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Postby Wayne » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:48 pm

I've taken the decision to ban jochen for a period of 1 month.

This follows a multitude of temporary bans, 2 formal warnings and a 1 week ban - all relating to the same thing: inflammatory, offensive, derogatory and baiting posts.

We werent there . No one really knows but them two.

I like tommy the bizzness man
He put her on top and he was right.

She was young and wanted out fine their marriage one day. But good lord...he didnt slap or rape her.

Life is no fairytale.
They tried to live toghther it didnt work. Period.

Hecwas jelous . And?
We all are. One more one less.
He wanted control. And?
I want this to with my family

He is no devil. It's all past
jochen wrote:This calculated gaga beast.
I hope she Burns in hell.!
jochen wrote:True and with so many 'victims' around the World it wasnt even rape at all.
Its like: he raped me (aka touched my ass or whatever).

They wanted r. Kelly. They got r. Kelly.
That some were underaged...thats another Story

My uncle was 26 when he met my aunt aged 15.
When she was 16 they had a child and are still happy today.

So it can work
jochen wrote:Americans are always sooo over the Top .
R didn't rape any childs.

Million of girls aged 14..15 have sex

And so on, and so forth - cultural differences work as justification to an extent, but eventually this argument wears thin.

See you in a month, jochen.
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