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Postby franklex » Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:31 am

06-29 SEP: VOTING.

This is my first pilot topic and here I'd like to give an opportunity for everyone to try discover Slavic culture and a soul in a music way and choose a song which probably not everyone would know. This topic will discover new artists. This little idea become few days ago becouse I want to share with you a bit of my culture which is maby not so popular but it means something for me and maby you. Since my friends signed up at UKMix I had this idea, but didn't see that way in which I'd love to do it till this day.
I hope you will feel you free in this chart and JOIN it with me. And maybe this little thread will revive the magic of Slavic Lands for UKMix users.

  • You can take a part in two ways: Present songs of Slavic countries and Vote for presented songs even you didn't present any song.
  • Allowed only songs of Slavic countries and artists (or bands).
  • For every edition of Slavic SC for each country will available 3 entry's slots. That mean each country can be presented by 3 different songs and by 3 different users.
  • Two of entry's slots of each country are for songs written in official languages and one for English.
  • The artist you choose has either to be a citizen of the country they'll represent or to have been born there. At least half of the people from your act must be from the country you choose.
  • Each user can present only one song per day. That mean you cannot present 3 songs in one day.
  • The songs can be a cover or a remix.
  • Eurovision entries are not allowed as well as songs from current Eurovision heats.
  • Each user can present max 3 songs.
  • During voting time are allowed discussions about entries but forbidden hate speech or bad says about any entry.
  • You cannot vote for your own country.
  • How to present a song?
- First of all check posts before your's future post. In case when will still free slot(s) you'll need just write a post in which you need to declare a country, name of artist (or band), name of song and URL to Music or Video. And that's all. If you want, in addition, you can post some pictures or some description about your entry (for example lyrics).
  • How to vote?
- At voting time if you can vote for presented songs*. For that you'll need to listen all presented songs and send a private message to me with your votes. In that message you'll need just use a number of entry (check a number of entry you can at first post) and a number of points from 1 to 10.
For example:
01 - 3points
02 - 8points
04,06,12 - 9 points
10,16 - 10 points
* You can vote not for all presented songs, it depends on you. If you wouldn't vote for some of presented song just don't use number of that entry in your votes.
  • What is Final Ceremony?
- Every 25th day of month I'll post a link to a page on which you'll be able to see* each song (around 90 seconds for each entry) and to know who will in TOP of month. During that each song will be played* you can see a votes of other users for that song. All points will sum up. After last song you'll see a final score's table and #1 of Slavic SC. In addition, you can expect some visuals of voting ceremony ('wind-rose' of Slavic Songs Chart) That page are created special for this Chart and programmed by me personally so I hope you'll like it ;)
* - can be some problem with VEVO channels, but if it will possible at final show will used alternative links.

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Postby franklex » Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:55 am

01 Odyn v Kanoe - Poobitsiai Meni (Promise Me) | Ukraine
Language - Ukrainian
Live sound -
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Postby Undercover » Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:29 am

Probably the list of Slavic countries and territories will bring more clarity. :)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Republic of Macedonia
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Postby navi » Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:02 pm

+ Montenegro
My year(s) in lists by Ivan (2008 - 2013)
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