter fueds e.g. Azealea Banks vs anyone

- A celebrity changes their haircut
- Potential artist collaborations
- New remixes
- Celebrities on holiday
- Leaked nude photos
- NSFW material


Some forms of news occur too regularly to have their own threads every time, so in some circumstances, we may have made a special bundled thread e.g. "The Gay News Topic", in which case all general news stories should be posted within that thread if they relate to the topic. In this situation, major news events on that topic may still warrant their own thread, but discretion must be used.


News & Gossip threads may be locked at the discretion of the moderation team for any of the following reasons:
1. It is felt that it does not warrant a News & Gossip thread
2. It is offensive or inappropriate for UKMIX
3. Discussion has caused too much tension between members
4. Discussion has gone completely off-topic
5. It crosses over with discussion in an existing News & Gossip thread
6. It doe not appear to serve any purpose other than to bait stans/trolls

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Postby biscuits » Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:00 am

JimJim has devised a very simple and clear set of guidelines for this forum. Please adhere to them. If you have any more questions, please feel free to PM myself, JimJim or another member of the moderation team.

Happy posting you gossip qweens!
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