Dear ukmix,


Postby MrDiva » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:07 pm

This letter is the epitome of importance. Do not move this to another section, beloved authorities. The world needs to know.

Dear ukmix,
Please understand that I am not able to please each and every one of my loving fans all of the time. Keeping up the exquisite level of immaculacy that one can find in this always copied but never reached icon people call MrDiva takes time and effort. To constantly grace this forum with my quality posts, my always thought-through comments, well written personal messages and not to forget the stunning and iconic art portraits in the gallery section of this forum, I have to take some time off to keep the level of perfection that you love so much. So I sometimes forget to take care of my little supporters. I am deeply sorry if I offended any of you, my little children, with my absence.
Thank you so much for your continued love and support. See you soon, my beautiful Divaboys and Divagirls. You are loved.
the leading snake of ukmix
I wanna thank my producers to create this stunning new brand - snakes are wise and loving animals. My new image had such an impact that even Paula Abdul wrote a song about me. While I don't know if I really am a "cold-hearted snake", I certainly am blessed to be compared to this regal species.
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