MusicRecords has been banned for 3 months


Postby Wayne » Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:31 pm

Following a discussion amongst the moderation team, the decision has been taken to issue a 3 month ban to MusicRecords in relation to the following post:


The 3 month ban will run from today and last until 12th July.

You'll recall the announcement last month that we've introduced a new ban length of 3 months - this is reserved for longstanding members who we want to offer a final chance to. The UKMIX community is a unique one and we don't take it away from users except when they opt to violate rules incessantly. MusicRecords falls into that category - he's a poster we don't want to lose but equally, it is completely unacceptable to speak to another UKMIX member like that and it would be remiss of the moderation team not to take any action.

MusicRecords has received countless informal warnings, a formal warning, a 1 week ban and a 1 month ban - and now a 3 month ban. When he returns, I hope he'll respect our guidelines and contribute positively to our community.

If you have any queries, please message myself or one of the moderators.
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Postby Thriller » Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:38 pm

Just to add to this:

We encourage everybody to remember that you are here to have fun and take part in healthy discussion. The forum charts which are currently running are not there as a reason for anybody to be aiming to increase their post count or attempt to make their threads more popular. Please keep perspective and remember this is an online forum.
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